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Cuisinart SmartNest Nonstick Aluminum ($129* for a 12-piece set) has the same good stack mechanism as the SmarNest Stainless-Steel. As made of aluminum, it’s lightweight and less durable than the SmartNest hard-anodized aluminum but still a nice budget set.

Above from the admirable nestable feature and tougher nonstick coats, the Cuisinart SmartNest Nonstick Hard-Anodized ($199* for a 11-piece set) feels quite alike to the Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick. Since we’re fond of Cuisinart’s user-friendly details — the measuring marks, easy pouring rims, riveted stainless-steel handles and a lid organizer rack — that makes it a reasonable pick for daily tasks, both performance and value.

Cuisinart SmartNest Nesting Cookware Set

Cuisinart SmartNest has the solid nesting tabs for letting the pots and pans to stack orderly, without scratching each other.

GreenPan Level Stainless-Steel ($519* for a 11-piece set) has 3-ply stainless-steel construction while the rest qualifications are the same as the GreenPan Level. Above from the extra durability, nothing is particularly better.

T-fal All-in-One Stackable Nonstick ($120* for a 12-piece set) cooks reasonably well at the low-priced range but easily to get damage. Also, unlike the Tramontina Nesting and Cuisinart SmartNest, it has poorer nesting design — no rub preventers.

The stack system of the Granite Stone Stack Master ($120* for a 10-piece set) feels a lot like the Calphalon Space-Saving but it has the noticeably fragile construction, which gets warp easily.

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Comparing to the traditional stackable style with fixed handles, the detachable (or removeable) handle design requires visibly less space to store while sacrificing the ease of use.

Cristel Strate ($1,300* for a 13-piece set) is a top-notch performer with a high-quality construct like the Cristel Casteline, but it has flat lids that might be a bit trickier to use than the traditional design of the Casteline. Still, the Strate is outstandingly a most space-efficient cooking set since you can store 23 items in a drawer that keeps 7 cooking pieces with fixed handles.

Cristel Strate Set of Handles

Cristel Strate has a most effective stackable mechanism that can fit a whole collection in a limited storage, without scratching each other.

NeoFlame Midas Plus ($99* for a 9-piece set) has a particularly poor specimen, with a small capacity and low-quality construction.

T-fal Ingenio Expertise Nonstick Induction ($250* for a 13-piece set) is a new line of the Ingenio. It feels noticeably durable and solid than the Ingenio Essential as it’s made of hard-anodized aluminum and the topper-tier of nonstick coating. Also, it works well on most hobs, included induction ranges. It’s a good upgraded nonstick set for a tiny storage — an Editor’s favorite product.

T-fal Ingenio Preference ($450* for a 15-piece set) has a good concept — a set that combines stainless-steel and nonstick pieces together. With the price, we’re dissatisfied with the inferior nonstick quality and unfulfilled pieces and spatulas.

Cutting down the futile stuffs, the Ingenio Preference Saucepan set ($99* for a set of 2 saucepans), the set of a 16-cm and a 20-cm stainless-steel pot with an encapsulated base, deeply caught our interest due to its versatility for cooking, serving and stocking foods.

T-fal Ingenio Preference Saucepan Set

T-fal Ingenio Preference Saucepan Set is flexible for all kitchen duties — cook, serve and store foods — while requires a tiny storage, when stacked.

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