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How Prostate Massagers Work

There are a lot of pleasure products available these days, and there are more designed for the prostate than ever before, but nothing comes close to the Aneros line of prostate massagers. Shaped with men’s anatomy in mind, our products are designed to maximize your experience, whether you’re new to prostate stimulation or you’ve been doing this for years. Read on and discover what makes ours the best.

The Aneros Design

All of the Aneros prostate massagers follow the same basic design, with variations to provide different experiences. The front arm is curved upward to press against the perineum, behind the scrotum. This arm is called the Perineum Tab, or P-Tab. On some models, the rear arm is curved down, in order to make it easier to remove your Aneros. On others, it’s curved up to press on the base of the tailbone for extra sensation. This is called the Kundalini Tab, or K-Tab.

The main body of your Aneros massager is the perfect length to reach the prostate. It’s anatomically designed, so insertion is easy, and the head and neck are designed to be held in place by the anal muscles.

Most Aneros models are made from a firm plastic that makes it easier to control the motion of the massager. The Syn models feature a plastic core and a silicone outer layer. They also have a more flexible front arm, which allows you more subtle control over the intensity of your experience. This flexibility works best when you can tune in to the smaller motions of your pelvic muscles. New Aneros users often find the firmer plastic models are more effective, at least until they gain more skill with their massager.

The Aneros design is different from other products you might have used so be sure to read about how to use your Aneros and get the most out of it.

How to Use Your Aneros Massager

When you have your Aneros massager inserted, squeeze your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle group. This is the muscle that you can contract to make your penis bounce when you have an erection. It’s also the group of the muscles that contract during ejaculation.

Beth goes into depth on how to use your Aneros massager in her new training video.

When you squeeze the muscle, it causes the anus to tighten and pull up inward, toward your head. The front tab on your massager acts like a fulcrum, so each contraction levers the shaft of your Aneros into your prostate. When you relax the muscle, the massager returns to its original position. Your ability to use your PC muscle gives you the ideal control over the speed and pressure of your massage, and with a little practice you can create different sensations on your prostate.

You can use your Aneros during solo sessions or with a partner. It’s comfortable to wear in almost any position other than sitting. Since it needs to move freely in order to get that lever action, sitting on a chair or couch doesn’t work. Try squeezing your PC muscle in short bursts or hold it for a longer time. Experiment with timing it with penis stimulation or explore it on its own.

Since your pelvic muscles also squeeze and relax during sexual stimulation, you can also allow the natural contractions of your pelvis to control the motion instead of doing it deliberately. Natural contractions can take some practice to tune into, but they allow you to enjoy a much longer session and a lot of men say it’s their favorite technique!

Some guys experiment by moving the Aneros manually, but that’s not really how it’s designed. You’ll get more from it if you allow your PC muscle to do the work.

One last tip – the front tab sometimes slips off to the side, which means your Aneros won’t get levered correctly. If that happens, simply reach down and slide it back to where it should be.

How to Use Aneros Prostate Massager to Increase your Orgasm! (Video Training)


Kegel Exercises

Since the PC muscle is in charge of making your Aneros work, you’ll want to get it in shape. The longer and more firmly you can squeeze it before it gets tired, the better your Aneros session will be.

As an added bonus, a toned PC muscle can also make your erections firmer. Learning to control your PC muscle takes some practice, so you need to do your Kegel exercises. Named for the doctor who popularized this exercise for women, Kegels are just as important for men to do.

There are two ways to identify which muscle you want to work on. If you’ve ever made your erection bounce by squeezing your pelvic floor, you already know where your PC muscle is, even if you didn’t know that’s what you were doing. The other technique is to sit on the toilet and start to urinate. Once urine begins flowing, squeeze the muscle that makes it stop. That’s the one you’re aiming for. You only need to do this while urinating the first time, in order to find the muscle. After that, you can exercise it any time.

Now that you know where your PC muscle is, here are three ways to work it:

1) Do a squeeze and release on a two count. (squeeze-two, relax-two)

2) Do a slow four-count cycle. (squeeze-two-three-four, hold-two-three-four, release-two-three-four, relax-two-three-four)

3) Do a series of quick butterfly squeezes, followed by an equal resting time.

Start off with just a few reps at a time and build up, just like any exercise. Be sure to rest and relax the muscle in between sets to avoid muscle spasms. Don’t forget to breathe during your pelvic workout- exhale on the squeeze and inhale on the relax.

