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Do you know what’s common between hot chocolates, coffee, ice creams, sundaes, and brownies? All of these sweet delicacies taste even more divine with whipped cream!

While you may have the option to whisk or use an electric blender, they might not provide you with the comfort and richness of taste that is afforded by cream chargers and whippers.

Previously these choices were only available to kitchen professionals, but now anyone can get their hands on a whip dispenser or a charger. Not only are they easy to operate, but they are also very cost-effective as well and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Simply push a lever and have fluffy cream on the spot.

Dispensers depend on whipped cream chargers that contain a whipping agent such as nitrous oxide (N20). So give your wrists the rest they deserve, and get your hands on these functional units, instead of DIY-ing your whips or buying chemical-infused cans.

To help you pick out what’s best for you, we tested, reviewed, and compared some of the best cream whippers on the market. Read on to gain perspective and make a well-informed decision.

The Best Cream Whippers And Chargers You Can Buy

1. Top Pick — iSi Cream Profi Whip 163001

If you want a unit that excels in all aspects, i.e., operations, ergonomics, durability, and functionality — look no further than the iSi Cream Profi Whip 163001. We believe it’s the best whipper out there – for both commercial and personal use – and therefore the top pick for this review.

It is made from quality food-grade stainless steel, with a detachable stainless steel piston, and a silicone seal that can be removed with the help of a quick-release tab so you can thoroughly clean every inch of the unit.

This one-pint whipper is NSF certified, and all included parts are dishwasher safe.

Thanks to the stainless steel build, you can leave various types of liquids in the iSi Cream Profi Whip 163001; even if they are highly acidic such as lemon, the unit won’t retain odors or stain.

When you buy this unit, you also get a cleaning brush, a charger holder, and a decorator tip with stainless steel threads.


  • NSF certified
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Everything comes apart
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Charger holder, cleaning brush, and decorator tip are included


  • Only one decorator tip

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2. Best Entry-Level Whipper — EurKitchen Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser EK-WHIP-18

If you have just begun self-whipping your cream and don’t need whipped cream that often, or are sure you won’t be using scalding liquids, the EurKitchen Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser EK-WHIP-18 is right up your alley.

It is built to be durable, is reasonably priced, looks sleek and stylish, and is lightweight. It’s also made entirely of aluminum, with a reinforced thread to enhance its build quality. All in all, this unit will be functional for a good number of years, as opposed to other options sold at a similar price.

Whether you want to make rich chocolate, coconut whipped cream, mousses, sauces, soups, frothed lattes, homemade butter, scrambled eggs, or anything else — this whipper will come in handy on all counts.

Three decorative tips are included in the box, and there’s also a cleaning brush to clean them. To clean the unit, simply use warm soapy water and rinse it, it should take no longer than a few minutes.

You also get a mesh storage bag to keep all the attachments, silicone seals, and extra cream chargers safely in one place.


  • Durable
  • Chances of leakages are next to none
  • Three tips
  • Comes with a recipe book
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent grip


  • Not as sturdy as stainless steel options
  • Aluminum is not great with hot liquids

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3. Best Cream Charger For Homes — FOMAGAS Whipped Cream Chargers

If you use a dispenser or whipper only occasionally, a 24 pack of chargers is going to last you a very long time. The FOMAGAS Whipped Cream Chargers are our favorite in this category and come highly recommended by experts.

You get eight grams of food-grade nitrogen oxide in each cartridge, which is enough to produce 0.5 liters of flavorsome, odor-free whipped cream.

These cartridges are made from recyclable stainless steel far away from any oily substance, so you can rest assured that the resulting cream won’t feel greasy or oily. And the taste from these FOMAGAS Whipped Cream Chargers is unlike anything you can buy in-store; it is way better, purer, and chemical-free.

Additionally, these chargers can also be used to decorate cakes, pies, coffee, hot chocolate, mixed drinks, and much more. They are compatible with all 8-gram N2O dispensers, including Leland-N2O, Chef-Master, Whip It, and Best-whip, etc.


  • Compatible with all 8-gram whippers
  • Cost-effective
  • Long shelf-life
  • 5 liters of whipped cream


  • Some customers complained that they received duds, but those are isolated cases

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4. Best Cream Chargers For Commercial Usage — Creamright Ultra-Pure Whip Cream Chargers

If you whip cream often or run a restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, ice cream parlor, etc. — you need to get your hands on the Creamright Ultra-Pure Whip Cream Chargers. It costs less to buy more so you’ll be better with the case of 600 cartridges, and the cream from it tastes incredible.

