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average cost of cavalier king charles spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy in a garden

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are cute, adorable and fuzzy little creatures that make the average Joe want to have a pet. But looks shouldn’t be your only motivation to want to have a Cavalier.

Before you decide to get one for yourself, you should be aware of the emotional aspect of owning a dog as well as the financial aspect. A CKCS puppy will cost you money to purchase, and a ton of other expenses will come along the way.

Let’s start with the price of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy.

How much does a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy cost? A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy taken from a reputable breeder will cost between $1,800 and $3,500. Pet quality Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy will cost closer to $1,800, while a show quality Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will cost closer to $3,500.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are usually this expensive because they are relatively uncommon in the United States, and they demand a higher price. But don’t be discouraged, since there are other means of getting a CKCS dog for cheap.

Average Cost of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy

If you’re reading this right now, it means you’re interested in getting yourself a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog and you want to know just how much of a toll it will take on your pocket.

Well, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies are usually sold for prices anywhere from $600 to $5,000. As you may be able to guess, the cheaper puppies are typically low quality and most likely came from irresponsible breeders. You should be very mindful of the quality of the dog you’re getting because it could cost you in the long run.

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from a reputable breeder in the United States will sell for between $1,800 and $3,500. I know it sounds pricey, but if this doesn’t work for you, you can consider getting an adult CKCS dog. They will cost you less and come with lesser expenses.

The price of a CKCS puppy is dependent on a variety of factors. Some factors might cause the price to rise, and some might cause a decrease. Here are some of these factors:

  • Scarcity: The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel comes in certain usual colors. Colors that are considered normal and which the breed standard recognizes. These colors are Blenheim (a mixture of white and chestnut red), Black & Tan, Ruby, and the Tri-Color CKCS. Any puppy of this breed that comes in a different color from the above mentioned is rare. And as a result, they could cause more. However, you should be wary of breeders whose sole aim is to maximize profit off their dog’s coat colors. They most likely do not care about their dog’s health and well-being, but only breed them for their coats.
  • Pedigree or Bloodline: Some puppies come from a superior bloodline, and they are usually characterized by stronger health and immunity to certain genetic defects. This is often what separates a puppy from a reputable breeder and one from a shady breeder. Some breeders will tell you their dogs are expensive because they are show quality dogs. You should consider going for such dogs above all else (but do your research to make sure the breeder is speaking the truth). This is because such dogs hardly fall sick and will save lots of dollars in vet bills in the years to come.
  • Breeder Reputation: Some breeders come highly recommended because they are known for producing the highest quality puppies. Their puppies are known to be healthy, athletic, well cared for, and strong. A breeder with such a fantastic reputation is likely to charge far more than the average breeder. If you come across breeders like this and decide to buy your CKCS pup from them, be sure you will be paying more for the dog.
  • Kennel Club Papers: Not every puppy comes with registration papers, especially if they are not from reputable breeders. If a puppy is a certified purebred and has been registered by an accredited kennel club, it will cost more. However, it may cost a bit less if only the parents are certified. If the dog doesn’t have certification papers, it will reduce the price.
  • Disease Testing: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs are often plagued with more health problems than most dogs. Some of the health defects CKCS suffer from are hip dysplasia, deafness, entropion, epilepsy, patellar luxation, and syringomyelia. Some breeders would have their puppies tested for these illnesses, and this raises the cost of the puppies.
  • Vaccines: Sometimes, breeders will have taken care of their puppy’s first vaccine shots and veterinary visit before offering them for sale. It doesn’t matter who does this though, but if the breeder covers this cost, it will tell on the amount he sells the puppy.

Types of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeders: What Are Their Prices?

The most significant factor that affects the price of a puppy is the breeder who produced it. Reputable breeders are by far the best breeders to acquire a dog.

To know how to find reputable breeders, it is imperative you know the differences between other common breeders of CKCS puppies and reputable breeders.

There are three most common types of breeders; puppy mills, backyard breeders, and reputable breeders.

Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are often referred to as commercial dog breeding facilities that do not prioritize the health and welfare of the dogs but focus mainly on increasing profit. Bitches are bred over and over again and are given very little time to rest between litters. Usually, when these breeding females are used to the point of depletion, they are killed.

In puppy mills, dogs could spend all or most of their lives in cages, eating unhealthy food and drinking contaminated water. It doesn’t matter how they are raised; what matters is how much they can be sold.

It is not uncommon to find dogs from puppy mills suffering from many diseases or defects due to the condition in which they were raised.

The dogs raised in most puppy mills do not receive veterinary care, and neither are they protected from the weather or climate change. Which means they are not sheltered when it snows, rains, or when it’s hot.

And some of these dogs have to live in their own urine and feces for long periods. Puppy mills are by far the worst place to get your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

The average price of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from a puppy mill: $500 – $700

Backyard Breeders

Backyard breeders are usually small scale dog breeders who do so using their pets. They are driven, not by the need to improve the breed, but to either make some extra money, to give to family/friends, or to add more to their pet collection.

