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home-monarch1110.jpgLoading the Monarch 1110 labels into a Monarch 1110 is a process that may seem complex, but only takes a few steps complete and a few times to master. Follow this Monarch 1110 instructions guide and you’ll be back in business in no time. I would like to say that all new Monarch 1110 guns from reputable dealers do come with loading instructions included in the box. If you have just purchased an Monarch 1110 gun and instructions were not included with it, you may want to call the seller and ask why. All the Monarch 1110 guns we sell at B&B Supply have easy to follow loading instructions included.

Start by first tearing off the first 12 or so labels from the label roll. This will insure that the adhesive used to hold the first label to the roll will not get exposed to the inner workings of the gun. The adhesive could lead to a label jam in the future. Then snap the roll of Monarch 1110 labels into the back of the gun between the hubs. You want the labels to come off the top of the roll. Next pull and hold the hand trigger about half way. Pulling the hand trigger disengages the brake wheel and allows you to slide the label strip through the gun. Insert the label strip into the gun by basically following the plastic avenue you see. The Monarch 1110 labels should start to come out the front of the gun. Continue feeding until you have about eight inches hanging out of the front and release the hand trigger. Next, feed the label strip up under the black plastic plate in the front of the gun. The labels should start to come out the top of the gun by the application roller.

Once you have two labels coming out, squeeze the hand trigger half way again and rewind the roll of labels so the loop of labels is removed in the front of the gun and the labels are tightened up. Then grasp the two labels in the front of the gun and quickly pull the strip downward toward the hand trigger. This process will remove the labels from the backing paper. You will want to have about seven inches of just the backing paper now. Hold the Monarch price gun upside down and squeeze the hand trigger all the way exposing the feedwheel. Feed the backing paper into the slot with the arrow until you feel tension from the feedwheel. Start squeezing the hand trigger several times to tighten up the paper. If the wheel does not grab the backing paper right away, keep feeding it into it. Turn the gun right side up after the backing paper first grabs. After about six or seven clicks, printed labels should start coming out the front of the gun. Try to always make sure that only backing empty backing paper (with no labels) travels down the gun and gets grabbed by the feedwheel and goes out the back of the gun. Jamming could result if labels are pulled through the feedwheel.


Make the most of your Nexus 5X with these 10 tips and tricks


LG Nexus 5X
Jessica Lee Star/Digital Trends

The partnership between Google and LG has produced some lovely, stock Android phones, and the Nexus 5X is the latest to join the family. It’s fairly affordable, with an excellent fingerprint sensor and fast charging to boot, but it’s also not without the occasional fault. It may not quite be the Nexus 5 successor we were hoping for, but it runs Marshmallow 6.0 out of the box and has plenty to offer. Here are a few Nexus 5X tips to help you get started with it.

How to quickly launch the camera

It can be tricky to capture those perfect, spontaneous shots. There’s always a danger that you’ll miss the magic, as you fumble to launch your camera app. That’s why the Nexus 5X has a camera shortcut. Just double tap the Power button, even when the phone is locked, and you’ll automatically bring up the camera app. You can also take a photo, when the camera app is open, by tapping Volume down.

If you prefer to use a different camera app, Google doesn’t discriminate, you can head into Settings > Apps > Camera > Open by default and tap Clear defaults. Now, the next time you double tap that Power button, you’ll be asked to select your default camera app.

How to set up Smart lock

It’s always a good idea to have some security on your smartphone. You don’t want just anyone to be able to pick it up and gain access to your life. However, you can also waste a lot of time tapping in a PIN, which is especially annoying when you’re somewhere safe, like your own home. With Smart lock, you don’t have to bother with unlocking anymore. Go to Settings > Security and tap Smart lock > Trusted places > Add a trusted place. Add your home, or another location where you don’t want your phone to be locked, and you’ll no longer have to enter your PIN when you’re there.

How to use Now on Tap

As a stock Android device, the Nexus 5X allows you to enjoy the latest features in Google’s Android platform before the rest of the crowd. The headline feature in Android Marshmallow 6.0 is Now on Tap, which essentially acts as an enhancement of Google Now. With Now on Tap, you can get information without having to leave the app you’re in. You just hold down the Home button and Google takes a look at what’s on screen and offers up related details, apps, and possible actions.

There are lots of possibilities with Now on Tap. You might use it to get contact info for a restaurant that’s mentioned in an article you’re reading, or maybe you want details on a song you’re currently listening to. In any case, you turn it on by touching and holding the Home button and then tapping Get started. Follow the instructions, and you’ll be using it in no time.

How to customize status bar and Quick Settings

This is an experimental feature that may change in the future, but right now you can tweak what appears in the status bar and change your Quick Settings icons. Swipe down from the status bar with two fingers and tap and hold on Settings for a couple of seconds. You should see a wee pop-up message about System UI Tuner, and you’ll find it at the bottom of the Settings menu under System.

You can tap on Quick Settings to change the icon tiles that appear for things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and location. With Status bar, you can remove any of the icons that appear in the status bar. There’s also a toggle that allows you to Show embedded battery percentage, which puts a tiny number in the battery icon indicate the remaining power.

How to find files

Google has built a file explorer into Android 6.0 Marshmallow, so there’s no longer any need to install one. Go to Settings > Storage & USB and tap Explore at the bottom. If you know the name of the file you want, then tap the magnifying glass to search. You can then tap the three lines in the upper-right corner to choose and organize the files by date or size — it defaults to alphabetical by name. Tap the three dots again to switch to a grid view.

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How to use the fingerprint sensor

It’s easy to set up your fingerprints for unlocking your Nexus 5X. Go to Settings > Security > Nexus Imprint > Add fingerprint and work through the process. It’s best to use whatever finger is most comfortable and make sure that you change the angle between each press on the sensor. You should also make sure that you record at least one finger from each hand, so you can unlock your phone regardless of which hand your using.

Once your fingerprint is recorded, you can also use it to authenticate Google Play purchases. Open up the Play Store and tap on the menu in the top-left corner, then Settings > Fingerprint Authentication. Now you can use your fingerprint to buy apps.

How to set app permissions

Google has opened up granular control over app permissions, which means you can specify exactly what each app on your Nexus 5X can and can’t do. Go to Settings > Apps and tap the Gear icon in the upper-right corner, then App permissions. You’ll see a list of which apps have which permissions and you can toggle them on and off as you see fit.

