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Best Alkaline Water Filters of 2021 (The Only List You Need)

The average American spends over $100 per year on bottled water. And collectively, we waste more than 60 million single-use water bottles a year.

It’s a pretty shocking fact – but luckily, there’s a penny-saving way to enjoy great-tasting alkaline water without any plastic waste at all.

After creating this platform to share my knowledge online, I’ve been helping almost 140,000 monthly readers choose the best at-home water treatment solutions for their families.

I curated this list using the method I use for all my buyers’ guides – by ranking products based on their performance capability, filter capacity, customer reviews, ease of use and manufacturer legitimacy. If I’m recommending something in this guide, it’s because I truly believe that it’s one of the best alkaline filter systems of 2021.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The 8 most popular alkaline water filters of 2021
  • The 5 biggest benefits of alkaline filtration
  • The 6 types of alkaline filter
  • 5 things you must consider before you make a purchase

Let’s get started.

🥇 Best Alkaline Water Filters

  • Tyent UCE-13 Plus
  • Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 9.0
  • Invigorated Water pH Recharge Glass Alkaline Water Filter
  • APEX Quality Countertop Drinking Water Filter
  • Express Water 10-Stage
  • Ehm Alkaline Water Pitcher
  • Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Bottle

FilterDetails Tyent UCE-13 Plus Tyent UCE-13 PlusType: Ionizer pH range: 1.7-12.5 Filter capacity: 6 months Type: Under-counterAqua-Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 9.0Type: Ionizer pH range: 3-11.5 Filter capacity: 4000 liters Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 12 inchesInvigorated Water pH Recharge Glass Alkaline Water Filter Invigorated Water pH Recharge Glass Alkaline Water Filter Type: Countertop Capacity: 7.57 liters Filter longevity: 96 gallons Dimensions: 10.9 x 11.1 x 17 inches Contaminants Removed: Heavy Metals, Fluoride, Disinfectants, Pharmaceuticals & MicroplasticsAPEX Quality Countertop Drinking Water Filter APEX Quality Countertop Drinking Water FilterType: Countertop Filter longevity: Up to 750 gallons Dimensions: 12 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches Contaminants Removed: Chlorine, Chloramine, Benzene, Radon, Heavy Metals, Sediment & RustAPEC ESSENCE ROES-PH75 RO System APEC ESSENCE ROES-PH75 RO SystemType: Reverse Osmosis + Remineralizing Filter Efficiency Ratio: 1:3 Filtration: 6 stages Water Production (GPD): 75 Dimensions: 16 x 5.2 x 17.5 inches Weight: 25 pounds Contaminants Removed: 99% of all contaminantsExpress Water 10-Stage RO System Express Water 10-Stage RO SystemType: Reverse Osmosis + Remineralizing Filter Efficiency Ratio: 1:3 Filtration: 10 stages Water Production (GPD): 100 Dimensions: 15 x 14 x 5 inches Weight: 27 pounds Contaminants Removed: 99% of all contaminantsEhm Alkaline Water Pitcher Ehm Alkaline Water PitcherType: Pitcher Capacity: 8.4 cups Filter longevity: 50 gallons Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 11 inches Contaminants Removed: Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Organic Pollutants & Micro-OrganismsSeychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Bottle Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Bottle Type: Bottle Capacity: 28 ounces Filter longevity: 100 gallons Material: Plastic Contaminants Removed: Chlorine, Toxic Chemicals, Inorganic Contaminants & Heavy Metals

⭐ Reviews – Alkaline Water Filter 2021

Tyent UCE-13 Plus

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One of the best under-counter alkalizing treatment systems is the Tyent UCE-13 Plus Ionizer. This machine provides the healthiest water by combining numerous filtration settings in one small, discrete unit.

The Tyent lets you adjust the pH level of the water and find the best one for you by simply choosing between 8 different settings on a dedicated faucet. With a pH range from 1.7 pH to 12.5 pH, you can choose between three acidic options, three alkalized options, a “H20” option and a “turbo” option, depending on what you need in the moment. Simply push the button and get immediate access to alkalized or acidic water – no need to fill the system yourself or wait for it to kick into action.

The Tyent alkaline machine is designed for under-sink installation, being relatively small and compact, while the faucet is installed next to, or in place of, your current kitchen faucet. This allows for the unit to be hidden from sight, but with touch-button controls on the faucet, it’s easier than ever to access the water you need. The modern faucet looks the part in any kitchen, and has two separate spigots for extra convenience.

As a combined ionizer and filtering unit (with an impressive 0.01 micron pore size), the Tyrent both filters and ionizes your water without affecting water flow. It’s one of the most expensive alkaline water treatment options out there, but it’s easy to see why – it’s incredibly effective and boasts a range of clever features.

To alkalize water, this alkaline machine uses 13 platinum plates that have a mesh-like construction to promote the most efficient electrolysis, and the proof is in the pudding – you get complete control over the pH level of the water you use for cooking, cleaning and drinking on a daily basis.

Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 9.0

If you’re looking to get the most health benefits from your drinking water, the Aqua-Ionizer may be the best alkaline water system for you. This long-lasting, high-quality machine doesn’t just ionize your water – it also filters out common impurities.

With its slim, slender design, the Aqua-Ionizer won’t take up too much space on your kitchen counter. It’s simple to set up – around a 10-minute job from start to finish – and comes included with a water filter that lasts for approximately 4000 liters, equal to around ten months.

There are seven different water settings on this machine, and it’s easy to set to your exact desired water pH level, whether you need water for household cleaning or cosmetic purposes, cooking, cleaning, drinking, or making tea or coffee. You can select a water pH from 3.0 right up to 11.5.

As well as choosing between water with a pH in the acid or alkaline region, you can also select the purified water option, with a pH of 7, which has no acid or alkaline properties.

The Aqua-Ionizer makes it easy to drink alkaline water, thanks to the simple diagrams on the machine’s buttons, which clearly show what each pH level is intended for. Handily, the Aqua-Ionizer will also track how much water you’re using, so you can make sure you get the maximum health benefits from your hydration throughout the day.

Thanks to the included filter, there’s no need to filter the water separately after running it through this alkalizing treatment system. It’s designed to be connected to your kitchen tap, so you can access water from your faucet without having to pour it into the machine manually. Ionized water will then dispense from the machine out of the included hose.

Invigorated Water pH Recharge Glass Alkaline Water Filter

If you’re after an alkalizing treatment filter that doesn’t require an invasive installation, the pH Recharge Glass Alkaline Water Filter is an option well worth considering. Compared to other alkaline water systems, this water filter has a high capacity, is attractive to look at, and requires no technical installation.

There are hundreds of plastic water pitchers out there, but this system has a glass tank design with a bamboo lid and base, helping you to do your bit for the environment. With plenty of space for more than 7 liters of water, you won’t need to constantly refill this alkaline water system, which offers enough water to last a single person an entire day.

You don’t need to connect the pH Recharge Glass Alkaline Water Filter to an electricity supply, and despite its high capacity, it has a relatively small footprint, so it won’t take up too much space on your side. The machine uses a PH001 multi-stage filter to remove contaminants, add minerals such as magnesium, iron, selenium, calcium and zinc, and increase the pH of your water.

Each filter is made from a blend of several common filter materials, including an ion-exchange resin, coconut activated carbon, and mineral stones, offering a tried-and-tested means of water filtration and remineralization and removing particles as small as 0.01 micron. One filter has a 96 gallon lifespan, which is equivalent to approximately 720 single use water filter bottles, so you’ll certainly save money if you currently buy bottled water for home drinking.

The pH Recharge is around double the cost of a typical plastic water filter pitcher, but looks far more appealing and is much more environmentally-friendly. The system is 100% BPA-free and non-toxic, and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

APEX Quality Countertop Drinking Water Filter

The APEX MR10-50 Countertop Drinking Water Filters a convenient, portable alkaline machine that produces safe, healthy water for drinking. It filters out the bad stuff, including chlorine, getting rid of poor tastes and odors, while altering pH to optimal alkalinity (around 7.5 to 8 pH).

This system can also remove heavy metals and other common contaminants found in tap water, and, being an alkaline filter, it remineralizes water with the likes of magnesium, potassium and calcium, improving its taste and healthful properties.

There are 5 stages of filtration and remineralization in the APEX filter: a KDF media that removes large sediment, chloramines and heavy metals; an activated carbon layer that removes chlorine; an alkaline layer that adds potassium and magnesium; a second activated carbon layer; and a calcite later that remineralizes water with calcium.

The filter in this system works quickly to produce the best quality water with minimal disruption to flow rate. The remineralization filter is particularly effective (you can carry out a pH test if you want proof of this). Being a countertop machine, the APEX requires very minimal installation, and comes pre-installed – you just need to connect it up to your kitchen sink’s faucet. If it doesn’t fit, APEX offers two adaptors that may be suitable for your style of faucet.

You’ll need to replace the filter cartridge after every 750 gallons, which has proven a struggle to some customers in the past – a design flaw made it hard to open the housing and replace the filter. However, several customers have mentioned in reviews that there are videos online that demonstrate the correct way to open the housing with little difficulty.


One of the best alkalizing water systems in terms of quality is the APEC ESSENCE RO water filter. Using reverse osmosis to produce the cleanest, best-tasting and highest-quality drinking water possible, this under-sink machine is ideal for anyone who’s looking for clean water with a high mineral content – guaranteed.

As a RO water filter system, this machine is designed to do a whole lot that you won’t find elsewhere. Like all filtration options on the market, it removes common contaminants from water, like chlorine and lead, but it goes beyond this to also remove the likes of fluoride, bacteria, and other difficult-to-remove contaminants. You’ll see a noticeable reduction in TDS (up to 99.9%) when using the APEC.