The more you do your Kegel exercises, the more you’ll get out of your Aneros sessions, so remember to do them every day and you’ll see how amazing your prostate pleasure will be!

Using Aneros Solo or With a Partner

One of the great things about the Aneros massagers is how many ways you can use them. A lot of men enjoy having their partners massage their prostates, but it’s difficult to combine prostate massage with other kinds of sex. Fortunately, the Aneros makes it easy to combine them.

You can use your Aneros during almost any kind of partnered sex, including oral sex and intercourse. Some men say it’s easier to tune into the prostate sensations if they’re in a less active role. For example, intercourse while you lie on your back with your partner astride you may work better than missionary position because the larger motions of thrusting can make it difficult to tune into the prostate pleasure. But other guys say they enjoy using their Aneros while in a more active role during intercourse, so it’s worth trying it to see what works for you.

Using the Aneros when you’re solo is one of the best ways to enjoy prostate massage. It can be difficult to manually massage your own prostate, though men with longer arms and more flexible wrists often enjoy it. Using the Aneros makes self-massage easy. Your Aneros is a great add-on during masturbation. In fact, your PC muscle may involuntarily contract as you get turned on, so you can get prostate pleasure even if you’re not trying to control your Aneros.

How Does Aneros Differ from Other Products?

What makes the Aneros different from other pleasure products is that it’s designed to focus specifically on the prostate. Other toys might offer amazing anal sensations, but that’s different from prostate stimulation.

Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, dildos are designed to create an in-and-out sensation by sliding back and forth. This means they aren’t hands-free and many of them aren’t shaped for maximum prostate stimulation.

A butt plug (also called anal plug) has a wide bulb and a narrow neck. It’s inserted into the anus, allowing the muscles to hold the neck and keep it in place. This creates a sense of fullness, while also being hands-free. However, most plugs don’t move very much and many aren’t long enough to reach the prostate anyway, so they don’t offer much prostate pleasure.

Unlike dildos and butt plugs, your Aneros massager is designed with prostate anatomy and pleasure in mind. It’s hands-free, so it’s simple to use. Since the purpose is to stimulate the prostate rather than the anus, it’s slim for easy insertion and men who want to enjoy prostate pleasure without focusing on anal stimulation say it’s the perfect design.

There are other prostate massagers available, but they aren’t made with the same care, attention, and understanding of male anatomy as the Aneros. Aneros massagers are the only ones designed for a true hands-free experience, to work with the body’s own contractions. The hands-free concept facilitates a mind/body experience which elevates the amount of pleasure a man can receive from an Aneros massager over others. If you want the best prostate massager, remember than Aneros was the pioneer and we continue to make the best products around!

Health Benefits of Prostate Massage

While medical research still has a way to go when it comes to understanding the benefits of prostate massage, there are a lot of men who have had positive results from it. Massage increases blood flow and improves health in any part of the body, but there are ways in which it’s especially useful for your prostate.

One of the possible causes of prostatitis is having tight pelvic muscles that can squeeze or compress the gland. Unlike bacterial infections, which can be treated with antibiotics, the physical irritation from nearby muscles won’t be affected by medication. But learning to relax the pelvic floor and doing Kegel exercises can relieve tension and improve prostate health.

Massage can also be helpful for men with an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH). Men with BPH often have difficulty urinating because the gland squeezes around the urethra. Fortunately, lots of guys with this condition report that massage can help reduce symptoms and the Aneros makes it a lot easier to massage yourself than trying to do it by hand.

Massage may have other benefits for your prostate health. Some doctors believe that the microscopic glands that produce prostatic fluid can get blocked up and that massage can help clear the gland and improve function. It’s also believed that a bacterial infection can form a biofilm, which is an enclosure that protects the bacteria within it. It’s similar to the plaque that can form on teeth. Massage may break up the biofilm and make it easier for your immune system to get to work. And if you’re taking antibiotics for the infection, they’ll be more effective.

Lastly, prostate massage improves your health because the more familiar you are with your prostate, the easier it is to get the best medical attention when you need it. Men who aren’t familiar with prostate sensations might only be able to tell a doctor it feels uncomfortable “down there.” Guys who know what and where their prostates are can often help their doctors make the right diagnosis because they can feel what’s going on. Knowledge and informed communication can speed the medical process and get them the right care.

