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  1. thrill102 says

    That drone delivery was so cool!

  2. SusieQ Martin says

    I think it would be cool to have several of those floating solar fountains in your pond to keep the algae a way you would have to clean up the pond agin though!

  3. Constanza's says

    THE POND/ALGAE: I don't know all the terms in English but the algae problem will be easier to deal with during spring. That's when you can set up the correct environment in the pond before things start to bloom. All you can do now is use products that take away the algae momentarily as the cause of them can't really be dealt with in the hight of summer! Algae occurs due to high pH levels and too much nutrition in the ground and soil in and around the pond – these levels can't really be changed during summer. But there are a number of products that can make the algae go away for periods of time. In early spring that's when you need to start combating the algae. Use the correct products in the soil and the water to inhibit the algae to cultivate and thrive in summer. What these products are for your area and the type of algae you get is best discussed with someone in your local garden center. For now I would suggest to just be patient and remove as much algae as possible (by hand) instead of using products that look like it takes away the algae but really it doesn't combat the problem at all and they will be back after a few weeks (so save your coin and do it by hand as the result will be the same). It's better for the environment to not use these chemicals (even natural ones) when they actually aren't even tackling the root problem in the pond. But yes, this will be more work for you during this summer and autumn. So remember, talk to the experts at your garden center and start preparing in early spring to create the perfect environment in your pond so you won't have this problem (or at least not so much of a problem with algae) next summer. Good luck!

  4. Beverly says

    The pond…you would be wise to get an aquatic landscaper, someone that builds ponds, to give you proper advice.There is so much to it, you need to know gallons of water, if there is going to be a pump that will be important, plants and fish are a small part of it. There are Koi collectors that pay thousands for one fish here on youtube and they have a lot of information, also many channels with great info. on ponds. Having said that, I think you need an expert to point you in the right direction because errors can be costly. Biting insects will be popping out of there too…!

  5. Beverly says

    Curious about the box the drone was attached to..is that a one use application? Wondering if the drone retrieves the box after the drop?

  6. Lynn Tucker says

    I love the Dogs

  7. Samantha Barnard says

    You need to stock your pond with some fish! They will help keep it cleared up.

  8. Bethy Switzer says

    I wish you'd wear some other clothes. I see the same sundresses at each vlog. You have such beautiful clothing. I'd love to see more.


    Love your garden walks with the dogs in the evenings xx

  10. Letitia Hansford says

    He he, "Magic Sausage" grab the rights to that one for when you develop your own dog products. Thanks for the field trip to Daylesford.

  11. Tracy Baker says

    Thank goodness you didn't go with Donald. Dickens and Dexter- love the names.

  12. Kristin Herron says

    The drone delivery so cute and then the box opened up on its own too. Adorable!!

  13. Susan De Longis says

    # QOTD I love this video with so much great fashion advice! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvIMv-4X0Kw&feature=shareI wondered1) Do you have anyone you look to for inspiration?2). Of the designer brands, do you have a favorite or two? If so, why? (Not necessarily owned yet).3). How do you see your fashion experience helping in the decisions you and Charlie make in planning your home & garden?

  14. Sarah Manning says

    Hi Josie, I've always loved your vidoes! I'm desperately trying to get my hands on the H&M Linen Blend Dress Blue/White pattern and it's sold out everywhere, if you are ever going to sell it I will pay more than you bought it for so please let me know :')!x

  15. Joanne Twaddle says

    Your babies are beautiful!!

  16. Trish K says

    These blogs always put me in a good mood! ☺️

  17. ahseya786 says

    I am a dentist and I am waiting for my io oral b toothbrush to arrive next week as well ! I did a virtual lesson with them and it is definitely something to be excited about – there are a lot of changes in this model and it looks very good…oral b are the best brand for an electric toothbrush and dentist recommended – I would not buy any other make

  18. Sue Waterhouse says

    I hate it when people talk bad about my President. He is the best president we've ever had. You don't like people talking bad about you, do you?

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