One feature of this system that you’ll most likely want to know about is the alkaline filter. This calcium-carbonate filter introduces minerals back into water, making up for those that have been removed during the thorough RO filtration process, improving taste and giving you easy access to the nutrients we need to survive.

With the system being installed under a kitchen sink, it comes with a food-grade, lead-free faucet. This means you don’t need to choose between one of several faucet adaptors when connecting up the system, as it has been designed for perfect fitting with the APEC.

Though installation is slightly more complex, as it involves connecting the system up beneath your sink, APEC provides thorough instructions (both in written form and in online video form) that make the job as simple as following along step-by-step. You attach the machine to your wall with a quality metal bracket, preventing problems like tipping, which could affect the functioning of the system.

You get around 70 to 90 gallons of water from this system per day, which is about as high as you could hope for. Not all RO systems provide an alkaline filter, so it’s an added bonus that this one comes with one – you don’t have to buy a filter to install separately yourself.

Express Water 10-Stage RO System

If you like the idea of healthy water that doesn’t only have a high pH, but is also free from up to 99.9% of contaminants, the Express Water is one of the best options to consider. It comes with 5 stages of filtration, each of which contributes to the production of high-quality drinking water, and an attractive brushed nickel faucet that should suit the majority of modern kitchens.

This unit is totally customizable, and you can add optional features like remineralizing filter cartridges – which you’ll presumably be keen to add if you want to increase your water’s pH.

For an RO unit, the Express Water is one of the easiest to install, which is mostly thanks to the detailed instructions manual and customer support from the manufacturer. Each of the 5 filters included in this unit are labeled to clearly show the role they play in filtration, and there’s a handy diagram for guidance during initial installation, plus filter changes in the future.

There are no plastic valves or fittings in the Express Water unit, so you can guarantee it’s one of the best-built RO units available today. Flow rate is also incredibly impressive, too, and you’ll get immediate access to clean, high-quality water with this machine. Handily, there’s also a leak-detection alarm that shuts off the water supply if water is detected where it shouldn’t be.

You can rely on the Express Water to remove contaminants like bacteria, lead, arsenic, chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, and more. Because RO is so thorough, it’ll also remove minerals like calcium and magnesium, which is why you need to make sure to opt in for the included remineralization filter if you want to benefit from clean water with a high alkalinity.

Ehm Alkaline Water Pitcher

The EHM alkaline pitcher is one of the top contenders in the water filter pitcher market. It’s rare to find a water filtering pitcher that improves the alkalinity of water, but that’s exactly what this one does. Despite its compact design, this pitcher boasts a 6-stage water filter that can do much more than the average product.

The appealing ergonomic design of this pitcher doesn’t only make it attractive to look at, but also makes it easier to handle. It’s designed to fit in a standard refrigerator door for instant access to cool, clean water whenever you need it.

There’s a lot to say about the EHM pitcher’s filtering capabilities. It can remove contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals, and other common impurities, while micro-clustering and reducing water molecule size to make it more easily-absorbable. It also adds calcium, magnesium, and potassium minerals and anti-oxidants, which is exactly the double dose of pH elevation and remineralization that you’re looking for in any alkaline filter.

All the materials featured in this pitcher are food-grade and BPA-free, so you don’t need to worry about adding any of the bad stuff during filtration. Each filter lasts for up to 8 weeks; 6 weeks on average. While this is pretty standard for a water pitcher filter, it’s not the best lifespan I’ve seen. One positive, at least, is that filtering pitchers are some of the easiest to change – you just pop them in and out.

This filter is a good size for providing just enough drinking water throughout the day for one person, but you’ll need to top it up several times if you’re providing for your whole family. Still, this is a great deal for the price you pay, and refilling the water is hardly an arduous chore.

Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Bottle

For alkaline drinking water on the go, the Seychelle pH20 is a convenient option. This portable water bottle has an attractive design and decreases water microclusters from 12 molecules down to 4- 6, giving it a pH of up to 9.5 and making it more easily absorbable. Aside from improving alkalinity, this bottle also removes lead, VOCs, chlorine, mercury, chloroform, and more.

The obvious convenience of this alkalizing solution is that you can take it with you on the go, simply filling up your bottle with drinking water and letting the filter do its job. That means you can benefit from clean, alkalized drinking water at home, at work, on vacation, and wherever else life takes you.

With the Seychelle bottle, you don’t need to spend money on single-use plastic water bottles, and you’re doing your bit for the environment by using a reusable bottle, too. Made entirely in the USA in an ISO 14000 certified facility, you can guarantee that durable, top-quality components have been used in the design of this filtered water solution.

All the materials used in this bottle are BPA-free for your peace of mind, including the materials that make up the straw – which is much easier to drink from than some of the other water filter bottles with straws.

There’s some maintenance required for the Seychelle bottle – while the first filter comes included, you’ll need to replace it after every 100 gallons (to put that into perspective, we need roughly half a gallon of water per day). You can find the replacement filter cartridges you need on the Seychelle website or on Amazon.

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