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Pembroke Welsh Corgis were initially herding dogs. This meant that they were always busy with controlling the movement of other animals. Even though they no longer herd other animals, they continue to be busy and will always find something to do. And this applies to all corgi dog breeds. Sometimes, this leads them to destroy stuff by chewing on them.

To prevent any destructive behavior, you should find another way of keeping your dog busy. And there is no better way of doing so other than using a corgi dog toy. Plenty of such toys exist on the market and finding the best ones may be challenging. But in this post, we’re going to look for corgi toys for various situations. So, be sure to read on for more information.

The Best Toys for Corgis Overall

This is a Wobble Wag Giggle ball for not just corgis but all other dogs as well. This ball is ideal for both small and big dogs. As such, any dog owner may find it ideal for their dogs. The ball’s material is high-quality since it is made of phthalate-free vinyl.

Your dog can, therefore, safely play with this ball without any health risk. The ball’s material also makes sure that your dog can take this toy outside or indoors without any possible damages. And to help your dog pick it up easily, the ball features 6 clutch pockets on its surface.

Just by playing with this ball, your dog may be happy, healthy, and physically fit, especially if she’s running around to find it. The ball also has tubes inside that emit sounds for enticing your dog to play with it. It is a great ball that does not need any battery to operate and it is also great for dogs of all ages.

Before throwing it to the dog for a play, you should shake the ball and act excited. This will show the dog the sound of the ball which will make your dog curious and want to play with it. It’s, therefore, easy to use and your dog may love it.

The Best Corgi Puppy Toys

This toy is made with puppies in mind. It may help teach your puppy appropriate chewing behavior since it comprises a soft rubber material specially customized for a puppy’s 28 teeth and gums. What’s more, your puppy may experience mental stimulation that is necessary for growth just by chewing this toy.

The toy’s material is high-quality and safe. Besides, this toy is vet-approved, proving it to be safe for your puppy. To make this toy more appealing to the puppy, you can stuff it with treats such as puppy kibble, snacks, and Ziggies, just to mention a few.

And for an additional challenge, you can freeze a stuffed KONG puppy toy for 4-6 hours before giving it to your puppy. Besides being easy to chew, this toy is also fun to play with, and your puppy may want to play with it all day long. It has an unpredictable bounce that will instigate the puppy to start playing and chasing after if immediately.

Your puppy could also benefit in other different ways if he’s playing with this toy. KONG puppy toys will prevent separation anxiety, boredom, digging, and barking. This toy also helps in teething, making it ideal for puppies. And since it requires no batteries, it is long-lasting and hazard-free.

Ultrasonic Silent Squeaker Toy for Corgi

This is a small blue whale with plush comfort for your dog. As such, it makes a great toy for a pooch. This toy is available in small and large sizes. And this makes it ideal for medium and large-size dogs.

As a pet owner, you probably know that dogs love squeaky toys. And this toy produces the squeaky sound that will make your dog love it even more. But squeaky sounds can disturb pet owners and other family members especially during the wee hours on the night.

To make sure nothing interrupts your peaceful night’s sleep, this toy incorporates ultrasonic squeaking sounds in its design. The sounds it produces are out of range of the human hearing. What this means is that you will not hear any sound emanating from the toy but your dog will. You might only hear a tiny puff of air that will not bother you or anyone is a room.

This makes this toy an ideal playing tool for dogs. It is ideal for indoor play times since the material may be affected by the weather outside. But it is still a great toy that produces ultrasonic squeaks that your pooch will love.

The Best Corgi Dog Toy for Dispensing Treats

This is more than just a toy. It dispenses dog treats thereby enticing your dog to play with it all day long! As a toy that dispenses treats, it has adjustable openings on its top and bottom sides for rewarding playtime. You can regulate the playing difficulty by adjusting the openings on this toy.

The toy will keep your dog mentally engaged and stimulate or develop the dog’s natural hunting skills. Also, it will keep your dog entertained so she isn’t bored or becomes destructive. High-quality materials go into the construction of this toy.

It is, therefore, safe and long-lasting. You may also find this toy useful in keeping your dog healthy and physically fit. By chasing after it and playing with it, your dog will keep fit for a healthier lifestyle. The toy also wobbles, making it to entice your dog to play with it. You should opt for this toy if you need your dog to exercise playfully.

The Best Corgi Dog Toy for Chewing

First, this toy boasts of an all-natural KONG rubber that may satisfy the need for your dog to chew on something. And by chewing the toy, your dog will learn the appropriate chewing behavior.

