Having very dark hair whether it is black or dark brown looks nice when fresh and shiny. Yet can become a pain when the white hairs start to gain control.

First you start to notice just one or two and that’s no problem. Then before you know it there seems to be quite a few more sprouting up. Time to make them disappear you think.

So you pick up a dark hair color from the store and apply this yourself at home or you run along to your hairstylist for a dark color tint. Happy with the results now everything seems fine.

Girl With Very Dark Hair.

The trouble is your white hairs will increase and you won’t notice how much until a few years down the road. When you find that you are suddenly faced with a significantly higher percentage of white roots.

These white roots you now begin to notice even as soon as a couple of weeks after you have colored your hair. Unfortunately this is one of the problems when having a solid and very dark color.

Dark hair is fine at the beginning. But unless you think ahead you will get to the stage where noticing the white re-growth all the time starts driving you mad. That’s when the big question sometimes pop’s into your mind how can I stop my white roots from being so obvious ?

Two Important Points To Keep In Mind.

Point 1. White as a color is at the opposite end of the color spectrum to black or dark brown. By placing these two colors next to each other you find each one will emphasize the other. In other words due to light reflection the very dark hair color will emphasize the whiteness of the white hair. So do not be surprised to see your roots showing after a couple of weeks

Point 2. Natural hair growth is generally somewhere between 1 and 1-5 cm a month. A healthy life style will definitely promote a more rapid hair growth. Therefore it is important to keep in mind. The bigger the difference in color between your natural root color and your overall hair color the quicker and more noticeable your regrowth will be.

Generally the first person to notice your white roots will always be yourself and once you have spotted them that’s it.

No matter what you do your eyes will keep focusing back to those white roots. Every time you look in a mirror and you will feel it’s the first thing everybody else will spot.

The use of certain techniques and tone’s are very important in solving your question of how can I stop my white roots from being so obvious. These will help you to soften the dark hair contrast in and around the areas of your hair that are most visible to you.

Tips To Reduce The Dark Hair White Root Contrast.

Tip 1. Around the hairline and along the parting on the top of the head think of putting in some baby fine hi lights a few shades lighter. If you have black or dark brown hair consider a medium golden brown or a light ash brown. These will firstly bring your contrast level down and secondly add another shade which will help to break up the solidness of your overall hair color.

Tip 2. Keep to your black or dark brown color. But in the first 1 inch deep section around the hairline use a different color two shades lighter. You will find that besides reducing the contrast of your white roots it will also add softness to your face.

Tip 3. As nature naturally gives us grey hairs to soften the face. Why not look at slowly lightening the color you are applying to your hair. Next time you touch up the roots opt for a depth of color two shades lighter to apply to the root area. A demarcation line will not really notice. Yet this way you can slowly change your color shade lighter which in turn will reduce the contrast of your white hair.

Tip 4. Take a thin T shape section along your parting and down the front hairline. Color all this area a couple of shades lighter. When this portion falls onto your dark color it will create a fine halo shading on your hair. This will attract the eye to your overall hair color rather than your re-growth.

Most of the above techniques work on breaking up the solid dark hair color.

By adding a small amount of a second tone. As this helps to break up the contrast with your white roots.

Whilst at the same time also creates more focal points throughout your hair so deflecting yours and others eyes from your root area.Color Stick For Dark Hair

Temporary Root Fixes For That Night Out.

Root Fix 1. Try a hair marker or a hair stick for your temporary root fix should you need it. These products use real liquid hair color which will not flake or rub off. Once dry you will easily be able to brush through your hair. They come in several colors and you should be able to find them at your local chemist.

Root Fix 2. Instead of a straight parting think of changing to a zigzag one. This will help to camouflage your root area. Whilst also giving you and your hair an interesting and cool look..

Root Fix 3. Avoid hairstyles that are pulled back off your face as these will reveal the re-growth around your hairline. Instead opt for a look that will fall forward around your face.

Thank you for reading my post if you found it interesting pass it to your friends.

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