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No need to pay $70,000 to shoot at ultra-high frame rate anymore. The new Chronos 2.1-HD (costs $5,000) can record 1080p video at 1000 FPS and up to 100,000 FPS at lower resolutions. The video is saved to removable media in compressed h.264 or uncompressed CinemaDNG files. This camera is a low-cost option when ultra high-speed cinematography is needed. Explore more below.

Chronos 2.1-HD
Chronos 2.1-HD

Low-Cost, high-speed camera

Thi is great! Competition within the prestige guild of ultra-high-speed video cameras. Till now, when you needed a real slow motion (1000 FPS and higher), the only option was the Vision Research’s Phantoms which are extremely expensive ($70,000 more or less). Of-course the Phantoms are the real deal when a professional, high quality, gradable imagery is needed. Nevertheless, if you just need to shoot ultra slow motion videos, consider using the Chronos 2.1 HD. It might be more than enough for most slow-motion applications.

High-speed imaging for everyone

A company called Kron Technologies manufactures the camera. Kron is a Canadian high-speed imaging system design and manufacturing company. David Kronstein founded the company on the idea of making high-speed imaging accessible to everyone. Here what the company has to say: “Over ten years (and one very successful Kickstarter) later, we are a company centered around the principles of making the wondrous world of high-speed imaging available to the masses. Our focus is on providing a solid, fully-featured product, at an affordable price. Our cameras feature open-source software, and no features are locked out in software, unlike most other manufacturers.”

We are a company centered around the principles of making the wondrous world of high-speed imaging available to the masses

The camera records internal h.264 and CinemaDNG, has a global shutter and a 10.3 stop of dynamic range.

The Chronos 2.1-HD
The Chronos 2.1-HD

Main Features

  • Camera Imaging 1920×1080 1000 fps
  • Memory 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB
  • Record time 2.7 seconds (8GB), 5.5 seconds (16GB), 11 seconds (32GB)
  • Lens mount CS/C mount. Nikon F, Canon EF, Micro Four Thirds with adapter
  • Display 5″ 800×480 capacitive touchscreen, 1000 nit daylight visible
  • Dimensions 155mm x 96mm x 67.3mm (6.11″ x 3.78″ x 2.65″) without lens
  • Weight 1.06kg (2.34 lbs) without lens
  • Video formats H.264 Industry-standard mp4 files at bitrates up to 60Mbps and RAW in cinemaDNG format
  • Sensitivity (ISO) Color – ISO 800 base (preliminary)
  • Shutter- Electronic global shutter
  • Dynamic range 10.3 stops
  • Runtime 1-hour recording
  • Charge time 1.5 hours (0-80%) with in-camera charger

Resolutions and Frame rates

Check out the table below which describes the resolutions and frame rates of the Chronos 2.1-HD:

The Chronos 2.1-HD FPS and resolution table
The Chronos 2.1-HD FPS and resolution table


As explained, the price is extra affordable for 1000 fps camera: $5,000 with 8 GB RAM, $5,400 with 16 GM RAM and $6,000 with 32 GB RAM.

Pre-order can be made on the company’s website.

Check out the video below: that will blow your mind. It’s not Phantom, but it looks pretty good:

Final thoughts

As we said before, these initiatives are very welcomed since they create some competition in the field of ultra-high speed cinematography. Go and check them out at NAB.

Would you purchase the Chronos 2.1-HD? Let’s know your thoughts.

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