How to activate the notification LED

Google wants you to use the Ambient Display feature, which is on by default in the Nexus 5X, but there actually is a traditional LED notification light. Unusually, it’s in the speaker grille at the bottom of the phone’s screen. To turn it on, go to Settings > Sound & notification and turn Pulse notification light on. It’s an RGB light so it can display lots of different colors. If you want to customize it further, try using an app like Light Flow.

How to use Wi-Fi calling

The ability to use Wi-Fi for calls can be really handy, particularly when you’re indoors and not getting a good signal. Unfortunately, some carriers do not want to support it, but you can check if it’s a possibility for you by going to Settings > More > Wi-Fi Calling. If your carrier supports it, then the option will be there. You can make calls, send text messages, and even send MMS using Wi-Fi.

How to schedule Do not disturb

You can fine tune the Do not disturb feature to ensure that you only get the notifications you want, when you want. Go to Settings > Sound & notification > Do not disturb. By default Do not disturb will silence everything except alarms. In Priority only allows, you can set exceptions to that rule, so that you’ll get calls or messages from specific people. You can even toggle Repeat callers to dictate that an incoming call should be put through if the caller tries again within 15 minutes.

If you take a look in Settings > Sound & notification > Do not disturb > Automatic rules, then you can set up regular rules. It’s a great idea to schedule Do not disturb for your sleeping hours, and you can even have it turn on automatically when you have calendar events.

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How old do you have to be to go skydiving?


How old do you have to be to go skydiving?

Posted: 12th February 2018

How old do you have to be to go skydiving? The minimum age for tandem skydiving is 16 years old. If you’re aged between 16 and 18, you’ll need the signed consent of a parent or legal guardian. There is no maximum age to go skydiving. skydiving age uk Our youngest jumpers who can take part in a tandem skydive is set by British Skydiving, who are the British National Governing Body for Skydiving in the UK. The 16 years old age restriction is determined by their safety. The age restriction for skydiving is based upon the “mental or cognitive capacity to assess the amount of risk involved in carrying out a parachute descent” – Jeff Montgomery, Safety & Technical Officer, BPA. Safety is our top priority at GoSkydive, like any extreme sport, tandem skydiving does have risks. At GoSkydive we have a 100% safety record and your safety is our priority. We are fully regulated by the British Skydiving and we follow their guidelines. On site our Chief Instructor ensures all the guidelines are followed at all times. how old do you have to be to skydive In addition we give all our jumpers industry leading pre-jump training in a simulated skydiving environment, to make sure they feel as comfortable as possible. We use the very best, industry leading parachute technology – the Sigma Tandem Parachute System, and have a core team of full time professional tandem skydive instructors who collectively have done in excess if 50,000 jumps. How old do you have to be to go skydiving? During your tandem skydive, you are strapped to a highly experienced, professional GoSkydive instructor. After your your freefall (typically at around 125mph!), your instructor will release and control the parachute all the way back to the landing strip. All information about any risks are given on the student declaration form which you’ll need sign prior to tandem skydiving with us. You can view the form here. If you would like more information about safety in skydiving please visit the ‘How Safe’ section of the BPA website – British Skydiving – How Safe If you’re between 16 and 18 years old you’ll need to get a BPA Membership Agreement Form and BPA Medical Information and Declaration signed by a parent or legal guardian. Learn more about your tandem skydive experience on the day, and book your jump of a lifetime today!

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How to Use a Cheese Slicer – the Easiest Way

How to use a cheese slicer

Whether you look for the juiciest patty in your favorite hamburger or creamiest pasta of the town, I bet none of the items could satisfy your taste bud if the cheese is missing. Yes! Cheese is the new pinch of salt that can transform any simple dish appealing. Especially when it comes to baking pasta or making a burger, a perfect slice of cheese is all you need. So, if you are also a cheese lover like me but unsure about cheese proportion, we highly recommend you to grab the best cheese slicer in the market.

Honestly, compared to the cheese knife, the cheese slicers help to bring perfection to the taste of food within a matter of seconds. Since people are more familiar with a cheese knife, it’s time to introduce you to the cheese slicer and how to use it.

What Is a Cheese Slicer?

Basically, a cheese slicer is a tool that works as a helping hand in our hectic schedules. Using a cheese knife, you need to focus on thickness, consistency, and safety. Using a knife, there is always a risk of cutting yourself, and proportion may not be the same for all the slices.

Therefore, to avoid self-cut and consistent slicing without any worries, the cheese knife has been developed into a cheese slicer. Now, using the slicer, you can easily cut any size of cheese slice or block regardless of its type. Usually, the slicer is designed with a handle, and the knife is made of sturdy material. Therefore, the user can casually hold the device and make the desired slice they need for a burger, pasta, or sandwich easily.

Top Tips on How You Can Maintain the Sturdiness of a Cheese Slicer

So, whether you need to use the slicer regularly or occasionally, only proper maintenance can ensure the tool’s durability. I’m a cheese lover, and I use my slicer almost every day. Honestly, I haven’t been using the same slicer for the last 3 years, and here are my secret tips for maintenance.

  • Make sure the sharpness of the slicer wire or knife is on point. You can use a sharpener when it’s dull or blunt before cutting the cheese.
  • Since slicers’ material and construction may vary, therefore you need to be careful what you use to clean it. To ensure durability and sharpness, we recommend you follow the instruction of cleaning that comes with your slicer. Not only that, let the slicer completely dry and wipe out any excess dust and oil.
  • Do not cut other materials using the cheese slicer.
  • Keep the slicer in the package and store it in a safe place.
  • Get additional wires while purchasing a cheese slicer. You won’t have to go to the market frequently in a while.

Know More About Cheese Slicer

Now you know the easiest way to use a cheese slicer. We hope you already have a good cheese slicer or you have just bought a new one.

But if you haven’t bought it yet and want to compare the quality and price of some top products in the market, you can check the top 3 items below.

So, how were the top three collections? Did you find yours? If yes, then congratulations! But, if not, then you have an option to compare more products before making the final decision.

You can check out our top ten best cheese slicer review with a handy comparison table.

Final Thought

Slicing cheese with a slicer is soothing. Isn’t it! As you already know, how you can use the slicer to cut the cheese in desired sizes; let’s do this in real. Before you actually make the slices for your food, it would be wise to do some test cuts beforehand. We are sure you will be able to cut the cheese like a pro after a few uses. Let us know about your experience!

