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“Good dogs are made after they are born, not before. No dog has the genes of a good pet.” – Ray Coppinger _____________________________________________________________



We are a Bernese Mountain Dog breeder located in Eagle Mountain, UT. We strive to produce the healthiest, highest quality, healthiest minded, show quality Bernese Mountain Dog puppies around. We hold a high standard here for our breeding dogs, and they must pass a series of health tests in order to become parents of our future puppies. We test hips, elbows, heart, eyes, and more on ALL of our adults before we breed them. We care a great deal about our future puppies, and want to set them up for success in life the best we can!


Our biggest goal is to provide you with some of the best Bernese Mountain Dog puppies around. Not only do we health test all of our adults, but our puppies go through extensive socialization and desensitization to ensure they are going to be well rounded, social, confident and healthy minded dogs when they grow up. From the time they are born up to the time they go home with you at 9 weeks old, we are constantly handling them, training them, and socializing them.

We have had the amazing opportunity to attend a workshop held by The Monks of New Skete (the authors of “The Art of Raising a Puppy” & “How to be Your Dog’s Best Friend“) to learn all about their breeding program and how they exactly raise, handle and socialize their puppies. We now almost exactly follow their puppy raising program to give you the best socially and mentally well rounded started puppies possible. Below is an example of our puppy raising program:

  • From the age of 3 days old to 4 weeks old they go through an intense but simple Early Neural Stimulationprogram.
  • Each day we practice “back time” with each puppy, where we gently hold them on their back and rub their belly to help them learn to be submissive and calm.
  • At 3 weeks old they are started on a very unique potty training program, and are usually 80% potty trained before they go to your home.
  • From 4 weeks to 9 weeks old we slowly get them to meet 100 people and kids to ensure they are very social puppies.
  • At 7 weeks old they take Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Test, so we can match each puppy’s temperament to the right home for them.
  • They are given a bath each week to help teach them patience and desensitize them to being handled, we also clean their ears and clip their nails during bath time.
  • From 4 weeks to 9 weeks we are constantly making loud, sharp, banging noises in our house and in the puppy room to help them not be afraid of any sudden noises.
  • From 4 weeks to 9 weeks we are constantly adding new objects and obstacles to their puppy room (tunnels, stairs, ramps, platforms, etc) to teach them confidence and help them to not be afraid of new objects.
  • They are taken on weekly care rides to help desensitize them to the car, and help to make sure they don’t grow up to become car sick.
  • As they get older, we slowly open their world up to outside and let them explore on their own to help build their self esteem and get them used to everything outside.
  • They are constantly socialized around many different dogs to help them become very dog social as they get older (the dogs they are socialized with are always very dog friendly and up to date on their vaccines).
  • From 7 weeks to 9 weeks they are started on crate training, to help make crate training much easier when they go home with you.
  • From 4 weeks to 9 weeks we teach the puppies to come when called (not by name, but to a unique noise like shaking keys, clapping, or kissing noises).
  • They are fed a very healthy and holistic diet of Taste of the Wild’s Puppy formula with a mixture of OC Raw’s raw diet. This will help them develop properly as they grow. (Nutrition is one of the most important things to us, please visit our Nutrition page to learn more about the foods we feed and why)
  • And much much more!

What we require for all future owners of our puppies:

  • You must realize dogs are a life-long commitment, and you aren’t just adopting them until they get out of the “cute puppy stage.”
  • You must be willing to keep in close contact with Wasatch Canine Camp, LLC to insure each pup is in a good home being treated properly.
  • They must be kept on a holistic, natural, or raw diet.
  • If you cannot keep the puppy for whatever reason, you must to return them to Wasatch Canine Camp, LLC along with a surrendering fee of $75.
  • You must be willing to complete the three training sessions that are included with each puppy. This will help us get to know you better, and show us that you are willing to be responsible pet owners. Out of state buyers must complete training with an approved trainer in their area.
  • You must follow our vaccine schedule (schedule is found in our contract).
  • If your puppy has limited registration, you must spay/neuter them before their 1st birthday, and they must not be bred prior to being fixed.

What is included with each of our puppies:

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