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IR Filter Options :: Spencers Camera

IR Filter Options :: Spencers Camera IR Filter Choices and Differences

We currently offer Infrared Conversion services for more than 800 different models of cameras, including all current Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Pentax, Sony, Olympus and Fuji SLR models. Also, we recently added Hasselblad, Leica and Ricoh cameras to our conversion list.

One decision that needs to be considered is which IR filter you would like installed in your camera. There are many different filter options and we have listed the most popular choices below. Also, there is the option of having a clear filter installed in your camera which will allow the use of any IR filter on your lens, creating a very flexible option for those wanting more than one result. (Full spectrum filter options are better described on our Full Spectrum Cameras page)

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the filter options available and their performance. Below are image examples for the most popular IR filter options. Only the highest image quality polished glass and quartz material is used in our conversions unlike some of our competitors that use plastic filters. Plastic filters will result in distortion and soft focus in the final images.

Infrared Filter Options and IR Image Comparisons

IR Filters explained

Standard (720nm) Filter: Our Standard Color IR filter (720nm – R72) which allows the camera to capture all Infrared Light and a small amount of visible or color light. This filter will produce great Black & White images simply by desaturating the image in Photoshop.

Amplified Color IR (665nm) Filter: Our Amplified Color IR Filter (665nm) which allows all Infrared Light and more visible or color light than the Standard filter to be captured by the camera. This filter will produce good Black & White IR images simply by desaturating the image in Photoshop. Some additional adjustments may be needed to acheive the best Black & White results.

Extreme Color IR (590nm) Filter: Our Extreme Color IR (590nm) filter allows a very large amount of color as well as all of the IR spectrum to be captured by the camera. Example images using this filters are included in the gallery at the top of this page. This filter will produce good Black & White IR images simply by desaturating the image in Photoshop. Some additional adjustments may be needed to acheive the best Black & White results.

Black & White IR (830nm) Filter: our Black and White (830nm – 87C) filter which allows only Infrared Light to reach the imaging sensor of the camera, creating deep, rich, black and white images with little to no post adjustments. For the purist black and white IR shooter this is the filter of choice.

Full Spectrum (Clear) Filter: Our Full Spectrum (Clear) Filter option is great for photographers that want to shoot IR using on lens filters and normal visible photography simply by using our UV/IR Cutoff filters on their lenses, all with the same camera. This filter option will allow the camera to capture UV, IR and Visible light, giving the photographer a lot of options. Especially for “live view” cameras this is a good option that allows for great flexibility. Shooting hand held IR images by using on lens IR filters and normal photography all with the same camera. Also, the full spectrum conversion will allow more of the EM spectrum to be captured for Astrophotography. (More about astrophotography is listed on our Astrophotography page.)

Custom filter options: We also offer special order filter options such as 515nm, 530nm, 550nm, 570nm, 630nm, 695nm, 780nm, 850nm and 900nm filter options. We can also special order most any filter variation that you may need. Some of our customers have ordered special filters covering narrow or wide areas of the spectrum for specialty photography, including Astrophotography, Solar photography, Agricultural photography and others. Also, we are constantly testing conversions on camera models that are not listed on this site. Pricing for most filter options, including installation service, are listed within each specific camera model listing in the IR Conversions section. Please email at [email protected] for custom filter option pricing.

If you are interested in having a camera model converted that is not listed on this site please contact us as we may be able to accommodate your needs. (Yes, we do accept international orders. Shipping charges for international orders will be automatically calculated at the time of checkout. Standard shipping is via US Postal Service priority mail. For other shipping options please contact us for a quote.)

NEW!! Spencer’s Camera & Photo now offers reinstallation of the Sensor Cleaning/Dust Reduction System for most camera models . Simply select the re-installation option within the internal filter section when ordering your conversion/camera and the cleaning system will be reinstalled during the conversion process. (*If the cleaning system is a standard/stock function of the camera model it can be reinstalled)

**** The Dust Reduction System of most camera models is removed during the conversion process. Please be sure to disable this function within the settings of your camera. Failure to do so may result in a temporary camera error. If your camera displays a Dust Reduction System error you can still disable the function within the camera menu. We are only able to re-install the dust reduction/sensor cleaning system in most cameras at this time.****

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