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Here are a couple special updates from some of the dogs that took just a little longer to adopt:



Lucky (Ladon at BLB) is living the good live now with his dad. Here is an except from Lucky’s most recent email to us:

I got another summer haircut 2 weeks ago. I have only been there twice but my groomer says I’m one of her top 5 favorite dogs! In a couple weeks I’m getting my teeth cleaned.

I overheard Ray mention that he started thinking about getting another dog. I think I would like that. We’ll just have to wait and see. But as Ray says, “we’re living the dream.”


Merlin (was Dojii) is settling into his new home as well. Here is an excerpt from an update email we received a week after his adoption:

Merlin has been adjusting very well to his new home. I introduced him to each room very slowly, and he is already able to use his “smell-o-vision” to navigate. He’s becoming more sure of himself each day. His favorite room is my large home office, where he enjoys sitting on my feet and keeping watch over the rest of the room while I work. We have settled into a great schedule with time for grooming, playing with toys, naps, exploring the smells of the small park across the street, relaxing on the sofa, and even stretching his legs on some longer walks as he grows more confident on leash.

I have been diligently administering his eye drops four times a day. I’ve also gotten him licensed with the city, scheduled at the vet, registered with PetLink, and groomed. Your adoption packet and checklist were very thorough and helped me a lot. I’ve attached a photo of Merlin after his first grooming appointment. He’s been turning heads all around the neighborhood.

Thank you for all of the work you do to rescue wonderful pets like Merlin. Merlin has an open, trusting heart and a positive attitude that I’m sure comes from the loving environment at Bichon and Little Buddies while he was waiting for adoption. He continues to surprise me every day with something that he has remembered or something new he is ready to try. I am very glad that I could be the one to give him a home for the rest of his life.

We appreciate and thank all our adopters who strive to give their new family member the best life they can have. And for those who followed along as these two sight impaired little buddies waited for their new homes, you can see they each hit a jackpot when they met their match!

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