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Looking for the best dog toy for your Rottweiler? The intelligent Rottweiler, or Rottie as he is affectionately known, has a natural desire to protect his home and family. With this natural desire, comes a very firm bite grip, and intense bite pressure. This means finding the right dog toys that can withstand massively powerful jaws is essential.

Through the years, the Rottie’s ability to train and learn has seen him excel as police dogs and security guards. And as a heavyweight all-rounder that can pull carts and perform many manual labor chores. It is for these reasons that a challenged and entertained Rottie is a happy and well-behaved Rottie.

Keeping a dog entertained, and getting rid of excess energy is always easier when you have an assortment of dog toys to keep their attention. No single toy will be a firm favorite for all Rotties, which is why in the article below, you’ll find several we think are perfect for your pup. It’s a great idea to consider a few different types of toys, to find out which one suits your pup’s playstyle the best. Let’s take a look at our favorite Rottweiler dog toys for every occasion!

Type of Play

With the sheer number of different products out there, it can be a big ask to get the right toy first time for a pup. If they like to chew, make sure you purchase something durable, Rotties are masters of destruction with their powerful build and strong jaws. Chew toys are fantastic for teething puppies too, and it’ll often distract their attention away from your shoes and sofa. Some Rotties enjoy a game of fetch, so look for durable balls and discs for retrieving activities.


This is the key for any toy for any dog, big or small. Whether you own a Rottie or a Chihuahua, they will want to chew and play rough. They are animals, after all. The only difference is that because of their bite pressure, Rotties can destroy toys in minutes if they are cheap and not very well made. Increased durability usually comes with a higher price tag, but it also means it will last longer. Meaning better value for money in the long run.


Safety should always come first. Many toys, although designed for dogs, can pose a safety risk when they start to deteriorate. Avoid those that have low ratings and are cheaply made. It normally means they will have poor build quality. They can also contain materials such as latex and BPA plastics that can be toxic to dogs if ingested.


The Rottweiler sits firmly in the large dog spectrum. As such, you will need to find toys that are the appropriate size. You cannot buy small toys for big dogs. If you do, they may be able to swallow them whole and choke. Or even chew them up and eat them. Keep things simple and safe by purchasing toys that are too big for them to swallow, and you can’t really go wrong.


Everything that comes with dog ownership is attached to a cost. Rottweilers are big dogs. This means they are more expensive to feed, and more costly when buying Rottie sized gear like harnesses and dog beds. Finding a good assortment of toys to keep your pup busy without blowing your budget is key.


On the whole, the material will determine durability. In most cases, the cheaper the toy, the quicker it will degrade, break, or be chewed to bits. Here the most commonly found materials used in toy construction and how durable they are.

Rubber: Rubber is one of the best materials for a tough toy. Its dense and resilient nature will squash when pressure is applied and bounce back to shape when released. This will take most of the power out of a dog’s jaws and prevent total destruction. Bear in mind that with the big bite and tearing strength of your Rottie, even rubber will only last so long.

Rope: Rope is a relatively cheap and a good choice for any kind of fetch and tug toy. Made from the right material and ply, it’s strong and easy to handle. Most dogs will happily attach themselves to one end while you wrestle with them for the other. This is especially true of the Rottie, who likes to flex his muscles.

Nylon: A common manmade alternative to rope is nylon. It can be formed solidly or in strands and woven into rope and fabrics. When used as a chew toy, it’s very strong. It can be chewed for much longer than its natural counterparts, such as bones. Unlike rubber or rope, it won’t squash under pressure.

Polyester and Plush: Most soft toys are the most likely to get destroyed quickly by your Rottie. Plush toys are made from all sorts of soft-touch fabrics and textiles. These will require extra supervision. As they are pulled to pieces, the little plastic edges and inner squeakers can become a choking hazard.

Best Dog Toys for Rottweilers

Black and Tan Dog with Toy in Mouth
More than likely, you’ll want a wide array of different toys for your canine companion.

Only toys that are highly recommended and reviewed feature in our top six best dog toys for the Rottie. They are made by reputable brands to give you peace of mind that it will be safe and of great value. So, stick with us and our recommendations, and you can’t go wrong.

There is something for everyone with our choices, including toys to play fetch, tug, and challenge the smartest of Rottweilers. The list order does not reflect our preference, so be sure to take a good look at each one and think about what your Rottie would love. So, in no particular order, here they are.

The KONG Classic XL is an oversized version of the original KONG. This is a toy that’s in pretty much every dog owner’s toy basket and should be in your Rottie’s as well. The XL version is perfect for bigger dogs. This toy also poses minimal health risks. Even stronger chewers have a problem tearing pieces off, especially the XL version.

It also has the added benefit of being one of the few that can last for quite some time. Larger pups can start using this toy as soon as 9 months, and it’s not uncommon to see KONGs last for years. Their famous design makes them an excellent choice for just about any occasion. You can use them for games of fetch, use them for chewing behaviors, and also even use them in games of hide-and-seek. The soft rubber does a great job of soothing the gums of teething dogs, although you may need a smaller version if your Rottie is under 9 months.

We love this toy for just about any breed. It can withstand some major abuse, and they are known to last for many years if properly cared for.

KONG toys are renowned for being some of the most durable on the market. This one lives up to that name. Made with an all-natural black rubber formula, the tire chew is a great choice for puppies and adults alike. Made from dense and durable rubber, it can withstand the most intense chewers around.

It not only offers a great chew opportunity that will soothe teeth and gums. It’s also fillable with a treat of your puppers choice, giving them some extra brain stimulation as they go. It can also be launched for those who love to fetch and destroy. Just make sure there’s no one around because it’ll hurt for sure!

