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The popularity in dog ownership is on the rise worldwide, and as we all know not everyone can afford spacious housing. Many people are now raising their dog in apartments, taking pet care quality another step. This guide provides the essential tips for living in an apartment with dogs, and what to avoid with having a dog in your apartment!

What to avoid while living in an apartment with dogs

  • Leaving windows open. This will create distractions for your dog, and presents a hazard for them if they’re the adventurous type!

  • Leaving your puppy in the apartment for long periods when they’re still young and adjusting. This can cause separation anxiety in some breeds, and destructive, noisy behaviours in others.

  • Do not let your dog make the rules. Set the boundaries from day one or you will have to work harder!

  • Keep small objects off the ground and out of reach from your puppy. Letting this slide can result in an unwanted trip to the vet.

  • Be honest with bringing a dog in your apartment. Many people try sneak in their pets, and as a result are scared to take them outside for toilet breaks and exercise. This leads to messy apartments and expensive carpet clean ups!

living in an apartment with dogs

8 Must know tips for living in an apartment with dogs


When selecting a dog breed for your apartment, it is your no.1 priority to choose a breed that matches your lifestyle. Some breeds do well with families while some do better with sole owners.

Understanding a potential dog breeds requirements is also critical. These are known as:

  • Exercise needs – Do they need multiple outlets of exercise daily? Some breeds like the Pug are happy with one walk a day. Others may only need several walks a week with some indoor games. Research your dog breed and ensure you can maintain their exercise requirements.

  • Sensitivity – Is your potential dog breed sensitive? Leaving your dog in the apartment for long hours can create anxiety, especially in sensitive breeds. Harsh treatment may also lead some breeds to sulk and hide.

  • Socialisation – Almost all breeds benefit from socialisation as puppies. Neighbouring noises of the outside world can be tough for apartment dogs to adapt too. Therefore expose them to the outside world as much as possible.

dog socialisation


First floor apartments are generally easier for apartment dogs as you’ll be taking frequent toilet trips outside with puppies. If your dog is heavy and needs to be carried to the vet, the less stairs the better for you and your dog. If this isn’t possible, look to secure an apartment with a balcony. Ensure the balcony is safe and there are no fall hazards.

An apartment complex may also charge ‘pet rent’ and sting you with a non-refundable deposit. This is understandable from a renters point of view, however if you keep on top of your dog and teach them correct canine manners it is cost effective to avoid this.

Lastly, check with your complex about the noise policy and consult with your neighbours. If it’s touchy, look for a quiet breed that is suitable for an apartment.


Set up a decent area dedicated for your dog. This will be an area your dog can retreat to when relaxing is necessary. Make this area as comfortable as possible for your apartment dog! We recommend laying out a mat to protect your floor from bone chewing and eating.

Additional things to add comfort include toys, water bowl and a dog bed/crate. ENSURE you set rules and guidelines for your dogs special place as they can take this for advantage.

relaxed cane corso


Dogs absolutely thrive on routine, just as we do as humans. Establishing a routine while living in an apartment with dogs is essential for their toilet breaks, exercise needs and general well-being. To achieve this, simply take your dog for walks and toilet breaks at the same time each day. They will quickly adapt and save you from unnecessary clean ups around the house.

Dogs having fun


Every breed needs some level of exercise whether they are low energy or high energy breeds. As an owner, it is your responsibility to know your breeds exercise requirements and follow that as best as possible. A great rule of thumb to follow includes daily walks with some indoor games and a high intense work out once to twice a week.

play stance dog


Often owners get caught up in their own personal life, and their dog comes second. However, for the day workers there are ways to work around this.

  • Get some daytime help. Neighbours, friends & family or doggie day care services are great options to keep your pet occupied while you’re away.

  • Find another apartment dog to play with. Sometimes there will be other dogs in your apartment complex. This is an easy and great way to create dogships and allow them to play and entertain themselves. Remember to supervise first interactions and be sure they get along with each other.

  • Make their food a game. Use of food dispensary toys are fantastic to keep your dogs mental stimulation alive throughout the day. If this is out of your budget, scatter food around the house and let them play hide and seek!

  • Load up on dog puzzles. Having these laying around the house will also allow your dog to put its brain to work.


Trips to the vet are beneficial no matter what your living space is. However apartments have more exposure to people and increases the risk of getting sick. It also pays to keep up to date with vaccinations incase of the unwanted event that your dog bites someone.


An untrained dog is an untrustworthy dog. Depending on your breed, this may be easy or difficult. Training allows you to establish who’s boss, what the rules are and gives you the clarity that your dog will behave in your apartment. There is nothing worse than someone who cannot control their dog.

Each breed will respond differently to training techniques so it’s essential to work out your breeds personality. Most commonly for apartments, the ‘place’ command is a must. At pawprides we strive to educate dog owners on correct canine care to improve overall dog health and well-being.

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