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6 week old pitbull puppy care | Topdeblogs

At the moment, in this article we are going to discuss about 6 week old pitbull puppies. You have to know that very young puppies are unable to hold their urine more than three hours. Generally, a pitbull puppy is able to hold his bladder about one hour for each month of age. Therefore, you have to take him out every hour. Raising and training a 6 week pitbull puppy is a little difficult, so you have to be patient when you are raising and training him. However, a young pitbull puppy is interested by many people so there are a lot of breeders or pets shop who sell them.

By the way, how to train a 6 week old pitbull puppy? In some case, there are many people who said that training a 6 week old pitbull puppy is very easy because they are still young. However, you get find other cases which show that it is easy way to train a 6 week old pitbull puppy. Talk about training a 6 week old pitbull puppy, so in this article, we are going to discuss about the easy ways to train them. If you have a 6 week old pitbull puppy and you are still confused to train him, you are able to follow these ways. According to the research, there are many people who success in training their 6 week old pitbull puppy by doing these ways. Well, let us see its explanation in the text below.

6 Week Old Pitbull Puppy

  1. To train a 6 week old pitbull puppy, you have to leash your pitbull puppy to take him out for potty breaks and stay with him while he goes potty. Usually, at 6 weeks of age, your puppy needs your praise each time he is successful at going to the potty outside. You are able to hang the jingle bells on the knob to the door which you use for taking your pitbull puppy out to potty. Do not forget to always go out the same door during house training. Usually, within a few weeks mostly pitbull puppies are going to learn to ring the bells to let you know once they need to go outside.
  2. You have to know that a pitbull puppy has very short attention spans. So you have to teach each skill for only a few minutes at a time or several times a day. In this case, if you see your pitbull puppy is going to sit anyway, so you have to say “sit”. Then, if you are teaching him to fetch a ball, you are able to throw the ball only a few feet away and please encourage him to run towards it. Give praise when your pitbull puppy can pick up it.
  3. Actually, the best way to train your pitbull puppy in basic training is to enroll him in puppy kindergarten classes. But, the most pitbull puppy kindergarten classes do not allow the puppies under the age of 16 weeks. In this case, you are able to give some exercise to your beloved puppy. You have to know that socialization is very important in training a puppy.
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