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Best DSLR Cameras With WiFi [Top 5 Picks] | CameraGurus

5. Nikon D5300

At number five we have an excellent DSLR camera with built-in WiFi, and it is also the cheapest one you can get with this feature, however, don’t worry this camera can perform for ages and it is one of the best entry-level models you can find. Just like every entry-level Nikon model this camera can truly outperform even enthusiast levels cameras with a bit of work, however, it doesn’t have complicated controls that those kinds of cameras have. This little beast is equipped with an excellent sensor, a great screen, a consistent autofocus system, no anti-aliasing filter, a great image processor, and plenty of effects to name a few. Let’s take a deeper look into this excellent camera.

Like a proper entry-level Nikon model, the D5300 also rocks a simple and ergonomic design, that is pretty lightweight, compact and pretty accessible, just perfect for beginners who may be intimidated by complicated controls. This camera measures about 4.9×3.0×3.9-inches in total and weighs 1.06 pounds dry, but feels pretty substantial and durable, mostly thanks to its use of the Sereebo CFRTP polycarbonate to make it very durable compared to most entry-level models. It also feels pretty good in hands and the deep handgrip makes handling pretty easy, combined with the thumb grip in the back.

On the back you will spot a 3.2-inch LCD screen, that is pretty large for this camera surprisingly. It is an articulated one, meaning that its vari-angle thanks to its hinge on the left, and it has a resolution of 1040k dots, but unfortunately, it is not touch capacitive. The optical viewfinder is pretty good as well with its 95% coverage and 0.52x magnification. The controls are very convenient and intuitive, and they will make this camera a joy to use and learn on.

In the autofocus department, this camera is equipped with a 39-point autofocus system, of which 9 are more accurate cross-type points. It has a phase detection autofocus sensor, which was pretty accurate and fast in daylight and good lighting conditions, making it perfect for landscape and portrait photography. But moving on to dimly lit rooms things get a little slower, and the accuracy drops, pretty average in that department.

For its excellent image quality, the Nikon D5300 employs an exemplary 24MP APS-C CMOS combined with the tried and tested Expeed 4 image processor, which manages to deliver excellent photographs. On top of all this, it has no low-pass filter delivering excellent details and vibrant colors. The ISO range spans from 100 to 12,800 and it is expandable up to 25,600, and it controls the noise in a perfect manner even at its maximum native ISO, delivering pleasant images.

In the performance department, it manages to shoot five frames per second in burst shooting mode, and it does accurately so, in good light conditions at least. To go along with that it has a good battery of about 600 shots, meaning that you can shoot for a whole day without any problem.

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