25+ Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features for the iPhone SE


In this video, sakitech will share over 25+ tips, tricks and hidden features for your iPhone SE. iPhone SE is a little powerhouse and is full of incredible tips, tricks and hidden features, and in this video we will share the most attractive ones to enhance your use of the iPhone SE.

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  1. Eddie Barrett says

    Anyone watching this after they released the new IPhone SE 2020?

  2. kayshone gamez says

    Everyone in comment whos here with an iPhone se me chilling with my Samsung galaxy A2 core getting iPhone se

  3. Sara Plays Roblox Yt! says

    Who else thought it was the 2020 I phone se-

  4. Mueezz Ahmed says

    Who is useing se in 2020

  5. Faizan Khan says

    Yr agle mahine l n jana h mene pai kul qarza l k jawange mobile market saddar koshishi hogi k kala wala lele saki bhai

  6. attack 24 says

    None of these hacks work anymore. Thanks apple.

  7. bajan games 13358 TM says


  8. jess jesse says

    Called : how to get their ! Click select steps ! Tricks or free tips !

  9. Herson Playz says


  10. The Guvnor says

    Does the Iphone 5 SE Have the capability to allow me to zoom in and out when shooting a video?

  11. r laze says

    Anyone using this iphone se in 2020?

  12. me and toys says

    Who has iPhone se in 2020

  13. me and toys says

    I have rose gold

  14. YbsGotHeat says

    Whonelse has the new 2020 one

  15. Top.10. says

    thats not an iphone se

  16. Alfie Selway says

    It’s 2020 who’s using an se still


    i have iphone SE in 2020

  18. Roses Life says

    I am Getting a new se I have an iPod touch I am trying to sell it ❤️

  19. Petit panier d'osier says

    Still got my iPhone 5s from 2014

  20. Tedrax Saad Gaming Sarkazi says


  21. FericeBangtaned BTShooketh says

    Dang you got over 12,000 emails

  22. PocahontasPix says

    Just got the iPhone Se for 2020 because I love the smaller size. Just right for my slender hands.

  23. Carl Karlsson says


  24. Tylah COPE says

    If you read this commentIf you get an iPhone SE as a new phone and you say oh I though I would get a later one like an iPhone 8 or iPhone 11Be great full that you got a phone like it’s just is phone!!!!,

  25. hiimiko gutz says

    Who’s watching on a nokia

  26. Astra TR3B says

    still using , perfect phone

  27. JuiceBoy XD says

    dude you should check your emails.

  28. Juliana Aracena says

    I’m getting the iPhone se maby for chismas in 2019 i hope i get it

  29. vecylia says

    2019 iPhone SE? Anyone!

  30. thewelcometodark says

    Night mode is awesome thanks for that tip

  31. YasminaTV Gamer says

    i just bought an iphone se rose gold yesterday and these tips helped me <3 ty

  32. Tianna Hill says


  33. Epic Mars says

    Who’s watching this wishing they had A iphone

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