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Are French Bulldogs Aggressive Or Are They Friendly Family Dogs?

are french bulldogs aggressive

Are French Bulldogs aggressive? Frenchies are generally friendly, social, and affectionate dogs.

But, if they are not trained and socialized properly, there is the risk of aggression. Even though they’re small dogs, aggression can be a real problem.

Signs of aggression in Frenchies can include growling, snarling, stiff bodies, and more. So how can you tell if your French Bulldog is going to be aggressive?

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive – Contents

  • General Frenchie temperament
  • Signs of aggression
  • Causes of aggression
  • Frenchie socialization
  • Do Frenchies get along with other dogs?
  • Do Frenchies get along with children?
  • Are Frenchies good with cats?
  • Are Frenchies good with other pets?
  • Help! My French Bulldog is aggressive

Many people like to research aggression in dog breeds before bringing one home. If this is you, keep reading to find out all you need to know about Frenchie temperaments.

But, if you already own a Frenchie that is showing signs of aggression, you can use the links to jump to the most helpful sections.

General French Bulldog Temperament

Frenchies are popular dogs because when they have been properly socialized and trained, they can have wonderful personalities.

These little dogs are loyal, loving, and affectionate. They will enjoy curling up on their owners lap, and will be happiest when they are together with you.

are french bulldogs aggressive

Frenchies are also intelligent and eager to please. So, they can take well to training, especially positive, reward-based methods.

Most owners report that their Frenchies are friendly, laid-back, and social.

But, there are times when these little dogs can show less-lovable traits. But, how do you know when a Frenchie is being aggressive?

Signs of Aggression in French Bulldogs

If your Frenchie is biting, growling, and snarling, but they are still a very young puppy, they may not be aggressive. In fact, these behaviors are very normal in young puppies.

But, if it is carrying on into your Frenchie’s older age, you may have an aggressive Frenchie.

Aggression in French Bulldogs may show itself in different behaviors depending on the cause of the aggression.

For instance, if your Frenchie is showing fear-based aggression, they may try to hide, or run away before displaying any aggressive behaviors.

If they are trying to avoid physical contact and eye contact, they may be frightened, which can lead to fear aggression.

But, there are a couple of other causes for aggression that owners should be aware of.

Causes of French Bulldog Aggression

There are a number of things that can lead to or cause aggression in all dog breeds, including the Frenchie.

This is a very loyal breed. Many owners love this trait, but it can have the downside of aggression toward strangers.

Frenchies can become territorial of their homes and show guarding behaviors. Resource guarding is a common cause of aggression in dogs. If your Frenchie growls at you when you go near their food bowl, they may be resource guarding.

Another very common cause of aggression dogs is improper socialization. There is a small window, when your puppy is young, in which you should introduce them to as many new experiences, things, and people as possible.

Well socialized dogs are less likely to react with fear-based aggression when they are older.

French Bulldog Socialization

Are French Bulldogs aggressive? If they aren’t socialized properly, they can be.

Although puppies can’t go on the ground before they are fully vaccinated, you can still achieve a lot of their socialization by carrying them to see new places and things.

This article has 12 great places to socialize your puppy.

Socialization will help to prepare your puppy for experiences he may have in the future. If he has already experienced or seen them as a puppy, he is less likely to be scared of them as an adult.

This includes meeting other dogs and animals like cats, horses, and so on. It also includes meeting a variety of people, seeing and using different types of transport, and experiencing different environments.

If your dog will be spending time with children or other animals at home, whether you already have pets or you have family friends that may bring them over, you must socialize your dog to these things as a puppy.

Without proper socialization, Frenchies can react aggressively when they experience new things as adults.

Do Frenchies Get Along With Other Dogs?

Are French Bulldogs aggressive towards other dogs? If you have other dogs at home or live somewhere near lots of other dogs, you’ll want a breed that is friendly towards other dogs.

Frenchies have had the role of companion animals since the 19th Century. So, they get along well with people, but what about dogs?

French Bulldogs can get along well with other dogs, particularly if they are raised with them.

So, if you have other dogs at home, your Frenchie is likely to be fine. However, they are very social, loyal, and can guard family members.

These little dogs want to be the center of attention at all times. So, this could be a cause of conflict if you have other dogs at home.

If Frenchies are socialized properly, they will get along with other dogs outside the home. But make sure to introduce them to as many new dogs as possible when they are puppies.

Do Frenchies Get Along With Children?

Are French Bulldogs aggressive towards children? If they grow up in homes with young children, Frenchies are likely to get along well with these kids.

They will usually be fine with children outside the home as long as they are socialized well as puppies.

However, Frenchies are very small dogs. So, they can easily be hurt by young children that don’t know the best way to handle them.

This can lead to aggressive reactions, such as growling or biting if your Frenchie gets hurt.

So, these very small dogs are usually best in homes with older kids who have learnt the best way to handle delicate, small animals.

Are Frenchies Good With Cats?

Like with dogs, Frenchies are likely to be okay with cats that they grow up with.

However, if they have not been socialized properly, they may not do well with cats outside the home.

Make sure that you introduce your Frenchie to as many cats as possible – even from a distance – when they are a young puppy.

This will help them stay confident around cats when they are older, and reduce the risk of aggression and chasing.

Are Frenchies Good With Other Pets?

Are French Bulldogs aggressive towards other animals? As long as Frenchies have been socialized properly with other small animals, they should be okay.

But, owners may want to watch over interactions between their French Bulldogs and other animals.

Frenchies have a long history as companion animals. So, they have less of a chase instinct than other breeds.

But, there’s still the risk that Frenchies will try to chase smaller animals. Especially if they have not been introduced to them as a puppy.

Help! My Frenchie is Aggressive

Is your French Bulldog showing signs of aggression in the home? Perhaps your Frenchie is guarding its food or toys, or becoming aggressive towards the kids in your home or other pets.

If your Frenchie is being aggressive to children at home, make sure to monitor their interactions to ensure your dog isn’t responding with aggression because it is being hurt or mishandled.

We also have a useful guide on food aggression in dogs. If you think your Frenchie is guarding its resources, take a look at this article.

Alternatively, the best way to deal with an aggressive dog is to seek out a behaviorist near you.

Make sure to choose one that uses positive reinforcement methods. They will be the best option to look at your dog and your unique situation.

If you’re struggling to find one, speak to your vet! They may be able to suggest some great contacts.

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive?

Generally, the Frenchie breed has a great temperament, which is part of what makes them such a popular breed.

But, they must be socialized and trained properly from a young age to get this wonderful temperament.

If a French Bulldog isn’t socialized well, they can show signs of being aggressive. There is a particular risk of guarding behaviors, and aggressive reactions to young children that may not know how to handle them properly.

Have you ever had problems with an aggressive French Bulldog? How did you deal with it?

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Are French Bulldogs Aggressive Or Are They Friendly Family Dogs?

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