With all of these health benefits to prostate massage, isn’t it good to know something can be good for you and feel so amazing at the same time?

Care & Cleaning

Whether your Aneros is made from hard plastic or it’s coated with silicone, the non-porous material is easy to clean. Simply wash it with soap and hot water and let it air dry. You can use any kind of soap to clean it.

If you’re using the Vice, be sure to remove the vibrator before washing it. The silicone portion can be disinfected by washing it and then putting it in boiling water for five minutes. Don’t boil the other models since the plastic can be damaged by boiling.

Prostate Health Concerns

When it comes to your sexual health, a little knowledge can make all the difference. There are three main prostate health issues that you need to know about:

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
  • Prostatitis
  • Prostate cancer

If you’ve had your prostate checked by your doctor, you probably didn’t enjoy it. Doctors don’t want it to hurt, but they’re trained to not make it pleasurable because they don’t want patients to feel like their doctor is sexualizing their exam. So don’t let your medical check-up keep you from trying prostate pleasure.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is one of the most common prostate health concerns. In fact, 50% of men will have an enlarged prostate by the time they reach 50 years old. Many men with BPH experience no symptoms, while others report feeling a frequent need to urinate. They might also have incomplete emptying of the bladder, since the prostate can constrict the urethra and force the bladder to work harder. If the bladder doesn’t fully empty, the residual urine can eventually lead to bladder infections. The size of the prostate doesn’t necessarily match the symptoms of BPH since it may get bigger without squeezing the urethra, or it may squeeze the urethra without growing much larger.

Prostate massage can be an effective treatment for the symptoms of BPH, though it’s important to speak with a doctor about it first. Massage by hand is one option, though it’s difficult to do yourself. The Aneros prostate massagers make it easy for men who want to improve their prostate health.

Many urologists recommend 2-3 prostate massages per week, each lasting 20-30 minutes. Some men will notice improvement in their symptoms right away, and others take longer to see the effects. Try using your Aneros massager as often as is comfortable for you.


Prostatitis is a group of several conditions with similar symptoms. There are four different categories of prostatitis.

Type I (acute bacterial prostatitis) occurs when bacteria or other microorganisms get into the urethra and up inside of the prostate. Symptoms usually occur suddenly and include lower back and pelvic pain, difficulty urinating, fever, and chills. Type I usually resolves with antibiotics.

Type II (chronic bacterial prostatitis) shares many of the symptoms to Type I, though they come and go gradually rather than having a sudden onset. Type II is often the result of a Type I infection that didn’t fully resolve with antibiotics, though recurrent urethral infections can also cause it. Sometimes, Type II requires different antibiotics to resolve. If that doesn’t take care of it, it can result in chronic inflammation of the gland. That can lead to symptoms coming and going for many years.

Type III (chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome) is one of the more difficult to cure. The same symptoms may occur, but lab testing will not find any sign of bacterial infection. This category is sometimes described as a “catch-all” because it includes similar symptoms to Types I and II, but unlike I and II the cause is unclear and in some cases may not even be prostate-related. There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to Type III and there are many studies underway to figure it out.

Type IV (asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis) won’t have any symptoms, but there are signs of inflammation present in prostatic fluid. It’s usually diagnosed when evaluating other conditions.

If you’re experiencing pelvic or prostate pain, please speak to a medical professional before engaging in prostate massage. While massage can help with some conditions, it may not be appropriate in all situations.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer has been getting more attention as more men have become aware of it. The American Cancer Society estimates that 1 out of 6 men in the United States will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and 1 out of 36 men will die from it. It’s important to learn about your health so you can get appropriate medical treatment.

Part of what makes prostate cancer tricky is that it often has few symptoms. When symptoms do occur, they may include:

  • Frequent or urgent need to urinate, difficulty in passing urine, interrupted or weakened flow of urine, dribbling afterward
  • Pain during urination or ejaculation
  • Blood in the urine or semen
  • Pain or stiffness in the lower back, pelvis, hips, or thighs
  • Partial erections or impotence
  • Decreased quantity of semen during ejaculation

There are also higher rates of prostate cancer for men older than 50 and men with a family history of prostate cancer. Research is currently being conducted to figure out why African-American men are more likely to have prostate cancer. Scientists are also looking at the effects of diet and geography (prostate cancer rates are higher in some places than others).

