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Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders in Pennsylvania

If you’re searching for the best Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in Pennsylvania, then you’ve come to the right place. Those who know and love Bernese Mountain Dogs, or “Berners,” know that these animals are working dogs that are also extremely playful. The breed is an excellent addition to homes with children or seniors; even other pets will get along with these gentle animals.

The Bernese Mountain Dog requires a fair amount of grooming as well as regular exercise. People who are away from home frequently may not give this breed the attention they need and crave.

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Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies For Sale in Pennsylvania

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies For Sale in Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy to adopt, be sure to research responsible breeders. Puppy mills are unsafe habitats for young dogs, and animals raised in these environments are likely to suffer health problems and have undesirable temperaments.

Use this list to begin your search for the best Bernese Mountain Dogs in Pennsylvania, and find yourself snuggling with your new companion in just a few weeks.

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1. PuppySpot’s Bernese Mountain Dogs For Pennsylvania


Since you’re searching for Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in Pennsylvania, we highly recommend checking out PuppySpot. PuppySpot is an enormous marketplace where users can find many desirable puppies for sale.

You can browse PuppySpot’s platform to find a suitable Bernese Mountain Dog for your living environment. If you’re worried about dealing with puppy mills, then don’t.

Bernese Mountain Dog breeders on PuppySpot are all strictly screened by the team of PuppySpot to ensure no shady practices are happening. Before you continue searching for a Bernese Mountain Dog breeder in Pennsylvania, then check out the link below.

PuppySpot Details

  • Website: PuppySpot’s Bernese Mountain Dogs

2. Coventry Bernese and Golden Mountain Dogs

Coventry Bernese and Golden Mountain Dogs

Coventry Bernese and Golden Mountain Dog is located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Whether you live in Amish Country or are a Philadelphian, the kennel is a short and convenient drive from your home.

Choose your Bernese Mountain Dog from the available puppies on the website, or contact the facility to arrange a visit. Coventry is a family-run breeder, and all dogs are raised within a household with other animals.

This means that close attention is given to both the health and the temperament of your dog before it comes into your home. Upon pickup, your puppy will be up to date with vaccinations and deworming.

The dog will have been checked by a vet and will be a healthy addition to your family. Contact Coventry Bernese and Golden Mountain Dogs for deposit information and pricing on the dogs.

Coventry Bernese and Golden Mountain Dogs Details

  • Website: Coventry Bernese and Golden Mountain Dog
  • Location: Pottstown, Pennsylvania
  • Telephone: (484) 624-2884
  • Email: [email protected]

3. Remington-Clyde Bernese Mountain Dogs

Remington-Clyde Bernese Mountain Dogs

Right down the road from Coventry, in Bucks County, is Remington-Clyde Bernese Mountain Dogs. This breeder of Berners has been in business for several years and enjoys the mentorship of another kennel in the area.

The dogs available for adoption through Remington-Clyde are well taken care of, both physically and socially, as Remington-Clyde is a small-scale breeder. Therefore, when you adopt your puppy from this breeder, you can have confidence that it has been thoroughly vet-checked, vaccinated, and dewormed.

Speak with the team at Remington-Clyde Bernese Mountain Dogs to discuss requirements for spaying or neutering your dog after adoption. The price of your dog may vary depending upon the size of the litter, the gender, and the color of the puppy.

You will need to place a deposit on the dog to hold it until it’s ready to come home with you. You may also be required to fill out an application before adoption or commit to an interview. This breeder’s intent is to place dogs into forever homes, so they want to learn a bit more about you before placing puppies.

Remington-Clyde Bernese Mountain Dogs Details

  • Website: Remington-Clyde Bernese Mountain Dogs
  • Location: Doylestown, Pennsylvania

4. Lancaster Puppies

Lancaster Puppies

Lancaster Puppies is a larger organization that connects potential Bernese Mountain Dog owners with new puppies. The website features an extensive network of reputable breeders who offer Berners as well as other breeds.

Many are AKC certified, and none were born or raised at a puppy mill. This puppy marketplace allows local puppy breeders to post dogs for sale. Because Lancaster Puppies is a third-party provider, it’s going to be extremely important that adopters do their due diligence in checking out providers.

If possible, visit the breeder you choose and meet your puppy in person before paying; this is simply a precaution that may help to avoid health and other issues.

Lancaster Puppies allows searches by breed. In addition, users can filter by state, registration, and more. Of course, dogs’ specific deposits and prices will vary depending upon the breeder and other factors, but some dogs fit a wide range of budgets.

Lancaster Puppies Details

  • Website: Lancaster Puppies

5. Hilltop Heritage Mountain Dogs

Hilltop Heritage Mountain Dogs

Hilltop Heritage Mountain Dogs specializes in breeding AKC-registered Bernese Mountain Dogs. The breeder is located in Millerstown, Pennsylvania, and your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy is waiting for you just along the Juniata River.

Located less than an hour from Harrisburg, the kennel is also convenient to Hershey and Lancaster. Hilltop Heritage mountain Dogs only produces several litters per year, so be sure you contact them before placing a deposit.

You will be required to pay 500 dollars to reserve a puppy, and that is non-refundable. To find out more about Hilltop Heritage Dogs, you will have to call or use the contact form on the website.

They are a family-run business, so privacy is important. However, dog owners who have adopted through the facility stay are pretty accommodating when scheduling a tour, provided that health and safety considerations are respected. Note, too, that you will be required to fill out an application before adopting a dog.

Hilltop Heritage Mountain Dogs Details

  • Website: Hilltop Heritage Mountain Dogs
  • Location: Millerstown, Pennsylvania
  • Telephone: (717) 823-8512

6. Denise with the Bernese

Denise with the Bernese

Last on the list of Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in Pennsylvania is “Denise with the Bernese.” Denise is another small-scale breeder who serves the Greater Pennsylvania area, but the kennel itself is pretty close to the New York border, so this kennel works with New York residents as well.

Denise with the Bernese gets excellent reviews from dog owners who have adopted her; the puppies have health guarantees and arrive at their new homes socialized and in good health. Your puppy will be up to date with their veterinary checkups, deworming treatments, and vaccinations.

As many good breeders do, Denise with the Bernese will require that you fill out an application and “interview” before putting down a deposit on a puppy. The breeder wants to ensure that each dog is placed in a safe, forever home.

Denise with the Breeders Details

  • Website: Denise with the Breeders
  • Location: Millerton, Pennsylvania
  • Telephone: (607) 857-2368

Conclusion For The “Best Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders in Pennsylvania”

Conclusion For The

Whether you’re considering a new baby or a new furry sidekick, choosing to adopt a new family member is no small decision. You must select a kennel or breeder with a good reputation before you add a new Bernese Mountain Dog to your family.

Your breeder will interview you, but it’s okay to interview them, too. Doing so will help to ensure a good match. The list of breeders in Pennsylvania we’ve selected is known to produce healthy, friendly puppies.

However, it’s always in your best interest to do your research and confirm that the breeder you choose will provide you with a healthy new companion.

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