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How to Start a Ticketing Business: Online & Home-Based


Which business idea do you currently have in mind? Do you feel like becoming an entrepreneur in the ticketing industry? Here is a complete guide on how to start a ticketing business and make profits.

As the world and technology changes, so do the working and earning opportunities. Unlike in the past, when you had to be in your working place physically, the world has taken remote working to an entirely new level.

Today, things have taken a new turn, and people can work from any location, as long as there is an internet connection.

In this article, we explore procedures on how to start a ticketing business – either online or home-based.

If you’ve been interested in starting a ticketing business, then today, we offer you the perfect solution.

We’ll discuss more on the process, advantages, as well as disadvantages of both online and home-based ticketing businesses.

Tips on How to Start a Ticket Booking Business

These unique steps show you exactly how to be a ticketing agent:

  1. Learn and Understand the Business Landscape

Before you can dive right in and start selling those tickets, understanding the landscape of the business is crucial. You need to know how the business works, who the customers are, who your competition is, and the various rules of operation.

This way, you have a clear idea of what you are getting yourself into, and what are your chances of success.

For instance, if you are running an online ticketing business, you must first understand how various ticketing websites work, especially the market leaders.

Also, it would help if you researched about how they serve their clients, how much they charge, and the different ways they make profits.

Essentially, a ticket booking business requires you to buy tickets in bulk at a wholesale or discounted price, and then sell them at a higher price to make some profit.

You can buy tickets for any popular event, then attract willing buyers, either through online or other advertising means and sell the tickets for a profit.

If you are operating an online ticketing business, interested customers will contact you through your set website, or even call you. Payment is usually via credit or debit cards, or any other acceptable online payment method like PayPal.

All these help you to come up with a plan that strategically positions you in the market.

  1. Come Up with a Concrete Ticketing Business Plan

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, a business plan is a must-have tool. A business plan is the road map and guideline for your business. Without a proper plan, your business might fail before it even starts.

And, whichever business you are planning to start, proper planning should never be ignored.

When starting a ticketing business, just like in any other business, several considerations come into play in creating a business plan.

Whether you are formulating a home-based or online ticketing business plan, your plan should contain the following:

  • A Business Model

This part of the plan includes the outline of the business’s activities and how they will be carried out. It highlights what tickets your business will be offering, as well as how you’ll be selling them.

For instance, you might decide to make all your sales online, make on-site sales, or use any other sales methods. Your business model helps in positioning your business, as well as communicate your presence, especially in a market with existing competitors.

Do you want to build a travel agent business or do you want to sell tickets to local entertainment? You’ll need to hash this out in your business plan.

  • Marketing Plan

This is another quite important section of a business plan for your ticketing business. You need to know how you will acquire your customers and in a cost-effective way.

Remember, you will be dealing with companies who have the experience, and who have stayed in the industry for quite a long time – competitors who know the ins and outs of the business.

So, how will you position yourself to attract customers? What effective marketing techniques will you employ to outdo your competition? These are some questions that must be answered.

You should note that your tactics should also not be costly, as the margins in this business can be considerably low. This is especially with the stiff competition, sometimes even from your ticketing company. It, therefore, means that you must have a unique, low-cost, but effective marketing plan.

You should perform A/B testing to determine which strategy works best for which clients, and optimize on that. The conversion rates for the marketing techniques you choose should be quite high.

For example, email marketing generally has a 122% return on investment. Learn how to build an email list with success in this free course.

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  • Financial Projections

When starting a ticketing business, financial projections must be made. They should be set based on the anticipated gross margins on the growth of sales and revenues.

Since your business probably doesn’t have any prior operation history, you should use the existing companies’ financial ratios to estimate this.

Remember, if you are seeking funding, investors and lenders will require 3-5 years of income and expense projections.

It, therefore, means that even though your business is entirely new, financial projections must be included in the business plan.

This is crucial in determining the customer-acquisition plan and cost, as well as the retention rate.

ticketing booth

Take this FREE course to learn how to build an email list.

  1. Design Your Website and Content

An active, responsive, and customer-friendly website is quite necessary while operating either a home-based or online ticketing business. Otherwise, how will you make it in this internet era?

Potential buyers will log in to your website seeking to buy tickets. And if they can’t find what they want fast and efficiently, they might just log in to your competitor’s website and make the purchase.

Therefore, your website must be attractive and user friendly to ensure that you don’t lose potential sales.

It must include all the necessary information that customer needs and an easy way to access that information. Fast loading time and easy navigation will make the ticket purchase process easy, thus offering the best customer experience.

Always make your website and its content, SEO friendly to ensure organic traffic, which can translate to sales. Make the buying process as easy as possible.

Our recommended option is Bluehost. It’s the easiest way to build a website and for the right price. It’s only $3.95/month to get started and you’ll get a free domain name along the way.

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  1. Learn How to Sell Your Tickets

Besides making the website SEO friendly, you also need to make your offers attractive and irresistible.

Remember, you are not alone in the industry. You need to be able to compete with other ticketing companies and agents, who might be offering even lower prices.

The availability of information online means that customers can easily browse for the best deals. This also implies that it is harder to convince customers to buy tickets from your site, especially if there is a better offering.

So, you must first offer the right prices for the tickets and gives deals that customers expect, and more.

And, since undercutting will only make the business less profitable, develop other ingenious tacts to sell tickets without too much price reduction.

Remember you still have to put your costs into considerations, to be able to make any profits.

Need to figure out how to get traffic to your ticketing business? Join this affordable 5 Traffic Secrets Online course to learn how to get eyeballs on your website right away.

It’s only $27 and you’ll get some amazing bonuses along the way.

Ticket Booking Business Ideas

If you are looking for the best ticketing business ideas, there are quite a number.

People buy tickets for various things, including travel, concerts, and events. Here are some excellent business ideas for you.

  • Airline Ticket Booking Business

This is one of the most popular ticket booking ideas, and arguably among the most profitable ones. People are always traveling for vacations and business trips, and most of the time they need air tickets.

Whether its local or international air tickets, this can be a lucrative business idea.

You can easily start a travel booking agency and start your entrepreneurial journey. With airline ticket booking, the job doesn’t end with the customer getting the tickets.

Most agencies will go ahead and plan for their clients’ vacations or trips, including recommending travel destinations and booking for their hotels.

This way, you have a wider income range right from tickets, and commissions from travel destinations and hotels.