Backyard breeders are unethical dog breeders who do not follow breeding ethics. They often know little or nothing about the dog breed, so they are incapable of producing healthy enough dogs.

Some backyard breeders do have good intentions but lack the necessary skill and professionalism to raise healthy and high-quality dogs actively. Like puppy mills, they also offer cheap dogs for sale.

Backyard breeders will hardly allow buyers to see the parent dogs, or even inspect their kennels (some backyard breeders will allow though).

Most backyard breeders breed to experiment and see if they can pull it off and land some money on the side. You should avoid backyard breeders as much as you can.

The average price of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from a backyard breeder: $1,000 – $1,800

Reputable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeders

Reputable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders are breeders who are dedicated to producing quality CKCS dogs. They are so invested in their chosen breed that they find it difficult sometimes to break even (not profit-making).

They can adequately explain to potential buyers how they minimize or emphasize specific qualities in the dogs through outcrossing, linebreeding, or inbreeding.

Reputable CKCS breeders are willing to sign a contract that will allow you to return a dog to them if it develops some kind of genetic disease, or help you deal with the problem if it arises.

They usually invest in equipment that will help them maintain the utmost cleanliness in and around their kennels. All reputable breeders will belong to CKCS clubs indicating their love and interest in purebred dogs and their improvement.

Buying a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from a reputable breeder will often accompany lots of questions to you. This is to be sure their puppies are joining loving families. A puppy from them will come with certification papers, and all their dogs are usually tested for medical problems common in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

The average price of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from a reputable breeder: $2,000 – $3,500

Initial Costs of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ownership

Since you are considering getting a Cavalier puppy (or you’ve already decided on it), the next thing you should think about is how much it will cost you. Not only to pay for your puppy but also the initial costs you will accrue.

To get an almost accurate amount of the initial spending you will be making, first you have to know what items you’ll need for a new Cavalier puppy. I got help from a friend when I first purchased my CKCS pup, which helped me save a lot of dollars.

I was able to avoid some basic mistakes that would have cost me extra bucks. And that is why I am here to help you get your journey started as a CKCS owner.

These are all of my initial expenses as a CKCS owner. They could help you get an idea of what you should expect.

Type of ExpenseCostTOTAL$588

In the first year of being a CKCS parent, I decided to get dog insurance. This was because I thought it would be in my best interest to get one as it would help cover most of the medical costs.

I wish I had gotten the plan sooner because it would have taken care of some of the initial medical expenses. I signed up with a dog insurance plan since their price was very reasonable. You should consider getting insurance after you get your puppy.

My First-Year Expenses Owning a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy

My first year as a CKCS owner was not very daunting. One of the primary reasons for that was because I’m not a first-time dog parent. I have raised a dog before (though not a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) so I was reasonably aware of the basics. But experience doesn’t negate the fact that the year is always the most tedious, especially for first-time parents.

I have had my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, George, for four years now and so far, the first year was the most expensive for me. This is because there are one-off expenses you’ll incur and won’t have to repeat in the following years.

Once you have gone through the first year, you can take a breather and you’ll only need to spend on the basics except your dog keeps developing some medical issues which will tell in your pocket.

My George has been healthy, so all I’ve been doing mostly is our regular vet visits for checkups. I’d like to believe he was healthy and strong because I bought him from a reputable breeder and he was bred properly. To date, the breeder still checks up on George and me to make sure we’re doing okay.

These were my first-year expenses:

Type of ExpenseCostTOTAL$4,895

I chose to use high-quality food for my puppy, which wasn’t exactly cheap. For the first year, I went with Wellness Complete Health puppy food. I didn’t just go with dry food, but I mixed it up with canned food as well to give my puppy a variety of meals per day. This spiked up my total expense.

Also, I didn’t spend a ton on medical bills because my dog insurance took care of most of it. As you can see from my expenses, I didn’t pay anything for my puppy’s vaccines, neutering, and deworming costs. My veterinary bills were also included in my insurance so every vet visit I made (and it was a lot) was paid for by the insurer.

Monthly Cost of Owning an Adult Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

After your first-year expenses, every other cost of owning your dog greatly reduces. You’ll also get a pretty good handle on how to go about things. You have braced yourself for the first year, now is the time to relax and enjoy being a parent.

Check out my average monthly expenses for owning an adult Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Type of ExpenseCostTOTAL$205

These are the usual expenses I incur every month as an adult Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owner. I’ll advise you don’t make all your plans around my calculations alone because you may need to spend more than this on certain occasions.

Sometimes, you might have an emergency which will require you to put your hand into your pocket. Now, if you do not have some spare cash handy, this might be a problem for you. I have some savings specifically for my dog-related emergencies, and you should plan for the same.

Lifetime Expenses of Owning a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Looking at your lifetime expenses as a CKCS owner might help you plan. For some, it might put them off. But you shouldn’t be frightened since you will be spending all that money in the space of years.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known to live for about 9 to 14 years. If we are to calculate your lifetime expenses using their average life expectancy of 11.5 years, then you will be looking at around $30,725. This number is calculated using my first-year expenses and monthly expenses.