Manufactured by an Australian company with one of the most modern European facilities, these chargers are beyond impressive and deliver whipped cream that’s fluffy to the max. The box has plenty of carriages that can last for a long time, thanks to the long shelf-life, and all chargers are made from high-quality materials.

Creamright Ultra-Pure Whip Cream Chargers contain eight grams of N2O, which produces a decent amount of whipped cream. And the best part is that these chargers are compatible with all standard eight-gram dispensers, which include iSi, Kayser, Mosa, Liss, etc.


  • Made by a renowned brand
  • Long shelf-life
  • Cost-effective deal
  • Made from quality material
  • Excellent taste
  • A master case for commercial use


  • Some users reported oil residue

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ISi Cream Charger

The Isi Cream Charger refill pack should be your go-to option if you’re using an Isi brand whipper. One of the big advantages of working with ISi is getting more bang for your buck. Each N20 ISi cream charger chamber ekes out an extra 20% per portion per charge. This means that one pint per charger translates to one quart per charging unit. We also found that this, somehow, made the resulting whipped cream taste even more full bodied, and less like an aerosol.

With that said, there’s one thing that we wanted to address in terms of size. Many cream whippers use a #k8653 style fit. The ISi cream charger pack is slightly larger than this standard, 8-gram fit. As such we can’t comfortably recommend the ISi to those looking for a multi-purposed replacement.


  • Pack of 50.
  • N20 canisters are recyclable.
  • Leak proof, leading to a clean-taste with no cross-contamination.
  • Designed specifically for ISi brand whippers, ensuring quality control and ease-of-use.


  • Some reports of significant shipping damage.
  • Incompatible as a standard #k8653 replacement.

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Honorable Mention: Impeccable Culinary Objects Professional N20 8-gram Cartridge

Impeccable Culinary Object’s professional line of N20 cartridges are another great option for those looking to put the whip back in your cream. Whippet cartridges are also a great way of adding a creamy texture to a nitro cold brew dispenser. These are great for home-use in particular, but due to the limited sizes it can be difficult to recommend them for commercial use.

Culinary Objects packs 10, 8-gram cartridges per box – each good for whipping 1 pint of cream per canister. Spent cartridges are also recyclable, depending on your municipality. They are also cheaper than leading brands such as ISi, although Sous Vide Guy does recommend matching brands in situations like these. Finally, it’s important to note that there seem to be fit issues with ICO brand whipped cream dispensers. If you own one of these units then it would likely be best to select another brand.


  • Pack of 10.
  • Compatible with unthreaded 8-gram whippers.
  • Recyclable N20 canisters.
  • Cheaper than ISi


  • Consumer reports of repackaged boxes and empty cartridges.
  • Doesn’t fit ICO brand dispensers.

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Also Consider: Leland Whipped Cream Charger

LeLand’s whipped cream charger 50-pack are a fantastic mid-range option for whipping cream at home. LeLand’s N20 cartridges are designed to fit all pressure whippers. Each canister can whip up to 1 pint, or a half litre, of cream. LeLand also uses food-grade, triple filtered N20 for a clean taste.

LeLand is also a sub-brand of Best Whip, who also sell a range of chargers and dispensers. As such it’s each to go price hunting if you’re looking for a comparable brand. Overall, we found that Leland offered good price for value compared to other brands. With that said, there were consumer reports of a slightly oily residue. However, even when compared to other brands these reports were few and far between.


  • Pack of 50.
  • Food-grade triple filtered N20 canisters.
  • Recyclable cartridges.


  • Some risk of a slightly oily residue.

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Things To Consider When Buying A Whipper Or Whip Dispenser

Your Requirements

Whippers come in different shapes and sizes, but their sole purpose is to produce fluffy cream. However, cooks can create masterpieces with some creativity and the right whipper in their hands. You also have the option of selecting a multipurpose whipper to help you curate foams, espumas, and other infusions, now and then.

So first decide if you plan to go on a culinary adventure, or just need something to top up cakes, shakes and coffees once in a while


If you need to keep the whip at the right temperature for some time — choose insulated whips and keep everything perfectly fresh even if cooling and heating facilities are not available.

The Whipper’s Size

Whippers come in many shapes and sizes; select one based on your expected usability. For instance, if you are a barista, you need a unit with a larger capacity. Similarly, if you just whip several times a month, when you prepare your signature pie, a smaller unit will serve you just fine.


