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10 Best Time-Lapse Apps for Photographers (Top Picks 2021)

Time-lapse photography is becoming more and more popular. As a result, there are quite a few apps for time-lapse photography available on the market.

You’ll find the best time-lapse camera apps in this article. Both for Android and iPhone smartphones. A cool astrophotography time-lapse

10. Native Camera App

  • Free
  • Already installed
  • Simple to use

We say it all the time – the best camera is the one you always have with you. It is the same for time-lapse photography apps.

You may not even realise you have one, but the camera app on both iPhone and Android gives you this option. Here, it is a video option and very simple to use.

Find the setting, press the red button and start capturing. I’m not sure how long it will go for, but I easily created a 10 second time-lapse. They are rather hyperlapses, as you can move and capture.

The only problem is, there are no extra features along with this tool. But you can edit the video afterwards inside the app, or use another video editing app.

And you aren’t limited to where you share it either. A person taking a time lapse photo with a smartphone

9. Hyperlapse Instagram

  • iPhone only
  • Free
  • Stabilisation tech
  • Easy-to-use interface

Instagram is known for its (in)famous square format and an array of specialised filters. They have started to branch out, and this Hyperlapse app is one of many examples.

It’s an incredibly easy app to understand and use. This makes it one of the best time-lapse camera apps to capture with. What makes this different is that hyperlapse is a time-lapse in motion.

This gets you out and about, forcing you to think creatively, and on your feet. You can even use this app as an image stabiliser for videos.

The only problem is that you can only share these videos on Facebook or Instagram. If this is your purpose anyway, then this iPhone time-lapse app was made for you. Screenshot of


8. Timelapse Pro

  • iPhone only
  • Free
  • Shoot with one click

Timelapse Pro for the iPhone is a great app for time-lapse videos. From opening up the app, you can start immediately with one click of a button.

After the time-lapse has been shot, you can choose from 25 video effects. You can even choose to add a song or audio track if you see fit. Save your file to the camera roll, so it can be shared anywhere.

You can customise all the settings you would expect. Frames per second shot intervals, shoot length and even a start delay. The time-lapse app uses sound effects to indicate the activity.

On top of this, you can lock the exposure and focus – two handy features. What we like is the tilt/shift effect, making your image look like a tiny village scene. Screenshot of


7. Timelapse

  • Only for iPhone
  • Free (pro is $5)
  • No Ads
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Records 4K

This little app is at the top of the pile. It is powerful and offers you manual controls such as saturation, brightness, contrast and of course, exposure.

On top of these features, you can record 4K video and save RAW files. This is a huge benefit in keeping the quality and resolution of your images high.

If that wasn’t enough, there is a feature that lets you record tilt-and-shift videos. There is, incredibly, no time-lapse flicker. This is especially important for shots for night-time sessions.

What we like is that once you have recorded your timelapse, you can even edit the images on a frame-by-frame scale. Amazing! For the beginner and pro photographer alike. Screenshot of


6. Time Lapse Video: Recorder & Editor

  • Android only
  • Free (Pro is paid)
  • 21 Unique Effects

The Time Lapse Video: Recorder & Editor is really a professional tool in the capturing of Android time-lapse videos. You can even use it as a video editor, speeding up or slowing down previously shot footage.

So yes, it is possible to convert your video to a timelapse. There are many other features. There are three options for raising the quality of your time-lapse. On top of this, there are four different speed settings.

All the video and time-lapse footage can be trimmed. You can relax if you have some unwanted object on the side of the frame.

Get it, use it, share it – it’s a great time-lapse app.

A screenshot of the Time Lapse Video: Recorder and Editor app in Google Play Store.


5. PicPac Stop

  • Free (under $5 pro)
  • Stop motion videos
  • Record or import
  • Voice control

PicPac Stop is a funny name, but the app is one of the best Android time-lapse photograph apps around. Not only does it let you shoot, but also import and convert video to time-lapse.

Even after the video has been imported, you can still edit it. Adding audio to the video is a cinch.

One of the best features is the voice control. You can control the manual mode using vocal commands. Neat!

By making a loud noise, the picture is taken – great for loud environments where the sound is an important factor.

Although interesting and useful, you need to purchase the pro version for all the features. Screenshot of


4. Framelapse

  • Only for Android
  • Zero rendering time (almost)
  • Free ($3 pro)

Like most of the important time-lapse apps, this app allows you to manually position the settings. Exposure, white balance, timer are all changeable. You can even apply filters to the time-lapse too.

For the video, you can define the frame interval, the video duration and the orientation. On top of this, the resolution and the bitrate can also be set as you wish.

For ease of use, this is one of the simplest apps to use, meaning you’ll use it more often. If you can deal with a few pop-up ads, then the free version is perfectly usable.

For the pro version, which gives you a white balance and exposure lock, you’ll need to pay for it.

This is one of the best Android timelapse photography apps available.Screenshot of


3. Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

  • Only on Android
  • Free
  • Shoot and import
  • Simple Interface

When it comes to hyperlapse apps, this Android time-lapse for mobile may just be the ticket to your best work. The benefits start straight away, as you realise you are working with a simple user interface.

Not only can you shoot the videos, but you can import also. This is a huge benefit, making this one of the best time-lapse photography apps on the market.

for shooting new videos, you can change the video speed from anything between 1x and 32x. To stabilise the shot, use the 1x speed setting. This will also keep the audio intact.

Once you’ve shot the time-lapse video, you are free to select the resolution (720 or 1080p) and then its save location.

And you can share the final result once rendering is done. Microsoft hypserlapse mobile screenshot


2. Lapse It

  • Available on iPhone and Android
  • Free ($3 pro)
  • Stop motion videos

Lapse It has all the features you would expect from one of the best time-lapse cameras, and more. Here, you can manually position the settings, such as focusing, ISO and white balance.

For the things you don’t expect, you can shoot stop-motion videos. On top of this, you can change the video’s resolution, codec, fps (frames per second) and even add an audio track or effect.

All in all, this is a very powerful Android and iPhone time-lapse app.

Get it and start using it today. Screenshot of

iPhone | Android

1. Time Lapse Camera

  • Android only
  • No ads
  • Free

When you come to download this Android time-lapse photography app, you may see the name Time Spirit. We believe the developers changed the name, mid-release – so don’t be put off.

From the get-go, you have two options; either a photo lapse or time-lapse. With the photo lapse, you take up to 30 images, and the app will turn it into a time-lapse video.

This is great for projects where you might take an image per day from the same place. The time-lapse option captures a time-lapse video then and there, where it converts video to time-lapse easily.

You can add audio, change the resolution (max is 1080p) and choose a duration between 1 minute to 12 hours. Screenshot of



Shooting great time-lapses can be hard to perform in digital photography.

However, these apps will help you to take your time-lapse photography on the next level while only using your smartphone!

To master time-lapse photography, try our Total Time-Lapse course!

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