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8 Best Aussiedoodle Breeders in Pennsylvania! (2021) – We Love Doodles

Aussiedoodle Breeders In PennsylvaniaIf you’re searching for the best Aussiedoodle breeders in Pennsylvania, then you’ve come to the right place. An Aussiedoodle is a designer dog, a cross between the brilliant Australian Shepherd and the equally intelligent and non-shedding Poodle. The incredible characteristics inherited from their parent breeds made Aussiedoodles a sort after hybrid. They’re low to a non-shedding coat, making them ideal for people with allergies; hence they make a perfect family companion. However, unreliable breeders are out there who cannot be trusted for the quality and health of their litter. This article highlights some top Aussiedoodle breeders in Pennsylvania.

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Aussiedoodle Puppies For Sale in Pennsylvania

Aussiedoodle Puppies For Sale in Pennsylvania

Aussiedoodles are irresistible hybrids that make the perfect family pet and can also pass for a service dog. Their loyalty to their family surpasses that of other designer dogs. If you are looking at getting An Aussiedoodle as a family addition, below is a list of dependable breeders in Pennsylvania.

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1. PuppySpot’s Aussiedoodles For Pennsylvania


First on the list of the best Aussiedoodle breeders in Pennsylvania isn’t a single breeder but an entire marketplace dedicated to various breeds. With PuppySpot, you’ll avoid being on the waiting list for your Aussiedoodle puppy. Instead, you can utilize the platform’s search features to find a suitable Aussiedoodle puppy to introduce into your home. You can choose your Aussiedoodle’s age, color, coat type, etc. We highly recommend checking out PuppySpot for your Aussiedoodle companion before continuing on your search.

PuppySpot Details

  • Website: PuppySpot’s Aussiedoodles

2. Drew’s Aussies & Doodles


Drew’s Aussies & Doodles is located on Bower Rd, Fredonia, Pennsylvania, with the primary goal of producing good puppies. Their puppies are raised among their family on their farmhouse with their kids and other pets. Each puppy is showered with constant affection and love and is handled daily to be well socialized. Both parent breeds are genetically tested before crossing as they breed to provide highly healthy, fantastic family pets. Their litter is well recognized to be a product of good breeding and a healthy background. Their dogs go to their new home with a pack that has the following.

  • Current vaccinations
  • Deworming,
  • Puppy’s dewclaws are done
  • Puppy’s favorite toy
  • Invites to join Drew’s Aussies & Doodles Facebook group.

The Facebook group is for all customers that got their pet from Drew’s Aussies & Doodles. It serves as a life support system for them to Interact, share pictures, progress, and ask questions. The team at Drew’s Aussies & Doodles is lovely and always available for any questions and guidance for their customers.

Drew’s Aussies & Doodles Details

  • Address: 356 Bower Rd Fredonia Pennsylvania 16124
  • Tel: (724) 992-8079
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: Drew’s Aussies & Doodles

3. Petland Robinson

Petland Robinson

Petland Robinson is located at 1530 Park Manor Blvd Pittsburgh, PA 15205, United States. Just as other Petland you find around, Petland Robinson is a reputable and trustworthy pet store. They are focused on helping families find a furry friend for their homes and making life better. Petland specializes in different designer breeds, including the amazing Aussiedoodle.

They are committed to the welfare of their litter and look to placing them in a loving home. Also, they help families make the right choice of a breed suitable for their personality and lifestyle. Their pet counselors are always available to help families make their pets blend effortlessly into their new homes. They are also available to assist their clients in making informed choices when their mind is not made up about the desired pet. Petland Robinson puppies go to their forever home with the following.

  • Health certificate
  • An up to date vaccination
  • Microchip ready for activation.
  • 3 Generations Pedigree.
  • 14-day general health warranty.
  • Puppy for a Lifetime program.
  • VIP 10% off any future purchases store-wide.

Petland Robinson Details

  • Address: 1530 Park Manor Blvd Pittsburgh, PA 15205
  • Tel: (412) 312-3463
  • Website: Petland Robinson

4. West Penn Doodles

West Penn Doodles

The West Penn Doodles is a small in-home family breeder located in Pittsburgh, PA. All of their litter came from a health-tested parent breed and was bred with excellent temperament and health. West Penn Doodles focus on raising well socialized and healthy puppies with exceptional personalities. They employ the Badass Breeder curriculum of early neurological stimulation and early scent introduction when raising their litter.

Also, their puppies are introduced to early socialization and raised inside their home as part of our family. Currently, they have Aussie Mountain Doodles and Aussiedoodle Puppies; their Bernedoodle puppies are still on the way. West Penn Doodles is always available to support their puppy families throughout their lifetime. You can visit their puppy’s page to see available and upcoming litters. Fill out the questionnaire on their website if you are interested in adopting one of their amazing puppies.