Depending on your usage, you can choose from three types of build materials—plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel.

  • Plastic — for those who use the whipper occasionally, and an affordable, easy-to-use unit.
  • Aluminum units — durable, but they cannot be used for preparing hot creams, and they need to be washed by hand — not dishwasher safe.
  • Stainless steel — they are easy to clean as all components are dishwasher safe, or they can be rinsed, plus they can handle hot as well as cold food items.


Do you like decorating cakes, cupcakes, and cookies often? It’s easier to decorate your dessert right from the whipper as long as it is outfitted with the right tip.

Tips come in various shapes and sizes, such as petals, tulips, stars, etc. So it’s best to get a whipper with different tips that are made from stainless steel.

Ease Of Use

Dishwasher safe units are always the best pick — pull all attachments apart and throw them into the washer. Add to that, if a unit has additional brushes to help you get into the tiny nooks and crannies of the many parts, that’d be even better.

Moreover, also consider ergonomic features; if you would be using the whipper daily on an ongoing basis, it needs to be comfortable to hold and handle.


The price of whippers can vary depending on the material, the available capacity, and the added attachments. The plastic variants are the cheapest, followed by aluminum units, and then the stainless steel units.

The higher the price, the more options you get, which significantly enhances your whipping experience.

Remember, don’t compromise on quality when aiming for a lower price, and if you are getting a plastic unit, make sure it is BPA free.

Things To Consider When Buying Whip Cream Chargers

Compatibility With Your Whipper

It would be pointless to buy the best charger out there if it is not compatible with the whip dispenser you own. And we don’t have to tell you how daunting it is to handle returns and exchanges, especially when you buy online.

Hence, please ensure pre-purchase that the potential charger is right for you

Seamless Operations

Out of the box, the charger should be something on the grounds of plug-and-play, you should not require help from a third-person to add it to your whipper. Plus, cleaning it from any traces of fluids such as oil should be straightforward.


Chargers come with different capacities, so choose according to your usage. A set of 24 carriages is an excellent option for home use, whereas if you run a restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, etc. go for chargers that contain sets of 120 cartridges, 300 cartridges, or more as they are best for commercial purposes.

Also, some chargers are recyclable, whereas others aren’t. Take that into consideration when narrowing down to the right pick.


If you require a good amount to help with commercial operations, buy a package that has 120 or above cartridges—it will cost you less than a 24-pack.

Where To Buy Cream Chargers

It would be best to buy chargers online from online market places like Amazon—you get a reasonable price, and get the items delivered to your doorstep.

Helpful Tips

Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your cream chargers and whippers:

  • Fill the canister up to the given indicator and no more, if an indicator is not present, it’s best to fill less and not till the top. An overfilled canister won’t give you the right results, plus it has a slight chance of exploding.
  • If the prepared mixture is not aerated appropriately, shake the whipper a few times and then try. If it remains the same, put it through some additional nitrous oxide.
  • Don’t use liquids at extreme temperatures.
  • Strain the liquids before adding them to the whipper; this will prevent the unit from clogging.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the Life Of An N2O Charger, Once Opened?

Nitrous oxide inhibits bacteria growth, so for effective results, its best to keep a charge dispenser in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. If not used within this time, its best to dispose of it.

Can Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Be Used In A Whipper?

No, CO2 cannot be used because:

  • CO2 is acidic as opposed to N2O
  • N2O is not as soluble in water as CO2, so if you use CO2, the cream will turn out to be fizzy. Under pressure, N2O can dissolve in liquid with high-fat content, whereas CO2 cannot, etc.

How Do Cream Chargers Work?

A charger infuses with N2O is used to aerate liquids, and drive them out of a nozzle. The compressed gas mixes with liquid and creates foam.

What Is The Expiry Of An Unused Charger?

If left as it is, the charger may remain fine for an extended period. There is a small chance that the seal may start weakening after five to seven years.

Is nitrous oxide in whipped cream safe?

Nitrous oxide is perfectly safe in whipped cream! This inert, or stable, gas is perfect for keeping whipped cream cooled into whipped peaks. After about 20 minutes nitrous oxide begins to dissipate, which leads to your cream turning back into a liquid. In short, nitrous oxide is an essential part of making whipped cream both in terms of preservation and propulsion and you shouldn’t be spooked out to see it on the label.

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