Because there are usually no symptoms, the only way to know if prostate cancer is present is to get screened. One test requires a doctor to manually check for hard lumps that might be tumors. The second test is a blood test that looks for prostate specific antigen (PSA).

There is much controversy surrounding the PSA test since it doesn’t necessarily lead to better health outcomes. Many cases of prostate cancer grow very slowly and don’t cause any problems for years. Because the PSA test can’t determine how fast the cancer will grow or whether it will become deadly during a man’s natural lifetime, some men may undergo treatment needlessly. The effects of prostate cancer treatment include incontinence, erectile dysfunction, plus the extreme psychological stress and financial burden of surgery or other treatments, and many men choose active surveillance in order to delay more invasive procedures.

While there aren’t many resources that discuss the sexual effects of prostate cancer, there are a few that can help you work with your doctor. Sexuality for the Man with Cancer is available for free on the website of The American Cancer Society. Man Cancer Sex is one of the most useful guides on the topic for men and their partners. Both of these guides cover many different kinds of cancer and treatments, with excellent information on prostate cancer. Gay men can also look to A Gay Man’s Guide to Prostate Cancer.

Possible health benefits of prostate massage

Although there hasn’t been a lot of research devoted to the positive effects of prostate massage (besides feeling amazing), there are many men who have reported benefits and many doctors believe that it can improve health.

Massage of any part of the body increases blood flow, bringing oxygen to cells and removing waste products like carbon dioxide. That’s especially true when massaging the prostate since pleasure combined with arousal creates additional blood flow. The prostate is made of millions of microscopic fluid-producing glands and some doctors believe they can get backed up and trap bacteria. Massage may help release such blockages. The fluid can even form into prostate stones, which are similar to kidney stones. By squeezing more fluid out, regular massage may help keep bacteria at bay.

Bacteria that grow in the prostate may form a protective layer called a biofilm. Plaque on teeth is another example of a biofilm, which is why brushing your teeth is important. Massaging the prostate may disrupt biofilms if they exist, thereby weakening the bacteria’s protection. If have prostatitis (link to prostatitis page) and you’re taking antibiotics to resolve it, getting rid of any biofilm may increase the effectiveness of your medication by making it easier for the medication to get to the infection. Some men with BPH report that their symptoms improve when they make prostate massage part of their regular routine. While each man may have different results, it’s certainly worth exploring to see how it works for you.

Lastly, the more you know about your body, the more you can work with your doctor to maximize your health. When you’re familiar with prostate sensations, you’re more able to recognize when something isn’t quite right. Being able to identify that something is going on in your prostate rather than “down there” makes it easier to get medical care when you need it.

With all of these possible benefits to prostate massage, it’s great to know that something that feels so good can be so good for you, too!

The prostate as a pleasure zone

When it comes to men’s sexual anatomy, most people don’t think of the prostate. But it can be a source of amazing pleasure, whether you’re exploring it solo or with a partner. The more you know about it, the easier it is to have a great time.

The prostate is similar to the Skene’s glands in women, which are in the area known as the G-spot. This makes sense, since our sexual body parts are a lot more similar than most people think. They come from the same basic template and grow in different ways, depending on genetics and hormones, but the underlying structures look and feel very similar.

Here are a few of the connections between them:

  • Penis <-> clitoris
  • Testicles <-> ovaries
  • Scrotum <-> outer labia
  • Prostate <-> G-spot

Given how much explosive pleasure many women experience from G-spot stimulation, it is no wonder more guys are exploring the prostate, also known as the male G-spot. If you want to learn more about your prostate (or your partner’s), read on!

What is the prostate?

The prostate is part of your sexual and reproductive system. It’s a gland that produces about 30-50% of the fluid in semen. Most of the rest of the fluid comes from the seminal vesicles, which sit on top of the prostate like wings. Sperm, which come from the testicles, make up less than 5% of the volume of semen, which is why men who have had vasectomies don’t notice much difference in the volume of their semen.

The prostate gland is located above and behind the deepest portion of the penis, which goes much further into the body than most people realize. Of course, when we’re talking about penis length, we’re usually discussing the part of the penis that can be used for penetration. But the bulb of the penis extends further inside, which you can see and feel behind the scrotum when a man has an erection. The prostate is at the deep end of it, and surrounds the urethra (the tube which connects to the bladder).