Other Potential Expenses

You will come across other expenses while being a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owner. Some of them you can pay for or handle yourself. The choice will be yours to make. Some examples of such expenses are:

  • Training Classes: Training a Cavalier is not a hard job, unlike some other dogs. They are brilliant and eager to learn, so you won’t get much trouble training them. Because of how easy they are to train, you can decide to train them all by yourself. But then, every CKCS is different so your puppy might listen to you on everything except house training. In that case, you might need to enlist the help of a professional dog house trainer. Getting a trainer will cost you between $20 and $30 per month for puppy group training classes, and about $50 per session for a private home trainer.
  • Grooming Costs: A Cavalier is not hard to groom. Their coat is easy to take care of, so regular brushings and a bath once in a while will do. You also have to check their ears as often as possible to make sure they don’t accumulate moisture which can cause an infection. The nails will also need regular trimming. If these tasks make you uncomfortable or you might forget to do them, you will have to factor in the cost of getting a professional groomer. This will cost you about $20 – $40.
  • Pet Insurance: Pet insurance goes a long way to help you with your dog’s medical bills. Depending on the type of breeder you got your dog, you might be visiting a veterinarian a lot or less. Whatever the case, an insurance plan will come in handy. Depending on your coverage, it will cost you between $20 and $100 a month.
  • Kennel Club Registration: My dog came with AKC registered, so I didn’t need to pay for it separately (it was included in the cost of getting my dog). But if the breeder you buy yours from doesn’t offer that, you will need to register your dog with a kennel club. You could pay about $35 for that.
  • Dog License: Licensing fee differs in cities and countries so you might need to look up the cost in your area. Licensing your dog is very important as it’ll help you in a lot of ways. First, it is the law (in most states) to have every dog licensed of which failure attracts a fine. Also, if your dog strays and goes missing, a license tag will help animal shelters identify and get your dog back to you. Dog licenses will cost you about $10 to $20, depending on your state.
  • Shipping: If you found a breeder that lives very far from you, the chances are that you will have to pay for transporting your dog to you. You will have to reach a price with the breeder and agree on how to get the dog to you by road or air. Depending on the distance, shipping will cost you between $200 and $850.
  • Day Care or Pet walking Services: Cavaliers are very energetic dogs. They need their exercise, but if you hardly have the time to take them to the park, you might need to enlist the help of a pet walking service. It will be cheaper if you can get a kid from the neighborhood to do this for you. A daycare service will probably cost you $15 to $30 per day.

Finding a Cheaper Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The prices I have mentioned so far might have been too much for you, and you may want something cheaper. Well, there are ways to get that, but they all involve getting an older Cavalier.

You can adopt a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from a rescue center or shelter for a lower price. You can find these using online sources or just going to your local shelters and rescue agencies.

There are also Cavalier King Charles Spaniel rescue centers that help and nurture homeless Cavaliers. You can find and adopt an older CKCS for prices between the ranges of $100 and $300.

You should, however, be careful when opting for adoption. Some of the dogs that are in shelters were rescued from puppy mills so some will have health problems.

Also, be sure to find out the history of any dog you choose to adopt. If you have kids, adoption might not be the best option for you because you may be bringing a volatile dog around your children.

Another way to get a cheaper Cavalier is by getting them directly from previous owners. Some people who relocate often decide to do so without their pets, so they find good homes and good people to sell their dogs to.

How to Find Products That Work for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

As a first time Cavalier owner, you might be confused about the perfect products for your dog. You must know that the same product does not always work for every dog breed. So, you should know precisely what works for Cavaliers.

Collars that you should get for your Cavalier must be lightweight and comfortable. This breed is eager and willing to please, so you don’t need a corrective collar. What should work for them are leather and nylon collars because they are soft and lightweight.

As for which leash will be perfect, it really doesn’t matter. You can get any that you like. Most people enjoy getting matching dog collars and leash set so you could do that.

You can get a dog house too for your Cavalier though it is not a necessity. If your dog is the outdoor type, this will work perfectly, but it will depend on which part of the country you live in.

An insulated dog house will work perfectly for any season, as it provides warmth during the winter, and shade in the summer. Also, any comfortable bed will do and a dog crate for when they get a timeout.

As regards toys, Cavaliers are not aggressive dogs that rip apart their toys willy-nilly which means a lot of toys will work for them. You can get them anything durable that will keep them busy when they exercise.

Puzzle toys, balls, plush squeaky toys, noisemaking toys, and lots more are among the types of toys you can get for your Cavalier.

My Final Thoughts

The Cavalier is far from what you need if you’re looking for a dog that can protect you and your home. They are a wonderful family dog that is good with kids and very playful.

You can hardly trust a Cavalier to stay put with his leash off. They are wanderers and horrible watchdogs.

As purebred dogs, Cavaliers are pretty expensive. And when you factor in food, vet bills, supplies, and insurance, the costs rack up even more.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel makes really great companions and will be a loving extra to your home. As a Cavalier owner, I must say my dog is worth every dime I’ve spent on him.

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