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The 7 Best Wine Foil Cutters – California Winery Advisor


1. GoBetter Wine Foil Cutter (Pack of 2)

top foilcutter

You’ll always have one of these cutters close at hand thanks to their practical magnetic design, allowing you to conveniently use them as a fridge magnet as well. You’ll be getting a pack of two wine foil cutters in a decently sized gift box. That makes this foil cutter a good choice for those of you who are going through this article in hopes of finding a solid wine gift option.

The cutters come in two distinct flavors, black and red. Along with the simple but effective design, they also feature an easy squeeze and twist mechanism for removing the foil top without any trouble at all. All you need to do is place the cutter on top of your wine bottle cap, squeeze and twist the cutter and remove the cutter along with the foil. It’s as simple as it gets.

The stainless steel blades will make sure to leave very little to be desired when it comes to the wine foil cutter’s functionality. Also, knowing that you’ll be getting two of these makes the offer that much more tempting.

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2. The Le Creuset Foil Cutter

best foil cutter

When you are ready to pay a little more for the highest quality foil cutter, turn to the Le Creuset foil cutter. There are plenty of reasons this foil cutter is better than the rest. It would rank as our number one foil cutter if it wasn’t for the price. We can understand if some people don’t want to invest over 20 dollars in a cutter, but those who do are usually very happy.

The Le Creuset cutter provides are cleaner and wider cut that is a little further down the neck of the bottle. There are four cutting blades that allow you to make quick work of the foil with only a quarter-turn of your hand.

All of this adds up to a better experience removing those pesky foil caps. The design of this foil cutter also makes it a little easier on your hands. This is great for people who don’t have the iron grip they once did. This cutter comes with a five-year limited guarantee.

Check Current Prices For This Wine Foil Cutter

We’ve noticed that Le Creuset isn’t offering these wine foil cutters directly anymore. We are going to keep them on our list of the best wine foil cutters until they are no longer available. Here is a good backup option from Le Creuset if they stop selling the metal version.

Click here for the latest pricing on the polycarbonate version of this wine foil cutter.

3. Waiters Corkscrew by HiCoup

This of course, still counts as a foil cutter but also performs additional tasks, which is incredibly convenient considering you’ll be buying it at a price of a normal cutter, in most cases. This ebony wood all-in-one corkscrew will not only help you remove the foil, but also serve as a lovely bottle opener. Come see our article about the best waiter’s corkscrews here.

Unlike the first choice, this foil cutter does not come with a gift box, but that certainly does not make it a worse present. It features a truly clever and functional design, and it’s also built to be durable and last you a considerable amount of time. As for diversity, the cutter is available in a slew of colors for its handle, from moonstone or sapphire inlay, through red pear and rosewood to mahogany or sandalwood (twenty-five was the last count).

In a nutshell, this is a cutter that fits the bang-for-the-buck bill rather nicely – you get a great value compared to the money spent on this product. With good quality, solid design, along with a multipurpose tool, it doesn’t get much better than this if you’re looking to get your money’s worth.

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4. Vacuvin Arch Foil Cutter

vacuvin foil cutter

This foil cutter features a unique design that provides additional stability when you are removing the foil from your wine bottles. The Vacuvin arch foil cutter is another four-blade option that provides a smooth and efficient cutting action. If you open a lot of wine bottles, you should consider this option because of the reduced hand strain.

Do you enjoy drinking from larger bottle sizes? That’s where many foil cutters meet their match. When you read foil cutter reviews, you will see this mentioned over and over. The Vacuvin foil cutter has a larger opening that can accommodate those larger bottles.

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5. The Original EDGY Wine Foil Cutter

wine foil remover

Next, we have the Edgy wine foil cutter. This similar to the GoBetter foil cutter, though it doesn’t come in a pack of two. You do get an attractive foiled gift box free of charge though.

The cutter features strong and durable razor-sharp cutting wheels made out of stainless steel, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about ending up with dulled blades. It’s worth pointing out that it provides a quick and easy performance consistently, further proving the quality of the product itself. It’s certainly another unique idea for a small wine gift.

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6. ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Stainless Steel Foil Cutter

This is a newer addition to our list of the best wine foil cutters. The Henckels brand is known for its high-quality knives, so they know how to create a sharp blade. This unit is hinged so you can easily fit the blades over different bottleneck sizes. The blades are sharper than cheaper brands. This allows for a clean cut on the first pass. The four cutting blades are set in durable plastic.

This foil cutter features a stylish design that will look great in your home bar.

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7. Trudeau Maison Wine Foil Cutter

Top wine foil cutters

Finally, we get to our newest addition to our list of the best wine foil cutters. The Trudeau Maison foil cutter is ideal for anyone who opens large format bottles. The opening is big enough to accommodate any wine bottle you can find (ok, almost any).

The unit is made from stainless steel and it is safe to clean in the dishwasher. Users of the Trudeau Maison model rave about how easy it is to squeeze. Because it is larger than most wine foil cutters, you can apply less pressure and still get a nice clean cut.

Click here to see prices and availability

8. Viski Heavy Weight

The newest addition to our list of the best wine bottle foil cutters is from Viski. This stylish and functional cutter is made from polished copper.

Four cutting blades will make quick work of the foil on standard wine bottles. You just squeeze and make a quarter turn to safely cut.

This wine opener is great for a gift. It’s more attractive than the cheaper plastic openers.

You can find current prices here.


That brings our quick list to its conclusion. Hopefully, if you’ve already decided to make a purchase, you now know what to get. Or at least what similar features to look out for on other products.

Obviously, the market is filled with various choices and we’re bound to end up completely missing some of the particularly good ones, so if you have a product in mind that you haven’t seen and want to share with others, feel free to let us know down below!

Once you have the foil off the bottle, you’ll need to pull out the cork. Come see our list of the best wine bottle openers. If you don’t have time to buy a wine opener, check out our best ways to get that pesky cork out.

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