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5 Best Retro Microwave Ovens in 2021 – Kitchen Gearoid

What To Expect From Retro Microwaves?

There are a few common denominators in terms of features that you can find in most retro microwave ovens.

We talk about these here.

It is Designed to Appeal to Style

retro microwave

most microwave ovens are boring, they come in drab colors and mostly have the same boring look. Retro ovens were designed to appeal to users style.

A retro oven in your kitchen can generally transform the look of your kitchen and give it an overall awesome appearance.

Therefore if you are looking for a particular style in a microwave oven, you will generally find it in retro microwaves. Retro ovens are designed to appeal to beauty.

Low Power

On the other hand, most of the best retro microwaves have similar features. Although they might come in elegant and beautiful styles, you must also consider other factors like power before you purchase your retro oven.

Most retro ovens generally have low power levels. You will rarely find a retro oven above 1000 watts.

In fact, most retro ovens feature the least 700 watt output power.

The lower the power, the longer it takes to heat up your food.

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Small Sized

best retro microwave

Retro microwaves fall in the small category.

Retro ovens are small size, their sizes ranges between 0.7-0.9.

So if you want a retro ovens, you might have to forgo some other details like size and power.

The 0.7-0.9 CU FT size is considered small microwave oven class. These have a turntable diameter for about 10 inch or the size of a small pizza.

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No Sensor Cooking

Retro ovens are simple and functional, they hardly have automated cooking. Most do not feature sensor cooking whereby the microwave automatically detects the humidity and the temperature and adjusts the levels accordingly.

Despite this flaw, they still have really attractive controls that is designed to attend to most simple microwave ovens needs.

The control knobs are few and simple and do not have too many functions. Retro ovens place beauty, functionality and style above all else.

Do Not have Inverter Technology

What is Power Level in Microwave Oven

Retro microwaves are simple and generally do not feature the more advanced technologies.

If you are looking for an oven with inverter technology, you will not find it in a retro oven.

Retro ovens place beauty above all else and generally do not provide detailed functions in their microwave ovens.

Also since they are in the rather small and affordable range, they do tend to miss out on the more advanced features.

It Does not Have the Grill or Convection Feature

As earlier mentioned, retro ovens are simple and minimalist, they simply have basic microwave oven functions and generally do not have the convection or grill function in them.

Final Words

Here we looked at some of the best retro microwave ovens out there. We looked at rather premium and budget options. We also looked at digital and mechanical models.

The point to note here is that retro microwave ovens tend to be minimal in terms of their feature set and functionality.

They generally not large nor do they feature a high power. Hence, they mostly appeal to style.

Fortunately, most retro microwaves are affordable compared to a standard microwave oven for home use.

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