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If you’re someone who absolutely loves hiking about on mountaintops, forests, and generally any natural landscape, you’re definitely going to need a camera.

Of course, it’ll be difficult to hold, especially if you’re climbing around treacherous terrain, but you’ll want to keep it close, in case you want to snap that quick photo. That’s where your camera strap comes in.

Yes, every professional camera will come with a strap already in its kit, even if it’s just a small wrist strap, crossbody strap or a simple neck strap.

However, those straps aren’t always durable, or comfortable. After all, you’re climbing about, and if you sweat, those straps can get pretty uncomfortable.

So, we’ve listed a few of the best camera straps for hiking and backpacking that you should try. But first…

Why You Need A Camera Strap

The obvious reason why you need a good camera strap is the fact that it leaves your hands free. You can go climbing over boulders or mountains, but still keep your camera on hand, in case you need to take a quick picture.

Not to mention, if you have any extra lenses on hand, you’ll be able to quickly change them without worrying about the logistics of it.

A good camera strap also provides security. What that means is anything from preventing your camera from being stolen to preventing it from being damaged if it gets knocked down.

A good camera strap will ensure that your camera stays with you at all times and is protected from anything that could harm it.

How It Works

camera strap for sony

Typically, a camera strap keeps your camera close to you, so that you can have easy access to it. It also works as an anti-theft mechanism.

Of course, sometimes you’ll find that are many other uses for it too, like holding extra lenses or stabilizing your camera.

So, if you’re taking a video and your hands are a bit shaky from your climb, you can use the strap as a stabilizer for your shot.

Type Of Straps

Depending on the camera you’ve bought, you’ll receive a variety of different straps. For example, with DSLRs, you’ll receive a neck strap in the kit.

With small digital cameras, you’ll receive a wrist strap, and if you’re lucky and you’ve bought a complete professional camera set, you might be given a sling strap or a shoulder strap.

Most of the time, these camera straps are durable, since they’re made of a combination of leather, nylon, and plastic, but these materials don’t breathe, especially when you’re hiking or climbing.

How To Wear Camera Strap

chest camera strap

For the most part, a camera strap should wrap around your wrist, neck, or body, but sometimes, you’ll get harnesses and slings that can be a little more complicated.

So, be careful when wrapping them around your body, because there will be extra straps and pockets that will get tangled if you’re not wearing them correctly.

Always follow the instructions that come with them, so you can be sure you’re wearing your camera sling strap properly.

Where to Buy Camera Strap

While you can buy a camera strap from any camera shop, we suggest you buy it online from Amazon or a different shop where you can check the reviews. Look after its durability, comfort, and design.

Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap

This camera strap can be worn in multiple ways. You can use it as a neck strap, a shoulder strap, a sling, or a crossbody strap.

While it might be a standard nylon camera strap, there is a difference between this one and those standard ones. It has a quick-release function.

So, you can easily slip your camera off if you need to. This camera strap is best for mirrorless and light DSLRs.

Coiro Dual Camera Leather Camera Harness

If you’re the type of photographer who uses 2 cameras at the same time, this leather camera harness is something you’ll most definitely need.

You can wear it like a vest, so it won’t jostle your cameras about too much, and it’s easily adjustable, with buckle clasps.

You also get double carabiner clips to hold your cameras close, so even if you unhooked one, it’ll still be attached.

This camera harness works best with both DSLR and SLR cameras.

The Art Tribute Store Vibrant Design Neck Strap

If you’re looking for an affordable neck strap that’s comfortable, breathable and has a quick release feature, then try this vintage-style neck strap by Art Tribute.

It’s made from 100% premium-grade pure cotton, so you can be sure that you’ll still be comfortable after hours of use.

You’ll also find that it’s adjustable, so you can wear it however you like, with a minimum length of 33” and a max of 61”.

This strap is great for any DSLR camera, as it’s compatible with Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm and Sony!

BlackRapid Curve Camera Sling Strap

If you’re looking for a crossbody camera strap, you should look at buying this one. It’ll not only keep your camera secure at your waist, but it’ll also ensure your shoulder is protected, thanks to its moisture-wicking shoulder pad.

It even comes with a secondary strap, under your arm, so that both your camera and the strap itself will remain in place, even as you move about.

You’ll also get a spring-loaded bumper lock, so your camera will be secured at all times.

This sling strap is perfect for any type of camera.

Peak Design Clutch CL-2 Hand Strap

Sometimes the best camera straps come in the shape of a hand strap or a handgrip.

It’s simply because it allows mobility and freedom of movement. After all, you’re probably going to be carrying a heavy backpack around, to carry all your camera’s extra accessories and tools.

Why not go for a quick and easy hand grip, which gives you that flexibility to point your camera in whatever direction you need to.

You’ll find that this hand strap will provide a solid grip on your camera, while still giving you easy access to your camera’s controls.

It even comes with a quick-release feature, so if you want to reattach it to your other Peak Design neck strap, it’ll be easy as pie.

This hand strap works with any DSLR including those with large bodies and battery grips.


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