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Best Refurbished Laptop Sales for October 2021 | Digital Trends

Best Refurbished Laptop Sales for October 2021 | Digital Trends

Laptops aren’t small purchases, and you need to plan for the expense. But if you’re one of the many people who can’t do without one in the digital age — and who can blame you — then you can save a lot of money by buying refurbished. It’s important to purchase from a trusted retailer, though, and to know you’re actually getting a worthy deal. That’s where we come in: Below, we’ve collected all the best refurbished laptop deals available this month. We’ve even incorporated the latest Black Friday deals to make sure you’re looking at the best of the best deals. Retailers kicked things off super early this year to help shoppers combat supply shortages and shipping delays, which we’re sure to see the closer we get to the holidays. In addition, laptops aren’t the only refurbished products you can score amazing deals on. We’ve also rounded up the best refurbished iPhone deals, refurbished MacBook deals, refurbished tablet deals, and refurbished iPad deals that let you stack even more savings. Regardless, you’ll find the best refurbished laptop deals listed below, along with a host of other resources!

Today’s best refurbished laptop sales

Should you buy a refurbished laptop?

A cheap refurbished laptop can be fantastic value for your money, but you need to look out for a few key things to make sure you don’t get ripped off. For instance, it’s vital that the refurbished laptop deals you check out are all factory refurbished, meaning the actual manufacturer repaired them. You’ll also want to make sure that the refurbished laptop has at least a 12-month warranty and that the refurbished laptop sales are from a reliable and reputable retailer.

If you stick to these things, then you should be safe. By following such ideals, you’ll ensure your cheap refurbished laptop has been repaired by a company employee using factory parts, and the warranty means that if the same (or a different) issue pops up, you can have it repaired for free.

If you come across something that hasn’t been reconditioned in the same factory in which it was made but is still listed as certified refurbished, it’s still good to go. That tends to mean that it’s been as good as factory repaired by a professional who knows what they’re doing.

It’s sensible to stick to trusted retailers with a warranty and some form of guarantee as it avoids any chance of you accidentally buying stolen stock.

As always, remember to use common sense. If the refurbished laptop deals you’re checking out look too good to be true, they probably are. Make sure you buy from a reputable seller so you won’t be disappointed by your purchase.

Finally, as with all laptops, it’s a good idea to know what to look for. Check out our laptop buying guide and take a look at 11 common laptop buying mistakes you can easily avoid.

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