We love that it can be thrown or rolled around for a great game of bouncy chase and fetch.

Sticks are a dog’s best friend. They can be chased, tugged, and of course, chewed. Normally back at home or in the car, leaving a real mess for you to clean up. They can also splinter and become problematic for your dog’s teeth and gums. But no such problems with the Petstages Dogwood chew toy that is a faux stick ready for any powerful pup to have a chomp on.

Made from real wood and synthetic material, it is designed to be a stronger, safer, and more durable ‘stick’ for your pup. Chewing is an integral part of doggy behavior that reduces stress and relieves boredom. With its tough design and natural scent, it will let your Rottie play away the hours chewing at it without leaving you a pile of sawdust to clear away. Plus, it comes in a varied sizes, making it suitable for all sizes and life stages of your Rottie.

We love that it also floats, so it can be used to bring out the water-loving side of your Rottweiler.

The Benebone is an excellent choice for Rotties that love to chew. The wishbone design allows for your pup to grab and hold it easily. It can be used for chewing, and also used for games of fetch. It comes in four different sizes, and for Rotties we recommend a large or giant-sized toy.

The bacon flavor will keep your pup very interested, and the material is gentle enough that it allows some “give” during chewing. A portion of the sale of all proceeds are donated to animal welfare organizations, so you can feel good about putting your money towards a good cause. The Benebone is also made in the United States, including all US-sourced materials.

We love the Benebone’s ergonomic design. It’s an excellent choice for Rotties that love to chew, and are content laying around with their favorite toy.

The KONG Wubba is another durable option from the dog toymakers at KONG. Unlike the classic, this toy makes for a great session of tug-of-war. It’s worth noting that due to the outer nylon construction, it’s likely to break down faster than a traditional KONG classic, or the Rubber Tire chew toy. You’ll want to make sure play time is supervised when using this toy.

Because it’s made of nylon, it should be more used for games of fetch and tug-of-war. It shouldn’t be relied upon as a chew toy because the outer nylon shell can break apart into pieces (trust us, it’s happened to us. We’ve owned about 10 of these now.). So you’ll want to use more during interactive playtime, or sessions where multiple dogs can play it between them. If well taken care of, there’s no reason you can’t get several years of play, out of your purchase.

We love the KONG brand for many different reasons. They offer a wide variety of toys, and this is our favorite for a game of tug-of-war with bigger breeds.

This dog strategy game is designed to give your doggo multiple challenges. Your pup will have to be patient and focused as he learns to lift lids off, pull on string handles, slide out drawers, and press buttons. With treats hidden inside every puzzle, he will love the immediate reward and keep going for more. This toy has rubber feet to keep it in place, and it is dishwasher safe too.

It’s a great way to engage with your Rottie and fire up their intelligent minds. They will love the challenge and the praise they get when they succeed. It will relieve boredom and expel energy creatively and productively while indoors. There are four different test boxes to choose from. As the games master, you can start them easily with one and build up to all four. That way, it gets harder and harder and challenges them on different levels.

We love that this toy is a great option for Rotties who love to be challenged. It is also best saved for the gentler of Rotties, rather than those who love to destroy or chew toys to death.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common questions from Rottie owners regarding what is good for their fur baby in terms of toys and entertainment. There are many ways to keep them engaged both through interactive play and solo play, especially when left alone for a few hours.

Do Rottweilers chew a lot?

Most don’t if they are mentally stimulated. Like most intelligent breeds, chewing is usually a sign of anxiety or boredom. Exercise them well, challenge them with toys or work, and you shouldn’t have any problems with chewing. Some dogs will chew for hours, and it’s just because they like to. To save them chewing on your favorite things, invest in a bucket full of chew toys that they can attack instead.

Are any dog toys truly unbreakable?

In a word, no. Some manufacturers may label their toys as such, but a quick google will throw up plenty of forums and videos that prove otherwise. The Rottweilers are equipped with one of the strongest bites of all dog breeds. And although a strong toy like a Kong is always the best choice for tough chewers, even these will not last forever.

What toy types are best for my Rottweiler?

The answer to this depends on your pupper’s personality. If he’s a sucker for a stick or can’t say no to a frisbee or a bouncy ball, then go for a toy that mimics this. Such as a throwable squeaky toy for added excitement. If you don’t know what they like, invest in a variety of toy types and see what he enjoys the most.

How many toys do I need for my Rottweiler?

One is never enough. As an intelligent dog breed, Rottweilers will enjoy pretty much any game that involves lots of attention and fun. They are suckers for one to one interaction too. This means a decent selection of toys will always be a great investment. Just be sure to rotate the toys to stop them from getting bored of them all. Toys are not a luxury for a Rottie; they are a necessity. Unless you like naughty or destructive dogs.

Should my Rottweiler have toys in his crate?

Yes, if they are safe, but no if they are a hazard. In essence, if the toy can be destroyed, like a soft chew or textile toy, they should not be left unsupervised in a dog crate. A heavy-duty rubber chew toy that can hold treats or a good slab of peanut butter will always be a good choice. This will keep them entertained, and the tough design means they are unlikely to pose a choking hazard. But if you know that your Rottie will destroy even the toughest toys in minutes or hours, it’s not a good idea either.

Final Thoughts

The Rottweiler’s history is a robust working dog, a gentle companion, and loyal protector of his immediate family pack. To get the most from this worldly breed, we must give him the attention he deserves and needs. We can do this with a good choice of activities that will use up energy and stimulate his intelligent mind. Part of your pup’s essential daily needs is both physical and mental stimulation through toys, not just food, water, and a few walkies or two.

So, investing both time and a little money into a few well-designed dog toys is a great investment in the long run. You will have a happy dog, a happier home, and the perfect companion for many years to come.

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