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little cream colored party favors wrapped with gold bow

40th birthday party favors aren’t a must, especially since it’s an adult’s celebration, but they are a nice gesture. They’re a thoughtful way to thank the guests for coming and helping to make the party so special. Favors can also serve as a simple memento of the fun times that were shared by all.

If you’re wondering what would make a good item to give at the birthday bash you’re planning, we’ve got tons of great 40th birthday party favor ideas of all kinds.

Considerations for 40th Birthday Party Favors

When choosing which 40th birthday party favors to hand out, there are a few factors that will impact your options.

40th Birthday Party Favors

Here’s what to keep in mind as you think about the right party favors to pick for your soiree:

Number of Guests/Size of Group

You need to have enough favors to give one to each guest. If you’re hosting a large group, then you’ll likely want to keep the item small, simple, and affordable. Have a few extras on hand in case unexpected guests pop in.


Party favors are a simple token to say thank you, so you don’t need to spend much. A budget of $3 per item or less is perfectly acceptable. For a smaller, more intimate guest list, you may want to spend a bit more per person.

Theme or Color Scheme of Party

When you’re unsure about what a good favor would be for your event, consider something that matches or complements the theme or color scheme of the party.

Decorated party favors gift for guests

Themed favors can be a fun way to tie it all together and create cohesion.

Time Constraints?

If you’re trying to come up with the favor idea at the last minute, you need to stick with something easy. Don’t attempt to tackle a DIY if you have no time, because you’ll end up stressing yourself out 😯

Keep it simple and select a favor that you can purchase in bulk and package quickly.

Presentation/ Packaging

Think about how you can package and present the 40th birthday party favors that you choose. Many items will look great with just a colorful ribbon, gift tag, or cute label.

Gumball 40th birthday party favors with ribbon and tag

Dressing them up with playful packaging will show your guests that you took that extra step to give the favors a personal touch.

Customized 40th Birthday Party Favors

One easy way to make any ordinary party favor look more polished is by having it customized.

You can take a basic item purchased in bulk from an online retailer and personalize it with event details like the birthday celebrant’s name, the party date, etc. Many companies offer engraving on items for no additional cost, or a small fee.

You can also include a sweet message on a beautiful gift tag or label. That little extra touch will make the favor really stand out and make it seem more special for the guests. 😉

Practical 40th Birthday Party Favors

Practical party favors don’t have to be boring. Everyday items can be cute, useful and will surely come in handy for guests.

40th Birthday Party Favors wrapped in multi color wrapping paper with ribbons

Consider giving guests one of these 40th birthday party favor ideas:

Decorative 40th Birthday Party Favors

Decorative favors provide guests with a small keepsake that they can display at home. Not only are they lovely to look at, but they’re treasured reminders of an event worthy of celebration.

These beautiful items aren’t elaborate or expensive, but will be cherished for years to come:

40th Birthday Favors for Garden Themed Party

Inspire your guests to have a green thumb with a garden themed party favor.

Flowers and Plants As Party Favors And Decor

These simple items will help party goers grow something beautiful in their own homes:

Ideas for Kitchen Themed 40th Birthday Party Favors

While not everyone loves to cook, every guest can benefit from a cool or useful item to keep in their kitchen.

Consider one of these kitchen-friendly 40th birthday favors to bring out their inner chef or help them to be a more inspired host or hostess:

Yummy in the Tummy 40th Birthday Party Favors

Tasty treats make for a perfect party favor! Guests can enjoy some of them right away or bring them home to snack on later.

Still Hot at 40 Party Favors

Either way, these delicious and flavorful favors definitely won’t go to waste:

Jack And Coke Party Favors

Pamper & Indulge Guests with these 40th Birthday Party Favors

Since guests may be tired after all of the excitement from the birthday celebration, why not send them home with something relaxing?

From personal pampering products to simple stress relievers, an item that helps them unwind could be the nicest way to say thanks.

These indulgent favor ideas will help guests chill out at home:

Packaging Your 40th Birthday Party Favors

Once you’ve found the perfect 40th birthday party favors to give guests, you need to package them appropriately.

Pink and Black "40 Blows" Gumball Party Favors

To ensure that you wrap the items up and present them in a stylish way, consider these key factors:


Choose a package that allows the item to fit comfortably inside without getting squashed. For oddly-shaped favors, you may want to wrap them in clear cellophane or place them in a box.


Take the cost of the packaging into consideration and keep your overall favor budget in mind. You don’t want to spend more on the packaging than the item itself.


Edible or plant items should be packaged properly to ensure freshness. When handing out a food item that you’re going to wrap up before gifting, keep it sealed in the original container until the night before or morning of the event. This will prevent it from going stale.

There are many attractive ways to wrap up a party favor that will make it more personalized. It shows guests that you didn’t just hand them something you bought in bulk, but rather have taken the time to make it truly unique for the party.

One of these great ideas could be perfect for your favors:

The Final Touches – Personalize Your Party Favors

The last step is putting a personal touch on each favor with a tag or label. You can print them out or hand write on each one, adding a simple message of gratitude and thanks.

Pink Party Favor with tiny rose decoration and thank you tag

It’s an easy way to show that you put effort into making the favor something special.

pin these 40th birthday party favors for later!

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