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6 Best Great Dane Breeders in the United States! (2021) – We Love Doodles

Great Dane Breeders

If you’re trying to find the best Great Dane breeders in the United States, then this guide will make things easier for you. Many words can describe the majestic and regal nature of the Great Dane. Rambo, Apollo of Dogs, Sumo, and Legend are a few of those words that illustrate the Great Dane’s personality in one way or another. In the 16th century, the Great Danes were considered to be the biggest and most handsome breed. In Germany, the Great Danes were pampered and treated to the most refined trims and lifestyles as they were only owned by royals or the ultra-wealthy.

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Great Dane Puppies For Sale in the United States

Great Dane Puppies For Sale in the United States

Today, the Great Danes maintain the title of the “tallest dog” in the world and their sweet and gentle dispositions. Chances are you may be searching for a Great Dane due to their essence or their truly courageous spirit. In this article, we’ll take a look at the six Great Dane breeders across the United States that you can reach out to wherever you are. Let’s get started.

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1. Creek Danes

Creek Danes

First on the list of Great Dane breeders in the United States is “Creek Danes.” Creek Danes is the home of All Time Winning Blue Great Dane in American History. The founders, Kenny and David, fell in love with the breed in 2001 when they bought their first Great Dane. The Great Dane, nicknamed Oz, was a joy to own. Oz took an immediate liking to the duo’s 3-year old daughter, Chloe, who had (and still has) Cerebral Palsy. Oz taught Chloe how to walk and drew the pair to fall in love with the majestic giants. Sadly, Oz passed away, but his memory remains with the duo and Chloe.

It is in his honor that Creek Danes was founded. The founders have chosen to specialize in showing and breeding Blue Great Danes in Michigan. David and Kenny say they try and improve each generation of Great Danes. This is why they have created a robust breeding program to ensure they only breed the best Great Danes. You can check out their past puppies and breeding stock on their website. David and Kenny encourage anyone new to the breed and experience to contact them. The duo says they love to pass on their knowledge of these regal beauties and show you around their premises.

Creek Danes Details

  • Location: 1934 S. Wilson Rd. Boyne City, MI 49712
  • Website: Creek Danes
  • Phone: (231) 330-5232 (David), (231) 622-1137 (Kenny)
  • Email: [email protected]

2. Ellenni Danes

Ellenni Danes

Ellenni Danes is the brainchild of Brittany Cipriotti. Brittany has been involved with the Great Dane for a long time. She fell in love with the Boston color (now called Mantle) and set her heart on showing this color in the show ring. Ellie, a Great Dane puppy, happened to be the best match for Brittany. Brittany’s owner handled her and later on let a professional handle her to the championships. In due time, Ellie earned her championship and became Brittany’s first champion. In the process of Ellie earning her championship, Brittany was obsessed with learning everything she could on how to become a better handler and practiced with every dog she encountered.

Her twin daughters, Angéle and Brielly, soon caught the fever and developed an interest in handling dogs. With lots of training, practice classes, and outstanding mentors – Brittany’s education and dreams came full circle. In 2004, Brittany began breeding and training home-bred champions. Five years later, she received Gracie (a fawn female) from Honey Danes to breed to Tyler, her stud. This fruitful partnership bore fawn & brindle puppies whose lineage still exists today in Brittany’s breeding program. Today, Brittany breeds and shows Great Danes, Boston Terriers, Grand Bassetts, and Canaan Dog. She is an AKC Silver Breeder of Merit and AKC breeder of H.E.A.R.T.

Ellenni Danes Details

  • Location: Bealeton, Virginia
  • Website: Ellenni Danes
  • Phone: (703) 307-1494
  • Email: [email protected]

3. Cheshire Great Danes

Cheshire Great Danes

Michael and Shalein are the owners of Cheshire Great Danes. Shalein got her first Great Dane, Cleo, who had a beautiful black color in 1984. Cleo went on to win an all-time high score in obedience and multiple High in Trials (HIT). After years of obedience training, Shalein focused on her breeding program and showed in conformation rings. Since then, Shalein and her dogs have won tons of national and international championships. Shalein took it further to study and earn a doctorate from Colorado State University in veterinary medicine.

While in school, Shalein placed a strong emphasis on reproduction and genetics. She was even awarded 3 AKC scholarships for her exemplary genetics research on the Great Danes. Today, Shalein practices in Eastern Tennessee at Village Veterinarian Medical Center. She is also studying to become certified in reproduction and gain acceptance into The Mentorship Program of the ACT. If you’re keen on getting a Great Dane for a show, this breeder might be a good fit.

