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Best Coffee Maker With Timer [4th One NOT TO MISS]

Are you amongst those individuals who follow a fixed schedule? Do you want to spend your time wisely? Or do you always prefer planning to avoid any inconvenience? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then a coffee maker with programmable timer is what you need. Keep reading this post to find out the best coffee maker with timer to buy.

Key Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Coffee Maker With Timer

The decision on the best coffee maker with a timer can just boil down into just a few factors.

1. Type of Automatic Timer

A programmable coffee maker can come with various timers. Essentially, there are 3 types of timers you can be looking at.

  • Automatic Brew Timer
  • Automatic Shut off Timer
  • Automatic Warming Plate Shut off Timer

For those people who are looking for a coffee pot with timer, convenience is definitely on their priority list. So, both automatic brew and shut off are essential.

This allows you to preset the time for the coffee machine to brew the next morning and shutdown automatically after brewing is done. This frees you from another kitchen appliance to pay attention to in your busy mornings.

The third type of timer for the warming plate is only applicable if you are using a coffee machine with glass carafe. With such a coffee machine, you will no longer have the automatic shutoff timer for the machine since this will conflict with the warming plate timer. If you need to keep the coffee warm for a long period after brewing, this timer will be more of a concern to you.

2. Brewing Capacity

This is also another factor. Consider how many cups of coffee you need to make and probably some extra buffer for extra guests. It’s always more convenient to make coffee all at once, although you can make 8 cups with 2 rounds of brewing on a 4 cup coffee maker.

3. Price

Next is the price. Timer is really a cheap component of the coffee machine. That’s why most coffee machines come with a automatic timer.

The price varies depending on extra features you need. If you just need a timer, you can easily get a good coffee machine for less than 50 dollars.

4. Ease Of Use

Regardless of the price, do pay attention to the ease of use. Typically, the more features in the coffee machine, the more complex the interface. However, there is also a rule of exception. And the 4 models presented in a short moment are all very simple to operate.

5. Ease of cleaning

Some coffee machine have water tank that are not removable. If you prefer to topup water at the sink, this could be inconvenient for you. If so, a coffee maker with removable water tank will be better.

The location of the water tank also matters. If it is at the top, then it can’t be place under the cabinet and it is also not convenient to remove for refilling and cleaning.

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6. Features for Making a Great Coffee

If you are insensitive to the coffee taste, this probably doesn’t bother you. However, if you want a very good brew, then the brewing technology on the machine probably matters a lot to you. In this case, you probably need a SCAA certified coffee maker since this will confirm that they meet the best practices for the coffee brewing process. Features you may want will include a high precision water heater, showerhead spray, pre-infusion mode, to name a few.

Best Programmable Coffee Maker With Timer

#1 BLACK & DECKER 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Auto Brew: Yes. programmable automatic timer up to 24 hours in advance

Auto off: Yes. It shuts down automatically after brewing.

Fresh Brew timer: This timer is found on the LCD screen. It tells you the amount of time passed since your coffee brew is ready, up to 120 minutes.

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Key Features of this coffee pot with Timer

Large Brewing capacity

The best coffee maker with a programmable timer is the one that is large enough to hold several cups of coffee.

And this is the same thing BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup programmable coffeemaker gives you. With this coffee maker, you’ll have enough cups of coffee for yourself and your partner. This coffee maker is the most preferred for most people because of its large brewing capacity of 12 cups.

Having brewed so much coffee, you may not drink all at once. And it tastes really bad and stale when you leave coffee around for some time.

Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe

Luckily, this is a 12 cup coffee maker with a thermal carafe. The vacuum-sealed carafe and double-walled features can help to retain heat for a longer time.

1-4 cup option

In case, you need to brew smaller coffee quantity. It also comes with a 1-4 cup option. This option will optimize the brewing so that you get the same flavor as you would from brewing a 12 cup coffee pot.

Even Stream Showerhead

Black and decker - EvenStream Showerhead TechnologyBesides retaining the coffee flavor for a longer time, it also has a nice feature to improve coffee extraction. Its “Even-stream” Showerhead allows water to disperse uniformly over the packed coffee grounds. This feature helps in improving the coffee extraction and thus, giving you a better coffee taste.

3 Brew strength options

If you love stronger coffee, this coffee machine comes with a brew strength selector which gives you three options – regular, strong or bold.

Drip Free carafe that is easy to clean

Black and decker - No drip carafeThe thermal carafe also comes with a great design so that you can use it with no hassle. It comes with a sprout that ensures you don’t spill over any coffee as you pour it into your mug.

In addition, the carafe has a wide mouth opening so that you can clean the carafe easily after use.

Black and decker - Wide mouth carafe easy to clean

Brew Pause

Also, this coffee maker comes with a Sneak-A-Cup feature. This feature works great as it allows you to pause the coffee flow and prepare a quick cup before brewing is done.

What I Like About This Black and Decker Programmable Coffee Maker

Black & Decker is one of the best coffee maker with timer as it combines great benefits with an affordable price tag.