You can take your dog’s playtime to the next level by stuffing meals or snacks inside this toy. This will make sure that your dog has the necessary mental stimulation to help keep him busy and undistracted.

KONG rubber is a vet-approved material. As such, this toy is very safe for your corgi. Besides, it is ultra-strong and will serve your dog for years to come without any damage. It bounces unevenly which is great for keeping your dog curious and interested in playing with it.

If you need to train your dog on power chewing, then this toy might help you achieve your goal. The toy also stops separation anxiety, helps in teething, and promotes weight management in dogs. As such, it does more than just keep your dog entertained.

The Best Corgi Dog Toy for Chasing

It’s hard to find a dog that doesn’t like playing fetch. Dogs love this game and could play it all day long. But bending and continually picking up the ball to throw it for your dog to fetch may take a toll on your wellbeing even if you’re in the best of physical shape.

So, why not invest in a dog toy that will not subject you to frequent bending over? One such toy is the Chuckit! Tennis Ball Launcher. Just as the name suggests, this toy has a launcher that comes in handy when throwing the ball and picking it up for a fresh throw.

As such, it is ideal not just for the dog but the owner as well. What’s more, the launcher lets you throw the ball up to a distance of 140 feet, which is more than what people do with their bare hands. This is very useful if you’re looking to give your dog more physical exercise.

The ball comprises rubber and it thus bounces to entice your dog to play with it. Also, the rubber ball is very durable and will serve your dog for years to come. This is, therefore, a great toy for dogs that love chasing stuff.

The Best Corgi Dog Toy for Tugging

This is probably one of the simplest dog toys out there. It is a play rope that is 25 inches long. And as a rope, your dogs can use it as a tugging toy. The rope isn’t just long enough for two dogs to play with but also strong enough.

It has 3 knots placed equidistant from each other. This makes sure that your dogs have sufficient grip of the rope during one of those tugging moments. Aside from excellent strength and unmatched performance, the rope is also very beautiful, especially if you check out its cotton-blend color materials.

It features three colors in a single design, making it appeal to dogs and their owner visually. The fibers of the rope also floss your dog’s teeth when tugging. As such, this toy helps you care for your dog’s oral health. The material of the rope is natural and doesn’t contain any chemicals that may harm your dog’s health. All these brilliant features make this toy an excellent rope for tugging with your dog.

IQ Treat Ball for Corgi

This is a dog toy that dispenses treats. It, therefore, gives your dog a reason to play with it. One thing you can be sure of is that this toy brings about mental stimulation in dogs. When dogs are playing with it to get some treats out, they will engage their brainpower and creativity for faster rewards.

Although the toy is made from plastic, it is still very durable and will last for years. The plastic material also makes sure that the ball can disassemble for a thorough clean up. This way, all the dry treats or kibble will be safe for consumption.

Expect your pooch to engage in long-lasting playtime if you invest in this toy. This way, you can have enough time to attend to diverse needs within your home. The ball dispenses limited amounts of treats within a given time. And this only makes the playtime longer. It is a safe toy that stimulates mental function in dogs. For all these reasons, it is a great toy that is essential for a dog’s mental development.

Why Should You Buy Dog Toys for Your Corgi?

Woman with dog Welsh Corgi Pembroke in dog park

There are a few reasons why your corgi may need a toy to play with. These reasons include the following:

They Sharpen Your Corgi’s Teeth

Some dog toys could help sharpen the teeth of your pooch. A good example is a Kong-type toy that features a special rubber that helps in teething and strengthening the gums of your dog. These toys are made from a soft rubber that may help sharpen your dog’s teeth when she’s chewing on them.

You should look for toys made from softer materials since other types of toys may damage your dog’s teeth, especially if they’re made from hard materials. Also, make sure that the toy is small but not small enough for your pooch to swallow.

Toys Prevent Your Corgi from Chewing Other Stuff

It is completely normal for dogs to chew on stuff. Besides, this is how they deal with the pain during the teething phase. To make sure that your dog doesn’t chew on stuff that you may deem very useful, get him a chewable toy to play with.

Again, you want to choose softer toys here since those made of harder materials will damage your dog’s teeth. You should note that even older dogs like to chew stuff since this is how they exercise their jaws and train on having powerful bites.

Toys May Help Your Corgi to Relax

Without proper exercise, dogs can become very stubborn as a way of letting out some of their pent-up energy. To make sure that your dog doesn’t cause a ruckus or unnecessary destruction within the homestead, you should get it a toy to play with.