For more information on how to start an airline ticketing business, take a look at our blog on how to become a home-based travel agent for free.

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  • Bus Ticket Booking Business

As a travel agent, you can also include booking services for buses to your airline booking or just focus on it alone.

Whichever the case, the operations are almost similar, except that one includes air travel and the other one road. The business structure is the same, and you face the same competition challenges and opportunities.

Just like starting an airline ticket booking business, bus ticketing business also needs research, a plan, and a responsive website.

This way, you offer your customers a platform where they can easily book their bus tickets at any time.

  • Events Ticket Booking

A night concert

Online event booking is quite popular as almost everyone now books event tickets online. This means that an event ticket booking business can be quite lucrative. And although it’s not that easy to start one, here is how you can go about it.

There are two main ways of starting an event ticketing business. One, you can sell tickets to an event you’ve organized, or better still, become a broker (buying bulk tickets and reselling them at a profit). Whichever the case, you should have a website.

This will help you to advertise your business, and create an online presence where customers can access your tickets. In the event ticket-selling business, you have various business options you can pursue.

For instance, you can sell tickets for church events, concerts, classes and workshops, community events and festivals, sporting events, and charities.

There is so much to go with when it comes to event ticket booking. Concert ticket booking for artists’ music concerts and events is also quite popular, and it can pay handsomely.

You can become the ticket booking agent for various artists, whereby fans can buy tickets to their events through your site.

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Registration of a Ticket Booking Business

Before you start your ticketing or travel booking business, you must ensure that you have all the necessary licenses and permits. Starting the business without proper local and State business permits can lead to hefty fines, if not a closure of the business.

For instance, 14 states in the US require you (travel agency) to obtain a “Travel Sellers Registration License” before you can sell travel tickets and plans. You can obtain such documents by applying through the set channels.

However, you should note that this involves some fees based on the State you are starting the business. You might also be required to provide some supporting documents like being a member of a specific professional association. Learning the basics of how to start a ticketing business is crucial, as it will immensely help you when the business kicks off.

Also, remember to register a unique business name that people can easily remember. For the business name registration, you need to confirm with your State if the name is available, by performing a trademark search.

Also, do a web search and ensure that your name of choice doesn’t exist and that its web domain is available.

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Conclusion on How to Start a Ticketing Business

With the increased opening of the global markets, people can now travel around the globe easily. Whether it’s for business, holidays, or even relocations, people are always moving around. This makes the travel business quite a lucrative business niche.

Also, there are numerous events taking place daily that require ticket booking. Right from musical concerts, theatre plays, sports, to community festivals and events. This means that people are continually looking for places to buy tickets to these events.

With the right information on how to start a ticketing business, you can easily start and operate a ticketing business profitably. We hope that this article offered useful information to help you start your next business venture.

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I’m A Bartender, And This Is How You Pick Up Bartenders


For Female Customers Who Want To Pick Up A Male Bartender:

So you are at the bar with your homegirls and you and the ladies have already ordered your drinks. This is where we’ll start. A nice little tidbit about ordering drinks: Know what drink you want ahead of time and I would recommend you also pay in cash. Already knowing your drink choice shows us male bartenders that you are a confident type and that you’re secure in your decision-making abilities (both excellent qualities that we appreciate). As far as paying in cash, if you’re a strong independent woman who sits at the bar and is paying with cash for her drink, we notice that as well and appreciate it. Trust me. Male bartenders have the same mindset as male strippers when it comes to female customers with cash…we love it!

Okay, so you and your girls order a round of Cosmos and you each leave a two-dollar tip for your drinks. You ladies are laughing and being silly and every now and again you turn to catch your bartender viewing the group’s activities. What you want to do next is get your bartender’s attention, let him know you want to order another drink (even if you haven’t finished your first drink yet). Before he has the chance to walk away I want you to lean in and ask if it’s okay if you share something with him. After he nods his head in agreement, I want you to say the following words:

My girls and I stopped by here not too long ago and I wanted to say I really appreciate how you go out your way to make everyone in here feel comfortable. Thank you for that. Just wanted to let you know that we noticed.

Now, I don’t know any male bartender who has been in this profession long enough who wouldn’t catch an instant work boner.

You have to understand that this approach is fresh, new, and something 90% of us have never heard before. I personally only have had two women in my history behind the bar that approached me in this manner, and I ended up going on dates with both of them (one of them actually got into my pants). If you think you can just sit at the bar, put in no effort, and the cute male bartender all the ladies are head-over-heels for will somehow miraculously hand you over his number and set up a date? Well, you my friend are sadly mistaken. For one thing, we are at work and the last thing we want to do is to get tangled up in a sexual harassment situation. So unfortunately you will have to make the first move with your male bartender. One thing you should be sure of is the concept of tipping for every drink and letting him know that you appreciate his time. This will put him in the right frame of mind to try and pick you up. You put in the initial work and he will do the rest.

Things to Avoid

Never ask your male bartender for a free drink or a free shot. We don’t care if it’s your birthday, if you and your girls are celebrating a bachelorette party, or if it’s your first night out since your divorce. You just screwed up any chance of us giving you a drink on the house simply because you asked for it. You have to understand, asking us for a free drink is insulting. We don’t go to your place of business and ask you for free service or to give us free products just because it’s our 21st birthday, so what makes you think you can do it to us? EVERYONE asks bartenders for free drinks, especially women. Be the anomaly and don’t expect your bartender to hand you over anything for free. Enjoy the company of your friends, engage with us in a meaningful conversation and tip us for every drink, and I can guarantee you this: You and your lady friends will get a round of shots on us.

Here is another thing to consider. Do not go to the bar and all of a sudden become the “Woo Girl.” What’s a Woo Girl, you ask? If we want to go by the Urban Dictionary definition (which I think is quite accurate in this instance) a Woo Girl is “a woman usually between the ages of 18-24 who shows the excitement and fun she’s having with her friends by exalting a WOOO, usually in unison with 4-5 other woo girls.” This type of behavior irritates the hell out of bartenders and is a surefire way of getting your bartender to ignore you for half the night. It’s okay to have fun at the bar—it’s more than encouraged—just don’t be that one girl who’s a nuisance to the point where you’re annoying everyone else who’s out for a drink.

My final piece of advice is that you dress sexy enough to stand out in a crowd full of attractive women, but not so sexy that you have every guy at the bar pining for your attention. Make us male bartenders notice you with your smile, confident demeanor and bold words. And we’ll be out on that first date with you in no time.