I love the large brewing capacity of 12 cups as well as the option to make a small 1 to 4 cup settings which ensures no difference in the coffee flavor.

It also has a great design both aesthetically and functionally. In terms of aesthetics, its mix of black plastic with a large area of stainless steel makes this an really elegant piece of appliance to place in the kitchen.

In terms of functional, it comes with many good features. You get a carafe which is designed to avoid drips and spills. And it is also easy to clean with its wide mouth design. Not to mention that this is a vacuum-sealed carafe that ensures your coffee remains hot for many hours

Black and decker - Easy to use Digital Control

The LCD is also extra large with clearly marked buttons. And each button is used for only 1 function. Hence, it is easy to use and there’s no need to navigate complex menus.

Video of this Black and Decker programmable coffee maker in action

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  • Programmable auto-brew up to 24 hour in advance
  • Auto-off once brewing is complete
  • large capacity of 12 cups
  • Saturates coffee before extraction
  • Stainless steel Thermal carafe to keep coffee warm for hours
  • Well designed carafe which avoid drips and has wide mouth for easy cleaning
  • 3 brew strength options – regular, strong, bold
  • 1-4 cup option for brewing smaller coffee quantity
  • Large LCD & easy to use button controls
  • Able to pause brewing for a quick cup of coffee before brewing is complete
  • Elegant
  • Affordable


  • Water tank not removable.

#2 Ninja 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Auto Brew: Yes. programmable automatic timer up to 24 hours in advance

Auto off: No.

Warming Plate Timer: The warming plate powers off automatically 2 hours after brewing. However, this can be adjusted with a maximum of 4 hours. Turn off the warming plate manually with the “stay warm” button

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Key Features of this drip coffee maker with automatic timer

The Ninja 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is the coffeemaker every aficionado needs. It features all the bells that will make every Ninja coffee maker remain standing.

Just like the Black & Decker model, it has a large brewing capacity of 12 cups. It also has a 1-4 cup settings for smaller quantities of coffee without sacrificing the coffee taste. There are also options for the coffee strengths – classic or rich.

You can also pause the brewing midway for a cup of quick coffee using its brew-pause feature.

However, this Ninja 12 Cup programmable coffee maker has more.

Large Removable Water Tank

Ninja removable water tank

This is a coffee maker with removable water tank which can hold up to 60 ounces of water. This water tank is accessible by the side. Hence, it’s easier to refill the water tank and clean it.

Able to brew Hotter Coffee

It also comes with a hotter brewing technology. Its advanced boiler ensures you get a hot cup of coffee.

Thermal Flavour Extraction

Its thermal flavor extraction technology and its XL showerhead ensures that the coffee has sufficient blooming time at consistent temperature so that the coffee is properly saturated for maximizing the extraction of the coffee flavours.

What I Like About This Ninja 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

The Ninja CE201 comes with both classic and rich brew settings. These features allow you to prepare coffee that fits your palate.

Other than this, you can use its large water reservoir with less hassle. There is no need to fill the water reservoir with the carafe whenever using it. The programmable feature allows you to prepare the coffee the night before.

Also, this model comes with another unique feature called the Flavour straw. This feature helps in keeping the coffee from getting cold or getting burned at the top of the carafe.

ninja flavour straw for circulating coffee while brewing

Thus, it is the perfect option if you want each cup of coffee poured from the carafe to be as hot and flavourful as the next.

The best thing is that with these extra features, this Ninja coffee maker is still priced affordably.

Video of this Ninja 12 cup coffee maker with Timer in action

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  • Programmable auto-brew up to 12 hours
  • Programmable auto-off for warming plate
  • Removable Large water reservoir of 60 ounces
  • Advanced boiler for hotter coffee
  • XL large shower head & thermal flavor extraction technology for great coffee taste
  • 2 brew strength options
  • Thermal carafe with flavor straw design to ensure consistent temperature and flavor throughout the coffee


  • No programmable auto-off for the coffee maker

#3 BUNN HB Heat-N-Brew Programmable Coffee Maker

Auto Brew: Yes. programmable automatic timer up to 24 hours in advance

Auto off: No

Warming Plate Timer: The warming plate powers off automatically 2 hours after brewing. To shut off manually, press and hold the brew button for 3 seconds.

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Key Features of this Bunn coffee maker with timer

If you are looking for a SCAA certified coffee maker, BUNN HB Heat-N-Brew Coffee Maker is one of the best programmable coffee maker to consider.

Advanced Features For A Great Coffee Brew

It uses its proprietary “Heat & Release” technology to ensure coffee is brewed according to professional brewing standards. This technology measures and monitor the temperature of water being heated up. Once it reaches the optimal temperature of between 197.6 to 204.8 degrees Fahrenheit, its temperature activated valve will then release the water to the filter basket for brewing.

