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6 Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Makers To Buy In 2021 | Art of Barista


Pour-over coffee makers have overpowered the other brewing machines by offering an evenly extracted cup of joe. Buying the best automatic pour over coffee maker could save you from the hassle of extracting coffee from a manual brewer. The automatic brewer also has large brewing capacity enabling you to serve coffee to your friends or family as well.

However, spending hundreds of dollars to buy an inefficient coffee maker will end up making you regret your decision. Several features guarantee the efficiency of a pour-over coffee maker. However, the most important among them is whether the brewer is SCA approved or not. Other dominating features include temperature control, customization, programmability along with much more!

This pour over coffee maker buying guide is to ease your search by sharing the 6 automatic brewers having the tendency to brew flavorful joes for ages:

1. Technivorm Moccamaster 59616 KBG Coffee Maker

6 Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Makers To Buy In 2021 | Art of Barista

Looking for the most advanced coffee maker in the market? The Technivorm Moccamaster with all its fancy features is an ultimate deal sealer. Although it comes with a high price tag, earning approvals from SCA, ECBC and devotedly modeling a brewer in the Netherlands assures that your investment is in safe hands.

As far as designing is concerned, the Technivorm has been following the same footsteps since beginning to style out their brewers. This coffee maker has a brushed up stainless steel body with BPA-free plastic components boosting longevity. If that wasn’t enough then in terms of variety, you can have the polished silver, stone grey or black body as per your kitchen’s decor.

To prevent spoiling your day with an over or under-extracted coffee, the copper heating element featured in the brewer will heat the water to the right temperature. While the 9-holed showerhead takes the responsibility of evenly extracting the coffee by saturating the beans at a uniform rate.

The Moccamaster has a capacity to brew around 40-oz of coffee at a time. You can customize or stop the drip rate with help of the lever integrated into the brew basket. Besides, the insulated carafe with a brew-through lid keeps the coffee warm and evenly flavored until the last cup.

What we Like

  • 5-years warranty
  • SCA and ECBC certified
  • 40-oz brewing capacity
  • Auto-off after 100 minutes
  • Instantly brews a flavorful coffee

What we Don’t Like

  • High-end brewer

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2. OXO Brew Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

6 Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Makers To Buy In 2021 | Art of Barista

To all the coffee aficionados aiming for a brewer that can brew the same coffee as the corner-street barista – search no more as this coffee maker is the depiction of all your dreams. With its flawless stainless-steel body magnified by the sleek black plastic housing, this brewer sits in your kitchen perfectly.

Trusting this coffee maker with your eyes closed is a fair play as it has qualified for the SCA’s “golden cup” certification. The brewing capacity of this brewer is exceptional as it can brew around 2 to 9 (5-oz) cups of joe simultaneously. While the marking on the water reservoir will indicate the amount of water filled.

This coffee maker knows all the secrets to a jolting joe. Once started, it will heat the water at the desired temperature (197.6°F – 204.8°F) for brewing and the rainmaker showerhead will disperse the water droplets evenly across the grounds so a uniform yet a complex cup of coffee is brewed.

Aside from that, the in-built smart display eases the operation by updating the user about the status of the brewer. It will inform the user if the carafe is not placed right or when the coffee has been brewed. After the coffee has been extracted, the display will automatically start a timer to keep a track of the freshness of joe. While the thermally insulated carafe will ensure that the coffee brewed remains hot for long.

What we Like

  • SCA certified
  • Classy design
  • Large brewing capacity
  • Brews with consistency
  • Programmable

What we Don’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Does not allow a lot of customization

3. Breville BDC450BSS Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe

6 Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Makers To Buy In 2021 | Art of Barista

If you want to brew a classical joe with subtle nuances, this automatic drip machine is all that you need to buy. Though bulky, making space for this glossy machine will enrich the look of your kitchen. The machine is made mostly of stainless steel and finished plastic, while the water reservoir has markings indicating the amount of water added.

Optimization is the key to a joyful cup of joe. Keeping this fact in mind, the Breville coffee maker comprises a PID temperature control feature enabling the user to customize the brewing temperature. While the flow rate pump allows you to alter the brewing time. The brewer also grants you the liberty to brew coffee in 6 different modes, each varying in strength and taste profiles.

