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Top 10 Best Cameras under 300 in 2021 – Pixinfocus

Ready to know the best camera under 300 this year?

Yes, you can buy a camera for less than $300. Whether you’re a first-timer or you’re just looking for an inexpensive way to snap your photos. After reading this list of best cameras under 300 you’ll realize that you don’t need to get the most expensive camera and spend thousands of dollars.

Who said that photography is an expensive hobby? Hey, you don’t need to buy the most advanced gear to get started in photography. First of all the easiest thing to do would be to get started with your phone! But if it’s just not enough for you and you want to buy a camera on a budget this post is what you’re looking for.

These days there are countless expensive camera alternatives on the market. From bulky DSLRs to professional mirrorless cameras, many people find it difficult to choose the best device especially when it comes to buying a camera on a budget.

That’s why I made this of the 10 best cameras under $300 (USD) in 2021.

Best Cameras Under 300: Our Top Three

Best Camera Under $300: Canon PowerShot SX620

What to Look for When Buying The Best Camera Under 300

First of all, let me tell you a few simple things to keep in mind when buying a camera on a budget.

Portability: Small and lightweight gear is always the best for me. Aim at buying something you can always bring with you so that you won’t lose motivation when you feel lazy and don’t want to go out to take photos.

A small camera will give you the feeling that you’re just carrying your smartphone. Remember, the best camera is the one you always bring with you. On the market, you’ll be able to find 16-megapixels cameras and above for less than $300!

Camera Sensor: It’s a common belief that the bigger the sensor the more image quality you get. But when it comes to sensor size in compact digital cameras you shouldn’t be caught into this “trap”. Thanks to current technology, you can get sharp and beautiful photos even with smaller sensors.

Resolution: Megapixels are not a problem anymore. With today’s advancement in technology, even small point-and-shoot cameras have enough megapixels to print a 200x200cm (6.5×6.5 ft)! Gone are the days when megapixels when the most important aspect to look at when buying a camera. Even smartphones have more than enough resolution to make big prints.

Zoom: It’s one of the most important features you want to pay attention to. Point-and-shoot cameras use optical zoom which is when the lens is able to zoom without degrading the quality of the image. These cameras don’t have interchangeable lenses so you’ll need an optical zoom that is able to cover wide focal length ranges. But remember, with larger zooms come bigger cameras and at the maximum zoom, you’ll start seeing a degraded image quality in certain models.

Image Stabilization: It’s a feature that reduces the blur caused by the movement of the camera. Definitely a feature to look for if you buy a camera with a bigger zoom and decide to take photos in low light conditions.

4K Video: Video is becoming more and more important and being able to produce 4K quality footage is obviously a big positive.

Top 10 Best Cameras Under 300 in 2021: Comparison Table

Top 10 Best Cameras Under 300 in 2021

Sony DSCW800, $84.00

Sony DSCW800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera (Black)

Sony DSCW800 Main Functions:

  • 20 MP sensor
  • 5x Optical Zoom.
  • SteadyShot Image stabilization
  • 720p HD Movie mode

Sony DSCWX350, $268.00

Sony DSCWX350 18 MP Digital Camera (Black)

Sony DSCWX350 Main Functions:

  • 20x Optical zoom
  • 18 MP
  • Autofocus with Lock-On AF
  • Wi-Fi smartphone connectivity
  • 4K quality video

Nikon Coolpix B500, $256.95

Nikon Coolpix B500 Digital Camera (Black)

Nikon Coolpix B500 Main Functions:

  • 16MP
  • Lens f/3.0-6.5mm
  • 40x Optical Zoom Lens, 80x Dynamic Zoom
  • Tilting LCD
  • Full HD 1080p Video 30 fps
  • Bluetooth + Wi-Fi
  • ISO 6400, 7.4 fps Continuous Shooting
  • Remote Control via Smartphone or Tablet

Probably one of my favorite on this list!


Panasonic LUMIX FZ80 4K Digital Camera, 18.1 Megapixel Video Camera, 60X Zoom DC VARIO 20-1200mm Lens, F2.8-5.9 Aperture, Power O.I.S. Stabilization, Touch Enabled 3-Inch LCD, Wi-Fi, DC-FZ80K (Black)

PANASONIC LUMIX FZ80 Main Functions:

  • 18.1-megapixel
  • 60X zoom
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • 3-inch LCD display touch screen
  • 4K video 30 fps
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

Canon PowerShot SX620, $249.00

Canon PowerShot SX620 Digital Camera w/25x Optical Zoom - Wi-Fi & NFC Enabled (Black)

Canon PowerShot SX620 Main Functions:

  • 25x Optical Zoom
  • Image stabilization
  • 20.2 Megapixel
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 1080p Full HD video
  • ISO 80 – 3200

Canon PowerShot SX530, $249.00

Canon PowerShot SX530 Digital Camera w/ 50X Optical Zoom - Wi-Fi & NFC Enabled (Black)

Canon PowerShot SX530 Main Functions:

  • 50x Optical Zoom
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 16.0 Megapixel
  • Full HD video 30fps

Panasonic Lumix ZS70K, $297.00

Panasonic LUMIX DC-ZS70K, 20.3 Megapixel, 4K Digital Camera, Touch Enabled 3-Inch 180 Degree Flip-front Display, 30X LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR Lens, WiFi (Black)

Panasonic Lumix ZS70K Main Functions:

  • 20.3 Megapixel sensor
  • 30x Optical zoom Leica lens
  • 5-axis Optical Image Stabilizer
  • 4K Video Capture with internal Focus Stacking feature
  • Wi-Fi smartphone connectivity
  • 180-degree front flip-up touch screen simplifies

Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ401-BK, $136.46

Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ401-BK 16MP Digital Camera with 40X Optical Zoom and 3

Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ401-BK Main Functions:

  • You’ll get well defined, detailed images thanks to the AZ401’s 16 million pixels. That’s ample resolution to crop, zoom, or enlarge your photos however the photographer in your desires.
  • With a 24mm wide-angle lens, there’s no sacrificing what you want in the frame. So go ahead and let your camera see what you see – the sky’s the limit!
  • The Optical Image Stabilization will iron out any small movements as you’re focused on getting your shot, so you never have to be afraid to go for what you want.
  • Whether you’re in the moment or modifying your work at a later time, the bright, 3” LCD screen ensures that you end up with just what you’re looking for.
  • Capture everything in your peripherals with the 180 Degree Panorama feature

Best Cameras Under $300: Before You Go

Now you know what best cameras under $300 to buy.

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