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Cute Havanese puppy is playing with a christmas ornament

When I decided to purchase my Havanese puppy, it was borne out of the need to have a suitable animal companion. I was skeptical about getting a Havanese breed, but ever since I got Sanjay, my Havanese dog, it has proven to be a real deal.

The long silky coat of my Havanese dog is a significant draw for admirers. I feel proud whenever they come to admire Sanjay.

With frequent questions about the cost of owning and maintaining a dog breed like Sanjay, I’ve had to hold discussions with other Havanese owners and breeders, comparing my expenses and arriving at an estimated range of cost to own a Havanese dog.

So how much does a Havanese puppy cost? The average price of a Havanese puppy is between $1,000 and $1,500. You can get Havanese puppies for as low as $700 from puppy mills and as high as $3,000 from reputable breeders.

Puppy brokers often sell puppies of the lowest price-range, and they should be avoided at all costs as they are not well-bred. Alternatively, Havanese puppies sold by reputable breeders could cost anywhere between $1,900 and $3,000.

The Average Cost of a Havanese Puppy

It is possible to find Havanese puppies on the market for about $500. But getting a cheap Havanese puppy would mean ignoring factors like lineage, health, and upbringing, which are all critical.

You could go-ahead to purchase a Havanese breed for a ridiculously low price, but the risk of getting a puppy with underlying issues is high. There is also a danger of over-priced puppies.

This should be a red flag as there are breeders who sell puppies for high prices not proportional to the level of breeding the puppies have received.

The prices of Havanese breeds are primarily affected by certain factors. The absence or presence of these factors can either reduce the price of a puppy or increase the price tag placed by the breeder. These factors are:

  • Bloodline: A puppy emerging from an illustrious bloodline is more likely to command a better fee than a puppy coming from a not-so- illustrious bloodline or heritage.
  • Breeder Reputation: While searching for a Havanese puppy, contacting a breeder with a great reputation and a history of producing excellent dogs is sure to jack up the cost. Good breeders provide the best nutritional, medical and environmental care while breeding Havanese puppies. As such command heftier fees in response to the high quality of the puppy they are selling to you.
  • Kennel Club Papers: Kennel club certifications issued by reputable kennel clubs like the American Kennel Club also plays a significant role in the cost of a Havanese puppy. It costs more to purchase a certified puppy and significantly less if there is no certification.
  • Disease Testing: The cost of a Havanese puppy that has undergone testing is high. An annual eye exam (CAER), a hearing test (BAER), hip X-ray, and Patella (knee) certification are tests that are usually performed on the Havanese breed.
  • Tail Docking and Dew Claw Removal: Tail docking and dewclaw removal are health procedures performed on these puppies by breeders, and this will increase its cost when it’s eventually put on sale.
  • Vaccines: Following the recommendations of the American Animal Hospital Association, breeders tend to vaccinate puppies before they are put up for sale. A vaccinated puppy will cost you more money than a puppy that is yet to be.

Types of Havanese Breeders: What Are Their Prices

You have heard me use the term “Breeder” frequently in preceding lines. Not only am I going to explain who a breeder is, how they do and what they do, but I am also going to help guide you in choosing a suitable breeder from whom you can purchase a Havanese dog.

Basically, a breeder is an animal handler responsible for the well being and survival of the animals in his care. There are several types of breeders, but I have narrowed it down to the ones below.

Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are known to breed any available puppy breed as their primary aim is to make a profit with little or no attention paid to animal improvement.

Dogs in a puppy mill are kept in kennels created to aid and encourage mass production of puppies. This mass production equates to a lower price for puppies produced there.

A lot of puppy mill owners pretend to know dog breeds in order to be able to keep business when in fact, they have little to no knowledge about breeding.

Primarily concerned with making sales, majorities fail to run background checks on prospective dog owners, and they show little to no care what happens to the puppies after they have been sold.

Puppy mills make use of pet stores as their sales point. There have been countless terrible stories about puppy mills where dogs are kept in the most unhygienic of conditions. These conditions range from undernourishment, overcrowding of puppies in pen, and lack of socialization.

If you aim to get a Havanese puppy for a low price, then locating a puppy mill close to you will serve your need. It is important to warn that there is a higher possibility of purchasing a poorly bred puppy in a puppy mill.

As a result of the lack of socialization, lack of attention, and appropriate healthcare they receive, most of these puppies are very prone to substantial health issues.

The average price of a Havanese from a puppy mill: $500 – $1,000

Backyard Breeders

“Backyard breeders” is a term used when referring to personal dog owners who decide to breed a few litters now and then. Dogs raised in this system are well-loved, quite healthy, and properly socialized.