This brewer can brew around 12 cups and the different brew baskets allow you to alter the brewing capacity. You can also program the machine to brew coffee automatically by using the auto-on feature. To top it all off, the stainless-steel carafe will secure all the heat and aroma of freshly brewed coffee until the very end.

What the Breville brewer has mastered is allowing customization at its max. Whereby the in-built LCD does not complicate the functioning and you can easily change the bloom time, flow rate or brewing temperature by a single touch.

What we Like

  • Allows brewing cycle customization
  • Varying volumes of joe can be brewed
  • 6 brewing modes
  • Automatic Steep & Release function
  • Large, insulated carafe

What we Don’t Like

  • Machine acquires a lot of space
  • Too much programming makes the functioning a bit complex

4. Bonavita BV1900TS One-Touch Coffee Maker

6 Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Makers To Buy In 2021 | Art of Barista

For those on a budget, buying this SCA certified coffee maker would be the best option. The stainless-steel body with a transparent water reservoir and BPA-free filter basket shaped compactly in a fancy brewer can be placed easily without acquiring much space.

The brewing capacity of Bonavita is around 40-oz while to heat the water instantly a 1500W heater is installed in the machine. By using the pre-infusion mode, you can allow the coffee to degas before starting to brew. Thus, the showerhead disperses water uniformly to extract an even joe.

This is probably the least costing SCA certified brewer in the market. Its longevity is estimated by the fact that it offers an exclusive 2-year warranty.

What we Like

  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Takes less space
  • Pre-infusion function for coffee blooming

What we Don’t Like

  • Does not feature automatic brewing
  • No hot plate

5. Cuisinart CPO-850 Stainless Steel Coffee Brewer

6 Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Makers To Buy In 2021 | Art of Barista

The Cuisinart coffee maker comprises the key features you would expect from an automatic drip pour-over coffee maker. The brewer is customizable, and you can extract coffee in mild, medium or bold strengths. You can also vary the temperature of water to hot or extra hot to brew your choice of coffee.

Like other competitors, this brewer is also auto programmable allowing the user to preset it for brewing at a particular time or to stop brewing after a few hours. To keep the coffee warm for long, the double-walled thermal carafe traps all the heat inside. Moreover, the pre-wet feature soaks the grounds partially to degas the grounds and bloom the flavor profile.

What we Like

  • Programmable
  • Customizable temperature and strength
  • SCA certified
  • Laser-etched stainless-steel filter

What we Don’t Like

  • The thermal carafe may drip
  • The temperature fluctuates from the ideal range

6. KitchenAid KCM0802CU Pour Over Brewer

6 Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Makers To Buy In 2021 | Art of Barista

This simple machine has the potential to brew coffee like a barista in a span of minutes. This smartly designed machine can assist the user in all possible manners. The progress bar integrated updates the user about the brewing stage. While the heating technology heats the water at two different temperatures.

You can brew around 2 to 8 cups of joe having a bloomed flavor, thanks to the pre-wet function featured. Besides, the coffee maker is sturdy and available in three vibrant colors to match your kitchen’s interior. In addition, if you wish to wake up smelling the aroma of caffeine, the KitchenAid can help you out by making use of the programmable features.

What we Like

  • Pulse brew release water in intervals
  • Programmable timer
  • Pre-infusion blooming function
  • Two brewing temperatures

What we Don’t Like

  • Brews at a slow pace
  • Poor construction

The Verdict

Coffee tastes best when it’s evenly extracted, the coffee to water ratio is perfect and an optimum temperature is maintained throughout the procedure. Taking care of all this is undoubtedly tedious. Thus, buying an automatic pour-over coffee maker can save you from this effort by taking care of all factors affecting the coffee’s flavor and aroma.

The Technivorm Moccamaster though expensive is our favorite as it never fails to brew a bold joe. Moreover, its classical designing qualifies it as a fancy addition to your kitchen.

But, if you want to customize the joe as per your preferences, the Breville coffee maker will grant you the best options for the purpose. While Bonavita is a perfect fit for those looking for a low-cost yet efficient brewer.

No matter whichever brewer you choose, all of them are best at what they claim. Follow the links given to check out which coffee maker is suitable for your budget.

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