For Male Customers Who Want To Pick Up A Female Bartender:

There are a few differences between picking up female bartenders and male bartenders. Whereas it would not be in a woman’s best interest to discuss anything alcohol-related with a male bartender, I would say it is almost imperative for men to know a thing or two about cocktails when picking up a female bartender. Here’s why.

Female bartenders deal with men who try to hit on them every other second so it’s rare for these women to meet a man who takes an interest in their actual job. Starting off, if you want to get on a female bartender’s good side, know some nice little tidbits about what she does for a living. I promise you she will appreciate it. What I like to do is to start off with an easy bar bet. Ask your female bartender to find the word “bourbon” on a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. You’ll stump her most of the time. Jack Daniel’s is a Tennessee whiskey and not bourbon. Surprisingly a lot of bartenders don’t know this. The biggest difference between bourbon and a Tennessee whiskey is a Tennessee whiskey goes through a special charcoal-filtering process before it’s put into barrels. Anyways, back to the approach.

Let’s say you’re a guy who walks into a bar and there’s the hottie working behind the bar you’ve been checking out for the past couple of weeks. You sit at a stool, usually with a friend, because going to social settings alone can be quite the nerve-wracking experience. The two of you guys order a Scotch on the rocks and start talking about sports or something to that effect. Here is what you do next. You are going to have to get your female bartender out of stripper mode (AKA work mode). The mindset of a female bartender is parallel to that of a stripper because she is at work to make money, and once her shift ends, she is going home and definitely not looking to take any extra baggage with her. So stripper mode is the ‘required flirting’ most female bartenders use to interact with men at the bar. It’s just become the industry standard. You must ignore this at all costs. Better yet, be as facetious as you want to be. If she asks questions to try and bait you into small talk (i.e., Where are you from? Have you been to this bar before?), you need to respond by giving her an off-the-wall answer like, “Oh, I’m from Antarctica” or “I actually helped build this bar back when you guys opened.” Be aloof and continue to deflect anything she says to you that may sound like something she asks all of her male customers.

As time passes by and you get to your second or third drink (you better not sit at the bar nursing a drink for more than forty minutes, I forbid it), ask your bartender if she would mind giving you some dating advice from a woman’s perspective. I guarantee you she is going to say yes 10 out of 10 times. Why? Well, because EVERY female bartender I’ve ever come across believes she is a certified relationship expert due to the very nature of her job. So use this opportunity to tell her you were recently on a blind date and it was going so well that your date invited you back to her place and you guys had the wildest, kinkest sex ever (I know what you’re thinking, but a big white lie never hurt anybody). Now your next step is to ask your bartender if she could ever see a relationship developing from a one-night stand? This question is pretty counterintuitive, so I’m going to break down its significance for you:

1. Since you don’t put any emphasis on the ‘wild and kinky sex’ portion of your story, you subconsciously elicit that you are fine with the concept of casual sex.

2. It gets you talking about sex in a very real way without coming off as the creepy guy at the bar (i.e., you’re just a guy asking for advice).

3. It disarms your female bartender’s defensive shield because the question is in no way meant it to be seen as if you’re hitting on her (which is a plus).

4. Her answer also lets you know if she is open to the idea of casual sex and it allows her to show you more of her personality (all the while getting her out of stripper mode).

No matter what her answer is to your question, your follow-up question should always be along the lines of “…so what does you boyfriend think of that?” This question immediately lets you know if she is single or in a relationship. Most female bartenders at this point have no reason to lie because the nature of the conversation thus far has been very light and non-threatening. If she’s seeing someone, she’ll tell you right then and there. If she’s single, she’ll be just as honest.

Now if she’s single, proceed to flirt with her until you close out your tab. The way you end the conversation should look something to the effect of, Hey you seem like a really cool person and you obviously give great advice…I’ll be out of town next week, but my friends are throwing a party the week after so I’d definitely like to invite you to come out.

Hand over your cellphone to her and if you’ve done everything I’ve mentioned above (to the T). I am 90% certain that she will type in her phone number. Whether or not you’ll be out of town or if you have a friend who’s throwing a party, doesn’t really matter. The point of the entire conversation is to exchange contact information. That’s it. Bartenders rarely give out their phone numbers to customers but the approach I’ve laid out for you is what I’ve used personally to hang out with female bartenders outside of their work setting. Although questions you’ve asked her up to this point may seem deceptive, the one thing you have to understand is that bartenders (especially the very hot female ones), have heard everything under the sun when it comes to customers trying to pick them up. At least this approach is fresh and entertaining.

Things to Avoid

• Do not offer to buy a female bartender a drink (because everyone does) • Do not compliment her on her physical beauty (because everyone does) • Do not brag about material possessions (i.e., money, cars, clothes, etc.) • If she begins flirting with someone else, keep your jealousy to a minimum • If she seems disinterested at any point of your conversation, do not try to plow through, just move on. Remember, she is at work.

Picking up female bartenders is relatively harder than picking male bartenders, but the foundation is still the same. Disarm her natural tendency of wanting to treat you like every other male customer. Instead, get her to start talking about real issues with you—preferably her relationship status and her views on dating. This will give you an edge over the competition and make you seem like Casanova at your neighborhood bar. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Does Hand Sanitizer Stain Clothes? | Topdeblogs


The use of hand sanitizer has become part of the daily hygiene routine for many of us. Finding strange little stains on our clothes has also become more frequent. Are the two related in some way? Does hand sanitizer stain clothes?

Hand sanitizers can cause stain like marks on clothing. Some contain alcohol, a known stain remover, others benzalkonium chloride which is a bleaching agent. When the sanitizer comes into contact with clothing, it can remove the color from the fabric. The marks are known as bleaching spots.

We know that hand sanitizers can keep us protected from germs and illness. But can we safeguard our clothing against the bleaching properties of sanitizers?

Does Hand Sanitizer Stain Clothes

Does Hand Sanitizer Stain Clothes?

Although hand sanitizers don’t ‘stain’ clothes, some fabrics can be damaged by the ingredients found in many brands. As we apply the sanitizer, it can spill or splatter onto clothing and other surfaces. When the liquid lands on fabric, it forms little discolored spots that can look like stains. The marks are in fact where the fabric has been bleached.

