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Sheepadoodle Grooming Haircut Pics and Home Grooming Basics

With a gorgeous coat like this, a Sheepadoodle needs regular upkeep and grooming. Of course, this means that Sheepadoodle grooming costs can add up pretty quickly. So, why not take the matters into your own hands?!

This article is mandatory reading for all current and future Sheepadoodle owners. By the end of it, you’ll know all about Sheepadoodle grooming and can get to work at ease. Also, grooming at home will save you some serious time and money. Let’s dig in!

Understanding A Sheepadoodle’s Coat

Before you get grooming your Sheepadoodle, it’s important you understand the type of coat your pup rocks. Sheepadoodles inherit their coat from the Old English Sheepdog and Poodle parents. As we’re dealing with two different types of coats, Sheepadoodle puppies naturally will have inherited characteristics from both parents.

So why is your pup’s coat type important when it comes to Sheepadoodle grooming? Different types of coats benefit from different types of brushes and other grooming tools. Additionally, some haircuts work better on a specific coat type.

Poodle-Type Coats (Wool Coat)

Sheepadoodles who inherit the Poodle-type coat have very curly and dense hair. What’s great about Poodle type coats is that they shed very little and are considered (mostly) hypoallergenic.

On the other hand, as Poodle-type coats mean less or no shedding at all, they are prone to knots and tangles. Regular brushing is an absolute must to avoid matting and to keep your pup healthy. We recommend brushing your Doodle every day or at minimum three times a week. For very curly Poodle-like hair, the best brushes are pin brushes, slicker brushes, and combs.

Sheepdog-Type Coat

Sheepdog-type coat has a more wavy and relaxed look than the Poodle type coat. However, this also means that a Sheepadoodle with this type of coat may have an undercoat and shed hair.

Sheepadoodle Grooming Haircut Pics and Home Grooming Basics
A Sheepadoodle with more of a Sheepdog-type coat.

In case your Sheepadoodle has inherited the English Sheepdog look, you will obviously need to have a different approach when it comes to grooming. Namely, making sure that you remove all the shed and loose hair from your dog’s coat to avoid matting. For that, pin brushes and slicker brushes are great options.

Mix Coats (Fleece Coat)

Since Sheepadoodle is a mix of two breeds, mix coats are very common. This type of coat combines both the Poodle-type coat and Sheepdog-type coat. Even with mix coats, regular brushing is crucial to keep your Doodle looking fresh.

Types of Sheepadoodle Haircuts

It’s now time for Sheepadoodle grooming inspo! These are the most popular Sheepadoodle grooming cuts that you can try out on your Doodle. And if you don’t like it, rest assured that the hair will always grow back and you can try another style the next time.

1. Shaved Sheepadoodle

The shaved Sheepadoodle cut is super functional and practical. Many Sheepadoodles prefer a lighter coat during summer months. Even more, if you live in a hot climate all year round. And it makes their features pop!

2. Sheepadoodle Teddy Bear Cut

The Sheepadoodle teddy bear cut is super popular, but it’s also one of the most difficult cuts to achieve at home. We recommend you try this once you’ve had plenty of practice with easier haircuts and feel comfortable with all the grooming tools.

3. Shaggy Sheepadoodle

We absolutely adore the shaggy Sheepadoodle look. This haircut is suitable even for beginners, as you can easily hide any mistakes.

4. Long Puppy Cut

The long puppy cut is considered the best haircut for Sheepadoodles with Sheepdog type coats. Just a little bit of trimming and your Sheepadoodle will look all bouncy, fluffy and ready to go.

How To Groom A Sheepadoodle From Home

First and foremost, brush your Sheepadoodle everyday or every other day. This will prevent matting and save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run. It’s easier to prevent matting than to deal with it later on. Think of it as a relaxing massage for your Doodle and a bonding experience for the both of you.

If you’re planning on trimming your Doodle’s hair, make sure to give them a good bath beforehand. You’ll definitely find our Doodle bathing guide helpful.

When it’s bath time, start with thorough brushing to get rid of any loose hair, tangles, and knots. If your pup has just been outside, brushing will help you get rid of dirt as well. We recommend that you line brush your Doodle. Have a look at our in-depth article about line brushing. This is by far the best way to thoroughly brush and detangle your pup’s coat.

Another Sheepadoodle grooming hack is to use a detangler spray before bathing to make sure you get out even the toughest knots and tangles.

Once you’re done bathing your dog, get ready for another brushing session. However, always let their hair fully dry to avoid pulling hair and hurting your Doodle. While your pup dries, you can clean and gently dry their ears from the inside to avoid any moisture and bacteria getting trapped and causing ear infections.

And if you feel comfortable enough to start trimming and clipping your dog’s hair, make sure you have all the necessary grooming tools we mentioned above. A bit later on in this article you’ll find all of our step-by-step video tutorials for at home grooming.

With every grooming activity, don’t forget the smaller and more delicate areas. For instance, when brushing your Doodle, also pay attention to areas like the paws and where the collar sits.

How Often Do Sheepadoodles Need To Be Groomed?

How often you should groom your Doodle depends on a variety of things. For instance, bathing frequency depends on how long your dog’s coat is, how often and how rough they play outside, whether they have any skin sensitivities, and so on.

Naturally, the longer your dog’s coat, the more dirt can get trapped between the hairs. This in turn can cause knots, tangles, infections, and problems with smell. Some owners wash their Doodles every week. However, most of the time, bathing every 4-8 weeks is perfectly enough. This timeframe also typically aligns with hair trimming frequency.

Moreover, don’t forget to trim your Doodle’s nails. For maintenance, every week should work well. However, some Doodles require nail trimming every 3-4 days. Be sure to check out our dog nail trimming guide for all the tips and tricks.

Sheepadoodle Grooming Tutorials

Before you get your clippers and scissors and start grooming, make sure you know all the Sheepadoodle grooming basics. To make things easier for you, check out our step-by-step video tutorials on how to groom Doodles.

Frequently Asked Questions

In conclusion, Sheepadoodle coats need regular care and can get high maintenance at times. However, grooming your Sheepadoodle regularly ensures that they look, feel, and stay healthy and happy. And it’s another great way to bond with your pet!

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