In addition, it comes with a commercial style multi-stream sprayhead which allows water to be sprayed evenly over the coffee grounds. This allows proper saturation of the coffee grounds to maximize the extraction of coffee flavor.

Brewing capacity options

This programmable coffee maker has the capability of brewing up to ten cups of coffee in less than 10 mins. You can also brew smaller 20 ounces for a travel mug in about 6 minutes.

Drip free Carafe

BUNN drip free carafe

It also comes with a fantastic BUNN-designed carafe. This feature is crucial as it prevents drips and spills whenever you pour a hot cup of coffee.

What I Like About This Coffee Maker

BUNN HB Heat-N-Brew Coffee Maker features a stylish look because of its black finish and stainless steel accents. Its curved lines and contemporary design makes this a great artistic piece to place in the kitchen.

Besides stylish design, this coffee maker is capable of making exceptional coffee by optimizing the brewing process.

Video of this Bunn Coffee Maker with timer in action

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  • Programmable auto-brew
  • Auto-off for warming plate
  • SCAA certified coffee maker
  • 10 cup brewing capacity
  • drip-free and durable carafe design
  • stylish design


  • water tank not removable
  • no pre-infusion mode

#4 Bonavita 8-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker [Highly Recommended]

Auto Brew: Yes. programmable automatic timer

Auto off: No

Warming Plate: Turns off automatically after 40 minutes

Bonavita programmable coffee makerCheck It Out

Compared to the other models, this Bonavita programmable coffee maker has a smaller brewing capacity of 8 cups.

However, this is much advanced coffee machine with features to make a really great tasting coffee. It is also a SCAA certified coffee brewer. So you can be sure that it is using the recommended coffee brewing process to make your coffee.

Advanced Features For A Great Coffee Experience

To achieve the SCAA recommended 198-205 Fahrenheit brewing temperature, it comes with a precise and powerful 1500 watt heater to provide the power needed to heat up the water quickly and keep the temperature constant throughout the brew. The precision is important as a deviation from the recommended brewing temperature could lead to an imbalanced flavor profile.

It also comes with a pre-infusion mode which you can choose to enable if you want more flavor in your coffee. Bascially, the pre-infusion mode saturates the coffee grounds and this allows degassing to take place. This extra step will help to better extract the flavor from the coffee grounds.

Bonavita 1900TS also comes with a showerhead design to spray water over the coffee grounds. This will also facilitate the coffee saturation process.

To further enhance the uniform flavor extraction, Bonavita 1900TS uses a flat bottom filter basket instead of cone shaped ones as these allow the water to spread more evenly through the coffee grounds.

The SCAA standards continue to be adhered at the warming plate. This warming plate uses lower voltage to keep the coffee warm at the ideal 176 to 185 Fahrenheit.

Fast Brewing

With a powerful heater, this coffee maker can brew 8 cups in just 6 minutes, making it one of the faster coffee maker on the market, without compromising on the brewing process.

Simple Design

Despite having some of the more complex features, it has a very simple design so as to make it easy to use. Brewing is basically a one-touch operation.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning is also easy. The carafe lid, filter basket and showerhead are dishwasher-safe. This certainly saves you time, energy and frustration. The warming plate is also easy to clean as it has a non-stick coating.

BPA Free

Lastly, this is a BPA Free coffee maker.

What I Like About This Coffee Maker

The one thing I like is that this coffee maker comes with all the advanced features for a good brew but it is simple to use. In addition, it also brews very fast. A 8 cup carafe can be ready in just 6 minutes. Ease of cleaning is yet another advantage.

And it sure looks good too.

Video of this Bonavita Programmable Coffee Maker in action

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  • Programmable auto-brew
  • Advanced features for great coffee experience
  • One touch brew operation
  • Fast brewing of 6 minutes to make 8 cups of coffee
  • Easy to clean
  • Nice backlight display and digital clock
  • BPA Free


  • Smaller brewing capacity of only 8 cups.

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Do I need a Coffee Maker with Programmable Timer?

With a programmable coffee maker, you no longer need to wake up at 6 am every day to set this device to brew coffee.

Such a coffee machine can save you effort and much of your time every morning. It will allow you to enjoy extra minutes in your bed and allows you to wake up to freshly brewed coffee ready for your consumption.

You can pre-set the programmable device so that it can turn on itself and brew coffee at the specified time.

If you value convenience, you ought to get the a coffee maker with programmable timer.

Which is the Best Coffee Maker With Timer to Buy?

Selecting the best coffee maker with a timer from the above list might still be a big challenge. The reason for this is that all these are high-quality coffee makers with a timer.

If you ask me, I would prefer Bonavita for 2 particular reasons. First, this coffee maker has advanced features for a optimized brewing process. The worst thing you want is a bad coffee early in the morning.

Next, it brews really fast. So even if I forgot to set the programmable automatic timer for brewing, I don’t have to wait long for the coffee.

Bonavita programmable coffee makerCheck It Out

I hope this post has helped you decide on the best coffee maker with timer to buy

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