Alcohol is one of the main ingredients in sanitizers due to its antibacterial qualities. It’s also a known stain remover. This can be a bit of a problem when it comes to our clothing. As far as alcohol is concerned, there is no difference between stains and colors.

The stain removing properties of alcohol relies on its ability to act as a bleaching agent. In other words, it alters the look of an item by removing its color. Unfortunately, because the alcohol is dropped in random places and tiny amounts, the bleaching process only works in affected areas. Leaving a spotted effect on the fabrics.

What is Hand Sanitizer Made From?

There are two types of hand sanitizer. The first is alcohol-based. This one is the most popular as it is easier to use. To be effective against germs, it needs to contain at least 60% alcohol. Not the type you can drink, though. The alcohol in hand sanitizer is normally ethanol or rubbing alcohol, also known as Isopropyl alcohol.

Non-alcohol based sanitizers are the second type. As the name suggests, it’s alcohol-free. One of the ingredients is benzalkonium chloride, a germ-killer. Whereas alcohol sanitizers are smooth, runny, and dry on your hands, non-alcohol ones foam up like soap. They are more liquid than gel and tend to be less convenient to use, so aren’t as popular.

Although they contain slightly different things, both alcohol and non-alcohol hand sanitizers can cause stain-like bleaching damage.

What Fabrics Can Be Damaged by Hand Sanitizer?

Most fabrics can be affected by the bleaching properties contained within hand sanitizer. Depending on the color and type of fabric, the damage may be easier to hide. Light-colored material for instance is better at concealing the paleness of the bleached spots.

Dark clothing and fabrics with a special finish are another matter. Any kind of staining on a plain dark material tends to stick out like a sore thumb. The bleaching process causes colors to be lightened, making damage to darker clothing more noticeable. It’s not just dark colors, though. Some materials like leather and suede are susceptible to sanitizer damage too.

Leather is available in a range of dyed colors. When a bleaching agent comes into contact with the dye on the leather, it removes the dye, taking the leather back to its original color. Usually, tan or a very light brown. Clothing, shoes, purses, and upholstery (automobile seats too) are at risk of sanitizer bleaching.

Suede is particularly susceptible to liquid damage. Rainwater and a pair of suede boots is a recipe for disaster since suede isn’t naturally waterproof. Nor is it water-resistant. In fact, it is extremely porous and will suck up any liquid around it. As hand sanitizers are liquids and gels, suede faces the double whammy of liquid damage and bleaching.

Some clothing fabrics are designed to be luxurious. Silks and chiffons are known for their delicate properties. Alcohol can strip the color out of these fragile materials in the same way it does for harder wearing fabrics. The natural instinct to rub stains to remove them can be the undoing for many a silk tie or blouse.

How to Get Hand Sanitizer Out of Clothes?

How to get hand sanitizer out of clothes

There is no easy way to get hand sanitizer out of clothes. You can try to reduce the size of the damage or hide it in some way. The longer hand sanitizer is left on clothing, the more damage it can do.

Try to gently scrape off as much of the sanitizer as you can, without rubbing too hard. Then wash the garment as soon as possible. There are no guarantees this will work, but it’s worth a try.

Since the sanitizer bleaches fabric, repairing the garment can be tricky. If it’s a dark-colored item, you may find a closely matched fabric marker pen will help to camouflage the damaged areas.

Alternatively, depending on the location of the damage, you could hide it with embellishments such as buttons or patches. If the article of clothing has a special finish or is leather or suede, take it to a professional cleaner. Attempting to clean it yourself could cause more damage, even rips or holes.

The easiest way to get hand sanitizer out of clothing is to make sure it doesn’t touch them in the first place. Always make sure you keep your hands away from your clothes until the sanitizer is dry. Remember not to splash the liquid or gel as you pour or squeeze it onto your hands. Keeping a firm control over the flow of the sanitizer will reduce the likelihood of clothing damage.

Other Liquids That Stain Clothes

So far we’ve looked at stains caused by hand sanitizers containing Isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol. Other liquids can cause marks on clothes. The first on the list is one we all use.


From rainwater to accidental splashes from drinks or washing, water can be devastating to certain fabrics. Suede in particular can be ruined beyond repair by even the lightest of summer rain showers. Leaving white watermarks on non-waterproof surfaces, water damage is hard to fix on items not designed to get wet. The best solution is to ensure you treat your garments with water protective products before taking a stroll in the rain.


Liquor includes vodka, whiskey, gin, tequila, and other alcoholic drinks collectively known as spirits. These drinks will have the same effect on your clothing as the alcohol found in hand sanitizers.

Red Wine

Another form of alcohol and just as likely to damage your clothes. Notoriously difficult to clean, this drink will leave an angry red blotch on carpets or clothing. There are two ways to deal with a red wine stain.

For clothes, pull the affected area across a bowl until it’s as tight as a drum. Cover the stain in salt and pour boiling water over it. Make sure to wash it in a hot setting as soon as you can.

The second method, use vinegar to soak the stain, and then rinse and allow to dry. If your garment is not washable or has a special finish, take it to a professional cleaner.


As beer is water-based, getting rid of stains from most items is straightforward. Get a wet cloth and gently dab at the stain and then wash as soon as possible. You can even use a laundry stain remover. If your garment is not waterproof or not designed to be washed, seek professional cleaning advice.


Another everyday favorite and a frequent offender, when it comes to stains, is coffee. Use baking soda and water to soak the stain and then wash as normal. Although they look bad, coffee stains can be removed from washable clothing fairly easily. You can even use stain remover on stubborn dried-on marks.


Sanitizers can cause bleaching which can look like stains. Particularly on dark-colored garments. The severity of the damage depends upon the item of clothing involved. Damage caused by bleaching can be difficult to treat. It’s better to prevent hand sanitizer from coming into contact with your clothing. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable. The cleaning tips in this article should help clean your clothes or make the damage less visible.

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How to Run Rocket League on a Potato PC


Not all gamers have a powerful setup to play the most recent games on the market.

Although Rocket League is not a recent game, its graphics can be a bit demanding, especially depending on how you have it configured.

However, you don’t need an expensive gaming rig to play it.

The game’s lowest settings make it possible for you to play Rocket League on a low quality computer. If you are having trouble making that work, though, we’re here to help you.

Maybe you’re trying to make it run on your work computer, or a laptop, or maybe you’re just not fortunate enough to have an expensive setup.