A toy will keep your dog company and relax him thus avoiding any destructive behavior. You could get him a toy that he finds interesting if you want him to be relaxed for a long time. Squeaky toys are ideal in this case. Or you can look for the best toy for bored dogs as they’re also an ideal option here.

A Toy Will Exercise Your Corgi

Proper exercises are appropriate for any dog to keep her physically fit and healthy. And one way of making sure that your dog has enough exercise is buying her some toys to play with. You can buy a toy that is ideal for playing fetch if you want to properly exercise your dog. Your dog will be having plenty of exercises as she runs and fetches a ball or the toy. But be sure to take her for a walk on some occasions.

Toys Foster a Bond Between You and The Corgi

Playing with someone can create a strong bond between the two of you. And the same rule applies to dogs. To make sure that you’re achieving impressive results as far as bonding goes, be sure to buy toys that allow you to interact with your corgi. Such toys include balls that come in handy for playing fetch, plush toys, and dog frisbees.

What are the Different Dog Toys for Corgis?

Corgi dog in the park, toys, accessories

Most dog owners don’t know that dog toys are different and many types exist out there on the market. And not all of them will yield the same results for corgis. This means that you need to know the different types so you can know the options you have when shopping for dog toys for corgis.

The first type is the plush toys: These are dog toys that take the form of soft, stuffed animals. They’re highly comfortable thus the name plush. And your corgi may bond with it and carry it around as a child would.

The second types are interactive toys: They’re also known as training toys. They’re the kind of toys to buy for teething puppies. Also, they’re ideal for dogs that love to chew on stuff. They are mainly made of such materials as soft rubber and plastic. They’re made to be durable and to take on all the chewing from your corgi.

Training dog toys can help you create a strong bond between you and the corgi. They normally take the form of a ball for playing fetch and an intricate puzzle. Though you can also find them in other forms like a rope for tugging with your dog. These are pretty much the different types of dog toys for corgis out there.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Dog Toy for a Corgi?

Welsh Corgi Pembroke on grass playing with ball in summer sunny day

To make sure that you’re buying the best dog toy for your corgi, there are a few factors that you should consider first. And they include the following:

The Age of Your Corgi

Your baby pooch’s teeth are fragile and may easily damage. As such, you should be careful with what you give him to play with. For puppies, you want to choose a softer or more plush toy. But for teething puppies, choose a firmer but still soft toy that will not damage the teeth.

Once your corgi has grown all teeth, you may need to gift him a harder toy for chewing on and exercising the jaws. Balls and rope toys are ideal at this stage of your pooch’s life. These toys strengthen your dog’s bite as he plays with them. As you can see, your dog will need different toys throughout his life and this makes it necessary to consider his age before buying him any toy.

The Dog’s Chewing Behavior

When it comes to chewing behavior, there are three types of dogs: passive chewers, aggressive chewers, and those that are in the middle of the spectrum. Passive chewers only chew stuff on some occasions but aggressive chewers chew everything until nothing is left undestroyed.

Before you can buy any chewing toy for your corgi if she has a chewing behavior, you want to make sure that you know what type she is. This is crucial to help you get her the right toy. Buy a toy that will help reduce the dog’s chewing behavior if you want your corgi not to destroy your stuff.

The Size of the Dog Toy for Corgi

Dog toys also come in various sizes. Some toys are made for medium-size dogs while others are made for large-size dogs. If you buy a toy that is too small, your pooch may swallow it and this could wreak havoc on his life. As such, you want to make sure that you get the right toy size for the dog. Besides, smaller toys could block the intestines of your dog if he swallows it.

On the other hand, larger toys might be boring to play with and your corgi will abandon it before you know it. And this is true if the toy is too big to fit in your pooch’s mouth! You should, therefore, look for the right-sized toy after considering the size of your dog.


A dog’s toy can be beneficial to your corgi in several ways. First, it can help sharpen the teeth of your corgi. Second, it can prevent your dog from chewing on valuable stuff. And lastly, a toy will help your dog with excellent and life-changing exercises. As such, your corgi needs to have a dog toy to keep him entertained, healthy, and fit.

But finding the best toys for your corgi may be a daunting task since plenty of products exist out there on the market. But this post has made your search easier by recommending a few incredible toys that may help transform the life of your corgi. Playing with your pooch should, therefore, yield the results that will change your canine’s life.

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