Best Free Photo Editing Apps iPhone PS Express (Photoshop) #3


PS Express is another one of the best free photo editing apps for the iPhone. This iPhone photo editor is basically Adobes express version of Photoshop. You get all the standard editing filters, cropping and enhancement of a photo editor app built by Adobe. If you ever wanted to flip a selfie this is the app for you.

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  1. Colleen Hobgood says

    I really liked the app feature to the app but can you add people from another photo to the picture you’re trying to edit

  2. AT28 says

    My guy has 2ooo messages

  3. Luis Pereira says

    boring,, the people want to Fix faces… !

  4. Alexander Carey says

    so basically this is just filter… where’s the actual PHOTO SHOP

  5. Amanda Lundberg says

    You have 2,155 emails, oh my ocd…

  6. Allison Marie says

    Can you do how to remove texts from images on photoshop with an iPhone? Because I’m clearly making a book cover and it has texts on it.

  7. WiTey says

    I want to make memes.

  8. K Beverly says

    Talk to much

  9. Magical Patterns says

    Thank you in advance for your advice. I use this app because I can’t afford photoshop yet but I noticed that when I use the collage i see a thing line in white. Do you know how to get rid of it? Thank you. Instagram: Magical_patterns Thank you again.

  10. Md Saif says

    How to change background?

  11. The spawning Dog says


  12. Aureji Hirwa says

    Hey look

  13. Matt Deckard says

    Its just like editing using the iphone’s built in editor, but the buttons are different

  14. Hxoney Beezz says

    I only doing this to photoshop me and xxxtentacion hugging

  15. Marlynn Lund says

    Thank You For Sharing How This App Works.

  16. HUTARU KUN says

    This video make , me realy sleepy !

  17. Math 429 says

    Critica social foda

  18. Single Gal Guide says

    Good job!

  19. ShakiraEditz says

    I bet this is what Danielle Cohn uses

  20. EverythingDesign says

    I Like & Subscribe! Nice Video! Congratulations!

  21. mtdanyt says

    Or just get the iPhone 8 with better stuff

  22. Patty Kreider says

    Dan, thank you for this tutorial!  I love PS Express IOS, but just started using collage option.  It's very glitchy.  When making a collage and enlarge a photo to adjust, it won't minimize again!!  After much tapping and praying it will suddenly minimize, but never with any level of consistency.  Most times I have to delete the collage and start over.  How in the world are we suppose to minimize those collage photos again???  A collage tutorial on iphone PS Express would be soooooo appreciated!  I think it's probably a bug that needs to be fixed, but maybe there's a secret I can't discover!  Thanks

  23. MrsBrownie Kawaii says


  24. Omar Pineda says

    If you guys want to add pictures and customized backgrounds and all that cool stuff download Bazaart

  25. Rosa Saldana says

    Woah you can make your photo gay

  26. L Bo says

    I want something that blurs imperfections on the face. Anything free that you know of?

  27. Luki_ says

    Can you add layers?

  28. hxiderr says

    Can you import PSD files?

  29. Pineislandpam says

    Thanks for such a precise and to the point tutorial. I've had this app awhile and became frustrated trying to figure it out. Your tutorial got me started on my journey. Appreciate it!

  30. el lionLL says

    ingles es para gays español para hombres machos de verdad

  31. Brian Jesus Chura Gonzales says

    2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway

  32. Ashvin Reverb says

    Can you add other pictures to the photoOr draw on the photo

  33. cracked cat says

    at first i thought that's a picture of a cactus. lol

  34. Eagle Ales says

    good video,dan thank you.

  35. ツKavinClapz says


  36. ツKavinClapz says

    comment and like

  37. ツKavinClapz says


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