West Penn Doodles Details

  • Address: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: West Penn Doodles

5. The Stone Braker Farms

The Stone Braker Farms

The Stone Braker Farms is a reputable and trusted breeder located in Marion Center, Pennsylvania. They are focused on breeding top-quality and healthy puppies. Their adoption process is also very transparent and seamless, with great family members available to help. Their parent breeds are tested clear for HC, CEA, and PRA-PRCD before crossing to produce outstanding puppies. Their puppies’ health is critical to them as it’s first on their priority list. Hence, visitors are not allowed to visit puppies until they are seven weeks old and have had their first vaccination. The Stone Braker Farms puppies go to their forever home with

  • Natural Tails
  • Early Parvo Shot
  • 1st and 2nd Puppy Shots
  • Wormed
  • Vet Health Checked
  • Microchipped
  • 1-year health warranty contract
  • 30 Days Free Health Insurance.

The better place to get your furry friend is at The Stone Braker Farms if you are close to them. Their adoption and the transitioning process is an experience you won’t want to forget in a hurry. Contact them today or visit their website to get started.

The Stone Braker Farms Details

  • Address: Marion Center, PA 15759
  • Tel: (724) 388-1482
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: The Stone Braker Farms

6. R & R Aussiedoodles

R & R Aussiedoodles

In beautiful Southeastern Pennsylvania is a dependable breeder called R & R Aussiedoodles. Their goal as a breeder is to produce happy, healthy, well-bred, and cute puppies. R & R Aussiedoodles are committed to raising Aussiedoodles because of their beautiful personalities and the low to non-shedding coat. Their puppies are raised in their home among family members to help them be well socialized and make blending into their new home seamless. They are also introduced to Early Neurological Stimulation in other for them to be well tolerant of stress. R & R Aussiedoodles will be pleased to have you visit them to check out their available puppies and get your adoption process started.

R & R Aussiedoodles Details

  • Address: Southeastern Pennsylvania
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: R & R Aussiedoodles

7. Doodlebugs Family Kennel

Doodlebugs Family Kennel

The Doodlebugs Family Kennel strives daily to breed amazing and healthy dogs that will fit your next pet. They breed dogs with sound minds and bodies ready to fulfill their purpose as family companions, services, facilities, and therapy dogs. They specialize in producing purebred and mixed crosses, including the lovely Aussiedoodle. All of their parent breeds go through temperament and DNA tests before crossing in other to get the best litter. Their dogs are raised in their house, and they are well socialized, curriculum-reared, and vet checked. They use the Baxter and Bella online dog training for all of their dogs to be well trained. Finally, Doodlebugs Family Kennel puppies go to their forever home.

  • Vet checked
  • Vaccinated,
  • Microchipped,
  • Trupanion health insurance
  • Lifetime access to Baxter and Bella online dog training.

Doodlebugs Family Kennel desires that all their puppies get good and safe homes. They are always available to help customers through the transitioning period, and their adoption process is straightforward. Visit their Facebook page or call to get your next furry friend.

Doodlebugs Family Kennel Details

  • Address: 7982 Kuhn Rd Greencastle, PA, US 17225
  • Tel: (540) 878-1675
  • Website: Doodlebugs Family Kennel

8. Villa Pine Doodles And Poodles

Villa Pine Doodles And Poodles

Last on the best Aussiedoodle breeders list in Pennsylvania is “Villa Pine Doodles And Poodles.” The Villa Pine Doodles and Poodles specialize in breeding AKC registered standard & mini Poodles and Aussiedoodles. All their litter comes from parent breeds that have been tested for healthy, lovely temperaments. They breed healthy, trainable, intelligent, and outstanding puppies, ideal for family companions and service dogs. They saw the need to raise their puppies responsibly and have planned their breeding program to implement premium philosophies to reflect that.

All their puppies are raised in their homes and treated like part of their loving and warm family. The daily interaction and play with their young children will help the dogs adapt seamlessly when they get to their new home. Their puppies are introduced to early neurological stimulation (ENS) and follow Baxter & Bella Online Puppy School’s breeder program.

The Baxter & Bella program includes an introduction to socialization, crate training, potty training, and other foundation training. All of the above is for the puppies to thrive in their new home and continue the Baxter & Bella program. The puppy selection at Villa Pine is made after 6 to 7 weeks to mature and see the vet. Are you interested in getting an Aussiedoodle? Villa Pine Doodles and Poodles are located in Myerstown, Pennsylvania. Contact them today for the best adoption process ever.

Villa Pine Doodles And Poodles Details

  • Address: Myerstown, PA, US 17067
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: Villa Pine Doodles And Poodles

Conclusion For The “Best Aussiedoodle Breeders in Pennsylvania”

Conclusion For The

Aussiedoodles are outstanding family companions and are generally excellent with kids of all ages. They are brilliant and friendly dogs with exceptional personalities. However, if you are ready for the new family addition, we recommend getting your furry pet from a reputable breeder. Highlighted in this article are top some top Aussiedoodle breeders in Pennsylvania.

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