They do not do these on a large scale as compared with the puppy mills nor for primarily for profit. Most times, breeding is done to satisfy a friend or a neighbor’s need for a puppy.

I have done this a few times, crossbreeding with a friend’s dog to produce puppies to satisfy my little cousins’ desire to own one which also allowed them to witness a real birth process. They were genuinely excited.

Most backyard breeders work without guidance or advice from experienced breeders, hence the possibility that they may be raising and breeding the puppies based on personal knowledge from previous experience.

Some don’t even take steps to learn more about the best breeding practices for the puppy. A lot of them don’t also belong to their local breed club and rarely attend dog-related activities. However, I have heard of situations where breeders lie about membership status just to sell off a puppy.

That is not the only false information they may share as some also falsify the health status and general condition of the puppies as some people do not bother to carry out health testing on the dog(s).

I am not totally against purchasing a Havanese puppy from a backyard breeder but do verify the standards under which the puppy has been raised. I pay attention to my puppy’s health which guarantees the health of puppies it will give birth to.

Not all backyard breeders might invest in their puppies as I do which necessitates a proper background check. They are not that expensive as backyard breeders don’t really do it from a business point of view and are more open to negotiation.

The average price of a Havanese from a backyard breeder: $1,000 – $1,500

Responsible Havanese Breeders

Sometimes referred to as hobby or show breeders, responsible Havanese breeders are more professional and knowledgeable about breeding than puppy mills and backyard breeders.

Their breeding process is well thought out and aims at improving the breed. They are active breed club members and not only do they receive mentorship and proper guidance from other experienced breed club members, but they also research how to breed in a standard manner.

Being members of breed clubs, they are actively involved in dog-related activities which also improve the general condition of the puppies in their care.

To ensure good breed type, sound health, a good temperament and longevity, responsible breeders choose the appropriate pairing and most often do not repeat the same pairing instead of choosing to make use of varying pairs. They carry out necessary health checks on their dogs and issue appropriate medications.

If you have a budget that can handle a hefty fee, then a responsible breeder is your best bet. Not only will you get a Havanese dog that is your money’s worth, but you will also be purchasing from a buyer that cares about the dog and will always be available to assist you.

The average price of a Havanese from a responsible breeder: $1,500 – $3,000

Initial Costs of Havanese Ownership

Not only will the money be spent to purchase a Havanese dog, but money will also be allocated to ensure it settles well into his new home. Dogs need a crate. They need a pen, especially for puppies. A leash, collar and most importantly, good food are also required.

Crates come in varying sizes and corresponding prices and could cost as much as the $50 I spent on getting mine. I always recommend you purchase a crate with double doors; your Havanese will have more space to run through. In the case of puppies, buying a pen for them will help offer them another resting place, especially during the day.

Dog food is essential and could cost you about $85. Medical checks should be carried out to be sure about the health of your pet. A visit to your veterinary specialist could cost you about $85.

Other than the initial costs stated above, other additional costs will eat up a chunk of your budget. You’ll need to buy toys, treats, leash, collar, and even shampoo to keep your dog clean and tidy. All these can be purchased from local stores, pet stores, and online stores.

Getting toys for your Havanese puppy is extremely necessary. Durable chew toys help to strengthen the puppy’s teeth. Depending on the quantity you wish to buy, they can cost about $4 each.

Treats are a favorite Havanese puppy delicacy. They can easily be made at home just like I make mine and they don’t cost more than $25 depending on your dog’s preference.

Get a leash and a collar that doesn’t hurt your dog’s neck. A good one can be purchased for about $20. In states like mine, obtaining a license for your dog is compulsory and would cost you as much as $20.

Food and water bowls, carpet cleaners would cost you a combined $100. Shampoo cost an average of $6, although I am not a shampoo enthusiast.

These are the expenses you need to pay for when you first get your Havanese puppy home:

Type of ExpenseCostTOTAL$620

My First-Year Expenses Owning a Havanese Puppy

Sanjay has been with me for about 18 months, and each year has brought new experiences. Some months have been more expensive than others, and my first year was more expensive than the second. Spending money on a cage, a pen, and initial vaccination shot my first-year expenses up.

Regular visits to the vet clinic cost me an estimated $200 while I had to buy another cage to replace the first one. Monthly club registrations also added to my first-year expense. Once, I took Sanjay out of the country on a trip to Europe. I had to pay a $100 fine as I couldn’t provide the relevant papers.

Looking back at my first year of ownership and adding up the costs every month, my expenses were at an estimated $3,000. Add up the $1,800 I paid for my Sanjay and the total cost would be $4,800.