Whatever your reason is, here’s how to make Rocket League run on a Potato PC so that you can begin winning matches, leveling up fast and earning crates.

Change Video Settings to the Lowest Quality

The first thing you should try is changing the advanced video settings. You can do this by opening the options menu and clicking on the graphics tab. Change the Texture, World, and Particle details to Performance. Change the Effect Intensity to Low and uncheck all the boxes below it.

On the Basic Settings, make sure that V-Sync is not checked. Under that, on the basic settings section, change Anti-Aliasing to Off, and set the Render Quality and Render Detail to Performance. You can most likely leave the Transparent Goalposts box checked since it might be crucial to play the game effectively.

The game will not look amazing when those configurations are set that way, but it will possibly let you play Rocket League when using a modest computer.

Another trick is playing Rocket League at a lower resolution. This should make the game even less demanding and perhaps let your computer handle it better.

Rocket League Minimum System Requirements on Windows:

  • Processor: 2.5 GHz Dual Core
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • OS: Windows 7 (64 bit) or Newer (64 bit) Windows OS
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, AMD Radeon R9 270X, or better
  • Direct X: DirectX Version 11.0
  • Storage: 20 GB
  • Dedicated Video Ram: 2048 MB

Although it is not much, you can see that a video card still is required. So in case that your computer does not run Rocket League, even if you followed all those steps, there is yet another way to do it.

Mods to Run Rocket League on Potato PCs

So-called ‘Potato computers’ — i.e. a lower quality machine — are not really meant to play the latest games games, but gamers are creative when looking for solutions to their problems.

There are a few mods out there that can allow your computer to run Rocket League better. One of them is the Takumi Potato Mod, which lowers the game’s graphical demands in a way that it doesn’t change too much the experience that players are meant to have when dashing and flying in Rocket League.

Another alternative was shared by idiosyncrasies on Steam for the Rocket League community there. This is another mod that promises to reduce the graphical demands of the game without ruining its intended gameplay. Besides leaving the instructions on how to install it, the author also replied to many questions in the comment section. So if you can probably check there if you have any questions.

If you intend to use a mod to increase the performance of Rocket League on your computer, make sure to back up all your files before doing so. It is also recommended not to go for a mod before trying a simpler solution first, like lowering the graphics settings.

These tips should be enough for you to be able to enjoy the game. Hopefully, by following them, you’ll be soon spinning, drifting, and doing amazing plays without many issues!


Dauntless Nayzaga – how to kill it


The Nayzaga in Dauntless is one of the tougher early Behemoths in the game. The shards they shoot out of their backs are electrically charged and unless you manage them, you’ll be overwhelmed by electric balls that shoot out of them after a while. Naturally, you don’t want that, so we’ll give you the tips you need to beat this boss.

Those new to hunting Behemoths should brush up on the basics. Head over to our Dauntless Behemoths guide to find the rest of the bosses, or head back to our Dauntless guide & tips for more tips and tricks.

Dauntless Nayzaga guide

This guide has the full tips and tricks to killing the Nayzaga boss in Dauntless. It also has the resource table for the Behemoth and how to obtain the resources for each part.

Nayzaga Stats

  • Nayzaga: Threat Level: 5 (Recommended power: 200)
  • Shockjaw Nayzaga: Threat Level: 11 (Recommended power: 375)
  • Shockjaw Nayzaga Heroic: Threat Level: 15 (Recommended power: 475)

Nayzaga Elements

  • Strong: Shock
  • Weak: Terra

Electric balls are shooting out of the shards in the ground.

How to kill the Nayzaga

This one can be a tough lizard to take down if you don’t work together. Make sure you have worked out your roles between your team of four. If you’re able to party up for this one, I’d recommend it as it will save you a few headaches. Two should have weapons that have a good area of effect, such as the Chain Sickles or Sword, while the other two should have weapons that focus on doing as much to the Nayzaga. When you’re hit by any of its electrical attacks, back off and start dodging until the status condition subsides. This is because you won’t be able to heal until it goes away, so mitigate that risk and back off.

So the thing about Nayzaga is that it shoots out shards. These shards will charge up electrical blasts that you can reflect back at the shards by hitting them. The problem is that it fires out multiple shards and they can fire at different time sequences. You’ll ideally want two to focus on clearing these shards away so that the other two can focus on the Nayzaga. Those focusing on the Behemoth should keep an ear out for when the shards fire their charges, so that you can avoid getting hit by them.

Aside from firing shards, the Nayzaga has access to a bunch of attacks that are melee based, such as tail and claw swipes swipes and slams with the fist. One other attack you should definitely be aware of is when it begins to charge up. It’ll swipe with its tail, which also sends some lightning in a straight line and you really don’t want to be hit by that. As long as you have at least a couple of you micromanaging the shards, you should have a relatively easy time.

Nayzaga resources

Before we go, here are the resources you can obtain for slaying and damaging the Nayzaga. These are a 100% chance to obtain an item, as long as you break specific parts, but there are rarities for each one as explained below:

ResourceHow to get resourceVariantsNayzaga ChitinSlay the NayzagaNayzagaShocktoothBreak its headNayzagaStatic Spine (Rare)Break its headNayzagaSparkclaw SplinterBreak its legsNayzagaSparkclaw Chunk (Rare)Break its legsNayzagaSparkspineBreak its tailNayzagaElectric TailspikeBreak its tailNayzagaShockjaw HideSlay the NayzagaShockjaw NayzagaCharged Shockjaw Hide (Rare)Slay the NayzagaShockjaw NayzagaDull Tooth FragmentBreak its headShockjaw NayzagaCharged Spine (Rare)Break its headShockjaw NayzagaSparking Spine (Epic)Break its headShockjaw NayzagaDull SparkclawBreak its legsShockjaw NayzagaGreater Sparkclaw (Rare)Break its legsShockjaw NayzagaSparking Claw (Epic)Break its legsShockjaw NayzagaTailspike FragmentBreak its tailShockjaw NayzagaCharged Tailspike (Rare)Break its tailShockjaw NayzagaSparking Tailspike (Epic)Break its tailShockjaw NayzagaRockstarSlay the NayzagaShockjaw Nayzaga Heroic

That’s it for our Nayzaga guide, but we’ll have more boss guides coming soon. For more on what you can build with the Nayzaga resources, go to our Dauntless weapons and or Dauntless armor guides respectively.

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What Is The Cost Of Horse Cremation?


