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The Singapore Armed Forces Military Working Dog Unit (SAF MWDU) is putting up 13 retired veteran military working dogs for adoption between Sep. 27 and Oct. 22, 2021.

The unit has embarked on yet another adoption drive this year, which has been carried out over the last few years to help these dogs find forever homes to put a lid on their distinguished careers having given many good years to the who are keen in the adoption can check out this link and fill up this form to register your interest in adopting a dog.

This year, four out of the 13 dogs are suitable for HDB households under Project ADORE (ADOption and REhoming of dogs).

The dogs this year are comprised of two females and 11 males.

The introduction to the dogs this year is detailed, allowing their personalities as experienced by the dog handlers to be embellished via their profiles.

The MWDU will continue to take full care of any retired dogs that are not adopted.

All the dogs have gone through basic obedience training, and go through regular health checks by in-house vets, annual vaccinations and a routine heartworm and parasite prevention programme.

1. Banjo

Male, 8 years old, Labrador Retriever

Can be adopted by HDB households under Project ADORE.

Has big heart.

Has bigger personality.

Lovable, adorable and charming.


Enjoys playing fetch with tennis ball.

Likes to run in park.

Does slow walks too.

2. Digger

Male, 10 years old, Labrador Retriever

Can be adopted by HDB households under Project ADORE.

Friendly and warm.

Has sad puppy dog eyes.

Loves playing fetch.

Loves food.

3. Salsa

Female, 9 years old, Labrador Retriever

Can be adopted by HDB households under Project ADORE.

Affectionate and obedient.

Enjoys treats and lots of belly rubs.

Gentle soul.

Afraid of thunder.

4. Thor

Male, 8 years old, Labrador Retriever

Can be adopted by HDB households under Project ADORE.

A calm and relaxed floofy boy.

Hates baths.

Will shake bathwater all over you.

But makes it up with sweet and gentle demeanour.

The rest of the nine dogs are, unfortunately, not breeds that are suitable for HDB homes.

5. Roy

Male, 11 years old, Malinois

Best friend material.

Appears shy and timid.

Has lovable, puppy side.

Enjoys rolling in grass.

Scared of loud noises.

6. Rockey

Male, 9 years old, Malinois

Needs some time to warm up to.

Loves attention.


7. Kimbo

Male, 10 years old, Malinois

Looks fierce only.

Has heart of gold.

Top-performing guard dog.


Can pick up tricks.

8. Gino

Male, 10 years old, Malinois

Savours food slowly.

Enjoys eating.

Easily won over with food.

9. Dunya

Female, 9 years old, Malinois

Obedient and loyal.

Will reciprocate with tender loving care.

10. Dan

Male, 11 years old, Malinois

Likes to please.

Loves playing fetch with tennis ball.

11. Igi

Male, 10 years old, German Shepherd

Proud, haughty and aloof.

Okay with minding own business.

Loves walking around neighbourhood.

12. Jersey

Male, 9 years old, German Shepherd


Loves to chill.

Can fall asleep anywhere.

Needs encouragement to complete walks and exercises.

13. Zeus

Male, 10 years old, German Shepherd

Has puppy dog eyes.

Loves pats and cuddles.

Not shy to nudge owner for attention.

Good natured.

What is Project ADORE?

Project ADORE was launched in 2012 to allow dog handlers, who may be HDB dwellers, to adopt their retired service dogs.

This was to apply to dog handlers who served with the Singapore Police Force, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) K-9 unit and the SAF MWDU.

In 2018, the programme was expanded to include all HDB dwellers in Singapore.

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