When a guy gets turned on, the prostate starts to fill up with fluid like a water balloon. At ejaculation, tiny muscles inside the gland squeeze the fluid into the urethra and other muscles in the pelvic floor cause ejaculation.

The prostate is often easier to find when a man is aroused since it’s larger, especially for younger guys. Most men’s prostates will eventually get larger as they age, with 50% of men at 50 years old having an enlarged prostate and 80% of men by the time they reach 80. While an enlarged prostate can sometimes lead to health problems, it also makes it easier to find. Guys in their twenties might need to get really turned on first.

Some men are able to feel prostate sensations, even without direct stimulation. In some cases, hard thrusting when they have a full erection can jostle the prostate, adding an extra pleasure to sex. Other guys can feel the prostate contract during ejaculation. In fact, when some men try prostate massage for the first time, they say the pleasure feels familiar because they have experienced something similar. But don’t worry if that’s not how it works for you. If you discover how amazing prostate stimulation can be, that’s what is important!

What prostate stimulation feels like

It’s sort of hard to describe prostate pleasures if you’ve never experienced them, especially since different guys have different ways of talking about them. But there are a few common themes that can make it easier to know if you’re on the right spot.

Sometimes, prostate stimulation can feel like you need to urinate. Don’t worry- That’s actually a sign you’ve found the prostate, but you’re probably pressing a bit too hard. Try backing off on the pressure to see if it changes how it feels. It can also help if you get more aroused first since arousal can change how prostate stimulation feels. And sometimes, you’ll find it starts off feeling like you have to urinate, and the sensations change in a few minutes, so don’t get discouraged.

A lot of men describe prostate pleasures as less focused than penis stimulation. They often also say that it feels more diffuse, spread out, and larger than penis pleasures. Some guys say the pleasure radiates from the prostate into other parts of the body, or they feel warmth, throbbing, or swelling in their genitals.

During your first few sessions, it’s also possible to not feel much of anything at all. It can take some practice to tune into what’s going on, especially if you’re used to the very focused sensations of penis pleasures. And sometimes, more isn’t better. If you press too firmly, it can feel uncomfortable or even painful. If that happens, don’t give up. The odds are after you’ve done it a few times, it’ll start to feel a lot more enjoyable.

A lot of men say prostate pleasure feels like the beginning of an orgasm. Since the prostate squeezes during ejaculation, this makes a lot of sense. But instead of lasting just a few seconds, it can go on for as long as you want it to. That’s a pretty incredible experience and some guys are lucky enough to have a prolonged orgasm during their first session. But if you don’t, it’s definitely worth trying a few more times to make it happen.

You might also feel pleasure radiating from your prostate into other parts of your body. Prostate sensations often feel more diffuse than penis-focused stimulation, and some men report they can feel it in different parts of their bodies, especially during a more intense session or with some practice.

With all of those possibilities, it’s no wonder we hear so many descriptions of what prostate pleasure can feel like. Plus, it’s common for it to feel different as you gain experience using your Aneros. The best approach is to try it and see what happens for you. Stay open to different possibilities and don’t stress if it doesn’t match how other guys describe it. What’s important is that it feels good to you! 

Prostate pleasures versus anal sensations

One of the common myths about anal sex for men is that the prostate is the reason it feels good. It’s true a lot of guys who are into receiving anal intercourse are doing it because of how the prostate feels, but that’s not the whole story.

In fact, anal stimulation is distinctly different from prostate stimulation. There are different nerves in each part of the body and different kinds of sensations feel good to each of them. A lot of prostate enthusiasts don’t really care for anal stimulation if the prostate isn’t involved. Some men enjoy anal play but don’t get much of a thrill from their prostates. And of course, plenty of men like them together.

That makes a lot of sense, given the similarities between G-spot stimulation and prostate massage. Plenty of women enjoy intercourse without ever trying G-spot play. And there are women who enjoy having their G-spots pleasured with a single finger or a slim toy, without wanting anything bigger because they want to focus on the G-spot rather than the vagina.

The Aneros massagers are designed to focus on the prostate. Since they don’t slide in and out, they don’t offer as much anal sensation as some other products, which allows you to pay more attention to the pleasure potential of your prostate.

What prostate orgasms feel like

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