5 Best NBA 2K17 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know


Part 2: Record NBA 2K17 and share it on YouTube or Facebook

Now we all know that these NBA 2K17 tips and tricks are pointless if you can’t use them to actually share your gameplay and boast of your improved skills right? How else are you going to inspire a YouTube fandom if not through a display of your mad skills right? Well, to do that you need to have an application with which to be able to record your gameplay.

Well you can record your screen, and by extension, your gameplay with dr.fone – iOS Screen Recorder. This is a great application by Wondershare Software and it can record videos from you computer screen effortlessly. The great thing about this is that it can mirror your iOS, iPhone or any device at all onto your computer screen so you can enjoy the NBA 2K17 gameplay without any lags, all while recording it! Once done, you can directly upload the resultant video, maybe after a few tweaks, onto YouTube or Facebook or the social media platform of your choice.

How to Mirror and Record PC Screen with dr.fone:

Step 1: Once you access the dr.fone application on your computer, you need to click on ‘More tools’ in the left hand bar, which will take you to an icon for “iOS Screen Recorder”. Use it.

How to Mirror and Record PC Screen

Step 2: You need to connect your Computer and your device to the same Wi-Fi network. If your computer is unable to access Wi-fi then set it up and then connect the two. Once done, click “iOS Screen Recorder” on your computer.

How to Mirror NBA 2K17

Step 3: Now you need to Mirror your device. This can be done slightly differently in the case of iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9, and for iOS 10.

For iOS 7, 8 or 9, you can swipe up from the bottom to open up the control centre. The option for “Airplay” will be followed by “dr.fone”. Following that, enable “Mirroring.”

How to record NBA 2K17

The process is similar for iOS 10. Swipe up from the bottom to access the control centre. Then click on “AirPlay Mirroring” and select “dr.fone”.

start to record NBA 2K17

And you’re done!

Step 4: In the final step you’ve just got to record! Click on the red button for “record”. You’ll be taken to the folder with the recording once you stop the record.

record NBA 2K17 finished

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