These are the first year expenses of owning my Havanese puppy:

Type of ExpenseCostTOTAL$4,800

Monthly Cost of Owning an Adult Havanese

Owning an adult Havanese for a month could be expensive or cheap depending on the size of your budget. Make no mistake about it; your monthly expenses are simply an accumulation of the costs we have listed above, over 30 days.

I must emphasize that monthly budgets are not always fixed as prices could fluctuate. As such, it is always advisable to leave room for unforeseen situations.

Caring for a Havanese dog could cost close to $180 per month. This number though can be increased in certain months by periodic expenses like medical checks and vaccinations.

Clubs could also increase their fees, should you decide to register at your local club. The estimate I have provided above does not involve a club due as I do not belong to one.

As a result of the number of one-off purchases you will make, the monthly cost above does not represent the first month of your Havanese dog living with you.

These are the average monthly expenses of owning an adult Havanese after the first year:

Type of ExpenseCostTOTAL$180

Lifetime Expenses of Owning a Havanese

It is possible to own a Havanese all through its lifetime. Considering their average lifespan is 14 years and a monthly cost of $180, it is sure to cost you thousands of dollars to cater for a Havanese.

At the first-year expense of about $4,800, and subsequent years expense at $ 2,160, your total cost for 14 years will be brought to $32,280. Although you may not buy the Havanese as a newborn puppy, knowing its lifetime expenses could help you know what to expect.

Other Potential Expenses

As a dog owner, there will be other expenses that you may have to deal with. They are not compulsory though and can easily be avoided with little or no consequence.

  • Day Care or Pet Walking Services: Dogs like walks. They need exercise to keep fit and stay healthy. If your work requires you to spend long hours away from your dog, then ensure you employ the services of a professional animal caregiver. A lot of them can be found online, costing about $15 for a day’s job.
  • Pet Insurance: Insurance helps to take away the weight of sudden expenses. It is inevitable. Expenses you didn’t plan for could appear, and that is what insurance is there for. For $30 to $120, you can purchase an insurance plan from a reputable insurer.
  • Kennel Club Registration: It is not compulsory to register with a kennel club, but it is advisable. You get to meet other Havanese owners and exchange ideas and probably get help on issues regarding your dog. A kennel club registration like the local club in my neighborhood costs $35.
  • Tail Docking: This would cost you an estimated $40 for a puppy Havanese and up to $900 for an adult Havanese. Tail docking can be ignored without any health danger to your Havanese dog. Sanjay has been healthy even without a tail docking procedure.

Finding a Cheaper Havanese

There are places you can find cheap Havanese dogs for sale if the estimates provided are way above your budget. All over the country, you can find centers and pet stores where Havanese pets are sold at a less expensive rate.

Rescue homes are the most common option. You can find Havanese dogs here that have been rescued from the streets and from owners who kept them in poor and unhealthy conditions.

An adoption center is another viable option that can provide cheap Havanese dogs. You can also visit adoption sites online to have your pick of Havanese dogs put up for adoption. You can visit Havanese Rescue to find Havanese dogs that are available for adoption in the US.

Havanese dogs are also sold less expensive in Europe, although the cost of shipping might throw you off. Shipping can cost as much as $500. While the price of the dog might be low, the cost of transportation could make it more expensive than the US.

How To Find Products That Work for Havanese

There are several products out there that are marketed as perfect products for your Havanese dog. You should be careful when it comes to making these choices.

A wrong product could cause an infection or even nutrient deficiency. I have made several bad choices in the past, which I want you to avoid. So I will give you a few tips.

As a result of their short height, Havanese dogs are easily infected by fleas. You would need a flea comb to regularly get rid of fleas, especially if they spend a lot of time outside.

Food supplies should also be rich in protein. You should check with the American Association of Feed Control for the right nutritional requirement your dog needs.

My Final Thoughts

My first advice to friends and family who indicate interest in getting a Havanese just like mine is to ensure it’s not just a spur of the moment decision.

Owning a dog is a lot of work, and they are deserving of love and care. Examine all the costs I have listed above and proceed with a purchase only when you are sure you can cope with it.

It is not out of place to encounter a breeder who will ask questions before agreeing to a deal. Don’t be scared. They are not trying to pry into your private business but instead just trying to gather relevant information about you. All of that is to ensure they are selling to the right person.

Breeders know their dogs more than anyone else. Providing the correct answers to the questions asked by your breeder is extremely important.

This can help your breeder guide you in choosing a dog that is perfect for your needs and living environment. And when you have finally chosen a dog, be the best owner you can possibly be and give that dog a happy life.

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