If you are a horse owner, you will know how wonderfully wise and beautiful these large creatures are. They seem to know everything, they respond to your calls, and they become your best friend. Unfortunately, when your horse ages or becomes ill and then passes away, it can be a heartbreaking experience.

The typical cost of horse cremation is a range starting at $250 and can go beyond $1500. I will share some other considerations to help you below.

The very crux of owning any type of animal is the knowledge that one day you are going to have to say goodbye to them. There are many wonderful things about giving an animal a home, any type of animal, but the agony of their eventual passing can be crippling for many.

There is no way to make this time less painful, but knowing your options and researching costs and regulations ahead of time can often make the time after they have gone, a little easier to bear. In terms of the death of a horse, everything can seem so overwhelming. This is a large animal, and disposing of his or her remains in the right way is vital.

Is It Illegal To Bury A Horse?

Your options are a cremation or a burial, but you cannot simply bury a horse on your own land without express permission. There are many laws and regulations which prevent this, and you will need to find out about any which pertain to your area (both state and local) before you even consider this option.

A few anomalies which may occur even if you are allowed to bury your horse on your own property are that the remains cannot be buried either more than 24 hours after the horse has died, that there must be a set amount of distance between the burial site and the house, the water supply etc. There are so many possible red tape areas that thinking about all of this after you have just lost your beloved horse can be extremely overwhelming. For this reason, knowing the options beforehand is vital.

How Much Does Horse Cremation Cost?

The exact price of cremating your horse will depend upon several factors, so we can only really give you a rough idea of average costs. Most cremation companies will only cremate the whole horse, which is often the choice of most owners anyway.

The price depends mainly on the size and weight of your horse. A smaller horse will have a lower cremation cost, compared to a large horse. This makes perfect sense. It also depends upon whether you require your horse to be picked up from your property and taken to the cremation facility or whether you are happy to take them there yourself. If you are, you will cut costs, but not everyone wants to do this. Do what you are comfortable with in this case.

The general cost of horse cremation is anywhere between $250 to $1500. Remember, the price also depends on where you live, as some areas have higher costs than others.

If your horse is to be picked up, and it is between working hours and not at a weekend, you probably won’t need to pay an extra charge. If however it is after hours, e.g. evening time or during a weekend or public holiday, there will be a charge that could be anything up to $1000 for a horse, again depending upon the size.

Other Costs to Bear in Mind

Aside from the possible cost of picking up your horse out of working hours, and the cremation itself, there might a few extras you need to think about. It’s important to know about these ahead of time, so you can make the right decisions, according to your available budget.

For instance, if you want to witness the cremation yourself, you may need to pay extra for this service. This can be up to $30 extra. Not everyone wants to be at the cremation, but again, this is something you need to decide for yourself. Some owners feel they want to be by their horse’s side until the very end, and if that is you, this extra charge will be a very small price to pay for fulfilling your wishes.

Because of the size of a horse, individual cremations are really the only way forward. If you were cremating a domestic pet, e.g. a cat or a dog, you would decide whether you wanted them cremating individually or communally. With a communal cremation, there are several other passed animals in the same cremation. This means you are very unlikely to be able to keep the ashes, because you cannot be sure that the ashes you have are those of your pet. With a horse however, the size of the animal means that individual cremations are the only way forward. This does mean you will be able to keep or scatter the ashes as you wish.

Of course, if you want to keep the ashes, you will need to pay for an urn. These can once more vary hugely in cost, and it depends on the design, the material, and the size. Generally you are looking at anywhere between $50 to $1000, depending on how opulent you want to go with your urn.

Another option is burying your pet in a pet cemetery. Your local veterinary surgery will be able to give you more details on local pet cemeteries and prices, as these vary quite considerably. Of course, in this case you would also probably opt for a memorial service and a tombstone, which would add to the cost of the casket and the burial price. Be sure to check these prices carefully before you opt for pet cremation burial. Again, remember that burying your horse on your own property is a very difficult process which is often not allowed by laws in most cases.

How Does Animal Cremation Work?

In order to properly grieve and process the enormity of what has happened, you might have additional questions about the entire creation process. A pet cremation is not hugely different to the cremation of a passed human. The same high heat is applied to the deceased, causing the body to absorb and return to its most basic, mineral form. From this, a machine is used to pulverize the mineral to create the ashes you are given at the end.

Cremation isn’t a particularly pleasant thing to think about, and most people try and avoid thinking too much about the actual process itself, but it could be that in order for you to move on and grieve properly, you do need to have these questions answered. In that case, that is totally fine, and your local veterinary surgery or cremation company will also be able to give you extra information.

There should be no worries about the dignity and care of your pet once they have left your possession and been transferred to the cremation company’s premises. Companies which run pet cremations completely understand the responsibility they have been given by pet owners, and the same dignity and respect is given a deceased animal, as with a deceased human being.

Can A Whole Horse Be Cremated?

The case of horse cremation, as we mentioned before, the cremation will be individual and it should be the whole horse’s body which is cremated as once. However, some horse crematories need to have the animal’s body in smaller pieces. This can be rather terrible to consider for your sweet horse and you will want to make sure you are asking the question ahead of time to ensure you do not have any surprises.

After you’ve done your research, you do not have to worry about anything else occurring. If you have questions about this however, do ask the cremation company on your shortlist before you make a final choice. There may be questions you need to ask about specific policies, procedures, and guidelines pertaining to that company, and a genuine, quality company will have no issues in answering these for you.

What To Do With Horse Ashes?

Remember, you are in a time of grief, and the company understand this. Any question you ask will be answered openly and honestly, in order to help you make a decision you are comfortable with, and which you can live with after this sad event.

Once you have received your horse’s ashes, you need to think what you are going to do with them. Many owners choose to keep the ashes in a decorative urn and they remain in the home as a reminder, just like they may do with a human who has passed. Some owners choose to scatter the ashes, normally over the fields where the horse loved to roam. You could also opt to do a half and half, e.g. scatter some of the ashes and keep the rest in an urn.

If you are going to opt for an urn, be sure to look for one which really sums up the character of your horse. You can choose many different materials and designs, and having the right choice will allow you to feel comfortable with your choice and remember your beloved horse for the many years to come.

The passing of any animal is a difficult time. We focus so much on what happens when a family member or friend passes away, but often when a beloved pet passes, it can be equally as hard for many. Having the right information to hand will help to make the process at least a little easier.