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Which American Pie cast member has the most complicated love life? What role does Jason Biggs aka Jim regret turning down? And how does Alyson Hannigan react to the phrase “This one time at band camp…? Watch our video to find the answers!

Did you know that the main character of How I Met Your Mother, Ted Mosby, could have been portrayed by Jason Biggs? Jason didn’t think the show would do well, so he refused the part. However, he really regrets it!

Seann William Scott role in American Pie was a real breakthrough for the aspiring 23-year-old actor. For the first movie, in which he had a supporting role of Stifler, he only earned $8 thousand, but his salary was $5 million for the sequel of the cult comedy, which was the same as Jason Biggs’s.

Currently Alyson Hannigan is busy with several projects. She is the co-host of the TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us, and does the voicing for the children’s animated series Fancy Nancy.

After American Pie, Klein was mostly offered comedy roles, so it was very unexpected to see him portraying a Lieutenant in Mel Gibson’s Vietnam War film, We Were Soldiers.
And this year, we saw Chris Klein in the new Netflix show Sweet Magnolias.

Besides Mena Suvari role of the cute and somewhat shy Heather in American Pie,
she also portrayed the object of infatuation of Kevin Spacey’s character in American Beauty.

Did you know that Tara Reid has been engaged 4 times, but those engagements
have never ended in marriage?

Natasha was a rebel long before she portrayed Jessica in American Pie and Nicky Nichols in Orange is the New Black. She acted in the TV show Russian Doll, which she also wrote and directed.

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  1. Mahjoub Haris says

    This video was made by duraiswamy

  2. FreezingWord34 says

    Okay, two things. First, I almost had a heart attack when you pronounced Stifler and Oz's last names wrong. Second, where the hell is Kevin? The people deserve to know what happened to Thomas Nicholas' careerApart from that, I really enjoyed the video

  3. Renee Douglass says

    I guess I don’t need to comment about my distress over the name mispronunciations. Yunz covered that. Still. Grrrrrr

  4. Matcam 1 says

    Stifler Stifler get it right!

  5. DirkDiggler69 says

    Styfler's mom XDD

  6. alexandraea says

    Alexis Denisof played "the librarian and Buffy's mentor"…? No, he didn't.

  7. jomirife says

    If you can't pronounce "Stifler" or "Ostreicher" correctly, you clearly didn't saw the American Pie movies

  8. N P says

    It’s not StI-fler. St-Ifler would be like making someone to be quiet, when it’s more like Stiff-ler, stiff, like the male appendage, the one eyed snake, the pickle, the 3rd leg, Sargent, the General, master & commander, etc, when it’s standing at attention.

  9. Johann Pretorius says

    Styfler? watch the movies first maybe?

  10. Kevin Kramer says

    It urks me every time he says stifler wrong

  11. Youmna Wehesh says

    If he played ted , ted will be more lovable and funny , people will empathy with his love for robin without care that he is pathetic .

  12. larrylemson says

    What about Shannon Elizabeth as Nadia?

  13. esoy1000 says

    Where is stifler's mom?

  14. izz al-din Abu Hashish says

    You forget Thomas Ian Nicholas as Kevin Mayers

  15. Ken Kellar says

    If you are going to put out this kind of video could you please do some research and at least learn how to pronounce names correctly. Sean's character its pronounced Stiff-ler. And Chris' character is pronounced Oz-striker.Other than that the video was good.

  16. Jon Ellis says

    It’s Stiff-ler and Oz-rikerAnd what about the rest of the cast?

  17. R3 Nex says


  18. Ralph Baliza says

    Josh Radnor was the better fit for Ted Mosby!

  19. OnwardsToMail says

    Its pronounced like "Stiff-Lure"

  20. Kayden Karr says


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