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5 Best Travel French Press Mugs 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks – Coffee Affection

best travel French press

A good cup of coffee at least once a day is a must for coffee lovers, and a trip or outdoor activity shouldn’t be a reason to miss out. Though instant coffee is always convenient, inventions such as French press mugs can help you take your favorite brewing method on the road.

But what makes a great French press mug? Here, we review some top French press mugs, looking carefully at portability, overall design, ease of use and cleaning, and more so you can find the best model. Keep reading for our comprehensive reviews, and take a look at the buyer’s guide if you still have questions.

Comparison of the Winners (updated in 2021)

The 5 Best Travel French Press Mugs

1. Bodum Stainless Steel Travel French Press – Best Overall

The Bodum Stainless Steel Travel Press

The Bodum Stainless Steel Travel Press could be described as a traveler’s best friend because of its efficiency in all aspects. It’s made of durable stainless steel, and it’s cylindrical, which is a very compact shape that’s easy to pack.

This press weighs only 14.4 ounces, making it convenient to travel with. It has a double-wall insulator and a vacuum seal to maintain the coffee’s temperature and to shield your hands while you’re holding it.

The lid is spill-resistant, so you can keep it in your bag without having to worry about leaking. The filter is efficiently designed to brew smooth coffee and even tea.

The plastic around the mouthpiece peels off easily. Other than that, it’s very efficient and well suited for travel.

2. ZYLISS Travel French Press Coffee Mug – Best Value

The ZYLISS Travel French Press and Coffee and Tea Mug

The ZYLISS Travel French Press brews any type of hot beverage, from coffee and tea to hot chocolate. It features a double wall insulator and a vacuum seal to maintain your beverage’s temperature for a longer period.

The mesh filter means the beverage brewed turns out very smooth and grit-free. The cylindrical shape makes it easy to pack and travel with. It weighs only seven ounces, so traveling with it won’t be a hassle. In addition to all the attractive aspects, it’s also more affordable than most French press mugs. The lid of this press leaks a little bit; it should therefore be tightened.

3. OXO BREW Venture Travel French-Press

OXO BREW Venture Travel French Press

The OXO BREW Venture Travel French Press features an aesthetic carafe made of clear tritan. The material is shatter-resistant, and its see-through property allows you to observe the coffee level.

It has an ergonomic handle to pour coffee easily, and a double filter mechanism to ensure that the coffee is very smooth. The device is easy to wash, and it’s dishwasher safe.

It is rather heavy, weighing 15.2 ounces, and the protruding handle makes it difficult to pack. This French press does not include a double wall or a vacuum seal, so the coffee cools off relatively fast.

4. Stanley Travel French Press Mug (16oz)

Stanley Travel Mug French Press 16oz

The Stanley Travel Mug French Press is made of stainless steel, and its lid is made of plastic. The inside is BPA-free, so your coffee’s taste will not be influenced.

The press is easy to clean, and it is dishwasher safe. Carrying it around will be easy because of its cylindrical shape and foldable handle. It can also fit into a car cupholder.

It’s relatively heavier than most French presses, and there’s no double wall for better insulation. The plastic lid isn’t very strong, so it’s likely to break easily. The lid isn’t very tight, so the press leaks when placed upside down.

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5. Honey-Can-Do Travel-Size French Press Mug

Honey Can Do travel French press

The Honey-Can-Do Travel Size Single French Press is designed beautifully, with a glass exterior and colorful rubber at the top. The interior glass layer helps your coffee preserve its original taste, and the cylindrical shape makes it easy to pack and carry. However, it isn’t dishwasher safe.

It’s considerably heavy, with a capacity of 13 ounces, and the glass exterior is vulnerable to breaking.

The filtering mechanism is inefficient, so the brewed coffee is full of grit. The coffee in this French press will cool off rather fast, because of a lack of insulation such as a double wall or a vacuum seal. This may also cause it to leak at the top.

This French press has more shortcomings than benefits; it is therefore not recommended.

Buyer’s Guide

To get the most out of your French press travel mug, you may want to take the following factors into consideration.


A French press travel mug made of strong material, preferably stainless steel, is best. Your French press mug should incorporate a mechanism, like a double-wall, to ensure that your coffee stays hot longer. The type of lid not only helps preserve heat but will prevent leaking. A vacuum seal lid is best, as it allows you to keep your French press mug in your bag or anywhere else without spilling your coffee.

The best travel French press mug doesn’t weigh much and has a compact shape. This will make packing it a simple process.

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The last thing you want is grit in your coffee. For this reason, you should opt for a travel French press mug with a fine filtering system. The filter should also be free of any agent that will influence the taste of coffee.

Extra Features

There are additional features of a French press mug that make it more suitable for traveling. You will be surprised to find out how the smallest things can make a huge difference. Look for small details such as the handle, ergonomics, insulation, and an extra lid to further prevent leaking.

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The Bodum Stainless Steel Travel Press really stands out from the others mentioned above, because it features far more benefits than shortcomings. Therefore, it’s the most efficient travel French press mug. The ZYLISS Travel French Press and Coffee and Tea Mug is the most budget-friendly and is almost as efficient as our first pick.

Whether you’re traveling, camping, or commuting, you shouldn’t have to miss out on rich, flavorful coffee. With the help of our reviews and buyer’s guide, you have the knowledge to purchase the travel French press mug tailored to your needs.

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