2. Battle Chasers: Nightwar General hints and tips

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  • You have a party of 3 and a few characters to choose from
    • Gully – Your storyline base character (does NOT need to be in the party) she is a huge tank that can put out decent DPS as well as shielding the party. She’s extremely useful but this game can be run without a primary tank unless you really want to.
    • Calibretto – A weird combo of DPS with heals. He is quite useful and can pump out some really good DPS as well as his passives to heal are extremely useful, you can almost never need potions as well as do lower scale encounters to just heal yourself up.
    • Garrison – a DPS & bleed debuff character. A great boss killer and general DPS character.
    • Knolan – A great support character, can debuff the enemy as well as heal up the party.
    • Red Monika – Another huge DPS character that can singlehandedly wipe out single enemies
    • Alumon – A hybrid tank/DPS/healer combo.
    • For the record I went with Calibretto/Alumon/Garrison for my party. They all can DPS very well, Calibretto and Alumon can also dish out heals, and with certain builds (I did stacking bleeds/crits on Garrison & spammed berserk, and Alumon I got the devestation II perk which made him taunt) the game becomes really simple. Honestly no party build is bad per se, but the game will take longer with certain comps so just play with who you like, and feel like suit your style.
  • Make sure to hit most encounters, not only does it count towards your bestiary giving you bonuses in the form of beast perks. As well as information on enemies so you can plan your combat appropriately but it is required for a few achievements
  • When you complete a dungeon it will refresh vendors inventories and respawn enemies. As well as you cannot enter a legendary dungeon you must beat it on heroic or normal first. Obviously the higher difficulty the more stronger, and the more number of enemies you face.
  • When your party dies in a dungeon, it respawns at the boss crystal at the state when you STARTED the fight. If your party dies in a legendary dungeon than the whole dungeon will reset.
  • You can upgrade shops to sell higher quality items
  • The item rarity is as follows;
    • White – Common
    • Green – Uncommon
    • Blue – Rare
    • Purple – Epic
    • Orange – Legendary
  • Every weapon and armor can hold one enchantment
  • When your party dies, you respawn back at the inn but you lose gold
  • Make sure to allocate your perks, and depending on how you want to play each character on the perk screen in the menu you can press cn_Y to swap between 2 different perk abilities.
  • You can change your party members at the Tavern


  • Clicking cn_RSc while on the world map, will bring up the map and in dungeons it will bring up the dungeon map.
  • Map tiles where an icon is outlined is gold are item caches, make sure to grab them!
  • Every character has a specific dungeon skill that can be used a certain amount of times before a rest at an inn is required to reset it.
    • Gully – Ground Smash – Will stun enemies, and the stun will carry over into combat which can be useful, also is used to break down level 10 – Stoneskin – Becomes immune to dungeon damage and increases defense when entering combat
    • Calibretto – Revitalize – Restores HP by a decent amount to the party. An essential dungeon topdeblogs.combretto Level 10 – Cannon Shot – Fires a projectile that will damage, and put ignite debuff on them for the battle
    • Garrison – Quickstep – Using it will avoid trap damage, as well as adds Massive Haste as a buff to Garrison if you initiate combat with it.Garrison level 10 – Flashblind – Throws a flash bomb blinding creatures. Affected creatures start combat stunned.
    • Knolan – Arcane Light – Illuminates an area, stealthed creatures will be revealed and the party will have a damage shield at the start of combatKnolan Level 10 – Glyph Of Frost – Places a trap in the dungeon, and if an enemy walks over it they’ll be slowed, and chilled in Combat. Very useful if you know you’re going up against a tank or huge dps enemy.
    • Red Monika – Stealth – Reduces range at which enemies will detect the party but movement speed will be slowedRed Monika Level 10 – Pick Pocket – Steals gold and items from creatures in front of Red Monika, Will not break Stealth
    • Alumon – Life Drain – Shoots a slow moving projectile that will damage enemies and heal the party as it passes through enemiesAlumon Level 10 – Path of Darkness – Leaves a trail of darkness behind Alumon as he walks, increasing movement speed and damaging and slowing any enemies walking through
  • Whenever you see an exclamation mark (!) it means that there is something new for you to interact with
  • Resting at an inn fully heals your party and respawns enemy encounters. Useful for grinding out some sections trying to up your bestiary.
  • Keeping in mind if youre low on mana in the world, and need to stock up you can quickly duck into a dungeon, assuming its easy/very easy and complete it, as before you hit the boss every dungeon will have a Red Crystal that will heal your mana and HP
  • While exploring dungeons, this is a legend for all the icons


  • Your abilities in combat obviously cost Mana, however your basic actions create overcharge as indicated by the orange overlapping your blue mana bar. Abilities will first deplete overcharge before dipping into mana, effectively creating unlimited Mana unless necessary. Mana is only recharged by using a potion or the Inn. Garrison’s abilities are more effective when using Overcharge, so building it is encouraged, Knolan is better off using Mana and suffers penalties for using Overcharge. Calibretto is healed slightly when using Overcharge. Note that Overcharge only lasts for combat, and once the battle ends all Overcharge is gone.
  • Holding cn_LT will bring up information on buffs/debuffs

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