Cheshire Great Danes Details

  • Location: Clinton, Tennessee
  • Website: Cheshire Great Danes
  • Email: [email protected]

4. Rainmaster Danes

Rainmaster Danes

Rainmaster Danes is owned and run by long-time Dane lover Jan. For the past 20 years, Jane has had great success in breeding and showing Great Danes across the US. Today, Jan specializes in breeding and showing black and blue Great Danes. Jan believes in breeding for the breed’s betterment. She breeds by the Great Dane Club of America (GDCA) standards and code of ethics. Her three key attention areas, similar to all breeders on the list, are; health, temperament, and longevity. Jan is a member of GDCA and the Great Dane Club of Cleveland, where she also serves as the treasurer.

Rainmaster Danes Details

  • Location: Wellington, Ohio
  • Website: Rainmaster Danes
  • Email: [email protected]

5. Danemark Danes

Danemark Danes

Goerge and Bev established Danemark Danes in 1967. Karen and Bernie, the current owners, met Bev and George in 1989 when they purchased their first two show-Danes. The couple bred under the name “Diamond Danes Kennel” for 16 years before switching to their current name in 2005 due to many similar kennel names. The duo’s main aim is to produce an all-around Dane. The couple defines this as a Great Dane with beauty and structure to win in conformation rings, possessing the intelligence to do anything and everything else, excellence in obedience, agility, and temperament.

Health is also crucial for these two breeders, similar to many breeders on the list. The couple specializes in breeding, raising, and training fawn and brindle Great Danes. So far, they have produced and owned 75 American Champions, 15 Canadian Champions, 35 International titles, and 7 Grand Champions. They also have many performance titles to count and three dogs in the “Best in Specialty” category. The breeders are members of GDCA and the Great Dane Club of Greater St. Louis. They are also recognized as AKC Breeders of Merit.

Danemark Danes Details

  • Location: Louis, Missouri
  • Website: Danemark Danes
  • Email: [email protected]

6. Foto Danes

Foto Danes

Last on the list of Great Dane breeders in the United States is “Foto Danes.” In early 1997, Bev Klingensmith acquired her first Great Dane. A regal merle male she named Zuko. Zuko was terrific and took a real treat to obedience work. Whenever he heard sirens from a nearby fire station, he would howl and howl he would. As incredible as Zack was, he had severe temperament issues that originated from his roots. Zack was acquired from a backyard breeder. After going back and forth about it, Bev and her family made the painful decision to euthanize him.

This was heartbreaking for Bev and served as a valuable lesson on genetic play’s massive role in temperaments and dispositions. This lesson would later become even more vital for Bev’s kennel, Foto Danes. Bev’s next Dane was a harlequin male, Doogan. She acquired him on a co-ownership agreement in 1999 from KJEM Danes in Canada. Doogan was wonderful and grew to be a true breed ambassador. He had a great temperament and got along with other dogs, animals, and people—Doogan’s nature-inspired Bev to open her kennel later. Even though Doogan has since passed away, his legacy remains.

Sky, a harlequin Dane from KJEM Danes who also bred Doogan, became the foundation for Foto Danes. Since then, Bev has helped many families and individuals find their perfect match with a Great Dane. Her robust breeding program ensures she only selects and breeds top-notch Great Danes. Bev is a member of the GDCA, Great Dane Club of Des Moines (and the current president), Des Moines Obedience Training Club (and current Training Director assistant), and the Central Iowa Kennel Club, where she also serves as the current vice-president.

Foto Danes Details

  • Location: Newton, Iowa
  • Website: Foto Danes
  • Phone: (641) 792-8076
  • Email: [email protected]

Conclusion For The “Best Great Dane Breeders in the United States”

Conclusion For The Best Great Dane Breeders in the United States

Great Danes are one of the best breeds on earth, but they are not for everyone. As you consider purchasing and bringing a Great Dane home, ensure you do your homework and thoroughly research the breed and prospective breeders. We recommend buying from a reputable breeder who breeds in alignment with the standards set by AKC or GDCA. Keep in mind Great Danes are not cheap to own, raise or maintain. Be wary of anyone who offers a price that’s too good to pass up. There’s always a hidden cost involved. We wish you the best in your search for a Great Dane.

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