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Best Blender Under $50: 5 Top Rated Models


best blender under 50Common belief may dictate that bigger and pricy blenders are invariably better and more efficient, but that isn’t always the case. Granted that premium models do come with a host of impressive features, but if your blending needs are simple then even the best blender under $50 will make you happy.

But choosing a budget-friendly blender doesn’t mean that you compromise on all frontiers of performance. In fact, if you look closely and carefully enough, some really affordable options outdo their overly expensive counterparts.

And if you’re new to blending or only blend for one, then it makes sense to invest in an inexpensive blender first. If you get the most out of your experience, you can then upgrade to a more expensive and powerful model.

So, here are five cost-effective blenders to consider that deliver the goods and will easily fit into your financial budget.

5 Top-Rated Blenders Under $50

Name Image Learn More Best Overall Ninja BL456

Best Overall

ninja bl456 thumbnail view prices

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Best Budget Oster MyBlend

Best Budget

oster my blend thumbnail view prices

Read Review

Most Popular Magic Bullet

Most Popular

magic bullet thumbnail view prices

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Best Cordless PopBabies Personal Blender

Best Cordless

popbabies personal blender thumbnail view prices

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Best Glass Jar Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher

Best Glass Jar

hamilton beach wave crusher thumbnail view prices

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Best Blender Under $50: A Complete Buying Guide

When shopping for the best blender under $50, you will come across a lot of models that are either personal blenders or others that just don’t live up to the task of doing what heavy-duty benders are known for doing.

But that doesn’t mean there is nothing to choose from. With a little research and the right tips, you can find some great steals that will blend, chop, and mix for you, all under $50.

Affordability can be one of the pinching factors when it comes to buying a blender. In the race of top-notch and pricey blenders, there are few affordable blenders for budget buyers. There are several options for blenders under $50 which will give you the desirable results. This guide will walk you through buying an economical yet wonderful blender for your kitchen.

How To Choose A Blender Under $50

An affordable and useful blender doesn’t just appear out of thin air. You need to do your homework before you hit the stores for buying a blender under $50. Since you are looking for a budgeted option, your options have already narrowed down. To get your hands on the perfect blender you must explore all the variety available in stores and e-commerce.

Exploring options will help you to draw a comparison between products and therefore you will make a better choice. You must check out numerous options since it will help you to understand the distinctive features of each blender. To understand the functioning of the product in and out, refer to the reviews which are available on shopping portals.

The 5 Best Blenders Under $50

  • Nutri Ninja Pro BL456 Compact Blender – Best Overall. Check Latest Price
  • Oster BLSTPB-WBL MyBlend Personal Blender – Best on a Budget. Check Latest Price
  • Magic Bullet MBR-1101 Blender – Most Popular. Check Latest Price
  • PopBabies USB Personal Blender – Best Cordless. Check Latest Price
  • Hamilton Beach 54221 Wave Crusher Blender– Best Glass Jar. Check Latest Price

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Quality Blender Under $50

A quality blender must have up-to-date features and innovative technology. Before buying the best blender under 50 you must have a look at the advantages of having a high-quality blender.

Makes Cooking Easier

A blender is a mandatory update for your kitchen as it makes many cooking tasks easier. Most $50 blenders do a great job of juicing and whipping, they squeeze and blend all the items smoothly. If you’re not willing to spend an entire day in the kitchen mixing and squeezing, you should buy a blender.


The great thing about blenders is that they are designed to do a multitude of things. They can prepare milkshakes, smoothies, and juices. If you are looking to make fine purees and sauces, the blenders can do that as well. The functions and structure of the blenders allow them to cut through even the hardest of items effectively.

Keeping Up Your Nutrition Intake

Many buyers are not aware of the health benefits that come along with the blender. Using a blender for juicing instead of a juicer offers additional health benefits. The juicer extracts the juice from the fruit and leaves behind the pulp, which is the main source of nutrition. Whereas the blender ensures that the fiber is not separated from the juice and you get a nutritional intake.


Having this device in your kitchen saves time. By just pressing a button you can easily prepare your milkshakes, protein drinks, and smoothies. Using a blender helps you to avoid all the complicated steps that you would otherwise have to do. It makes a minimum mess and prepares all the recipes quickly.

Small And Portable

Many blenders that come in the range of $50 are designed to be small and hence portable. When you are traveling these blenders can snuggle into compact spaces easily. Moreover, the average kitchen has limited space therefore many homemakers look for handy appliances that can settle without any trouble. A few immersion blenders come with a detachable shaft which makes them easy to store.

What Features Does A Blender Under $50 Have

If you are thinking that a $50 priced blender will have limited features, think again. The affordable blenders come with a range of features that are satisfying and useful. If you are not aware of the features your blender should have you can read them below. The best blenders under $50 will have several, if not all of these features.

Solid Design

Your affordable blender should always come with a solid design. By solid design, I am talking about strong blades and a strong motor. Your blender should still come with at least a 250-watt motor and some strong, durable steel blades.

These are critical for blending your ingredients. There is no point in buying a blender if it can’t break down ice and mix leafy greens into a drinkable solution. Any blender you buy, whether it is $10 or $1000 should come with some durable blades and a tough motor.

Also, the cups that come with the blender need to be durable. Always make sure the travel cups that come with your small, personal blender are dishwasher safe, are constructed from a solid material, and come with practical drinking lids.


The power of the blender represents the performance of its motor. Generally, affordable blenders are not equipped with high power. Blenders with average power will be able to fulfill your requirements and do the job.

Blenders in this price range are not going to have very powerful motors. But you can expect to get something up to a respectable 700-watts or so. This power output is sufficient for basic blending tasks such as making smoothies and shakes, chopping some fruit and vegetables, or pureeing ingredients.

While choosing a blender, look for power efficiency of at least 300 watts. Many blenders come with higher power and are priced under $50 but for that, you need to search deeper. A speed of 300-500 watts will cut through hard fruits and veggies easily.

Many will struggle to handle hard ice cubes and may need the addition of extra liquid when dealing with frozen ingredients. So, think carefully about what you hope to do with your blender before shopping. If you’re going for green smoothies, you may need to pay a little extra to get something with more torque. But if you want to whip up a morning smoothie with fresh or frozen fruit, then the recommended models will do just fine.


A budgeted blender will have limited speeding options. Most of the blenders will have a single button to operate the blenders and hence they have only a single-speed. You do not have great control over the speed, but ensure that it is enough to give your liquids a smooth consistency.

You might even be able to find a blender under $50 which has more than one speeding option. A few manufacturers instead of providing speeding options have different buttons for items like smoothie and juice.

Jar Size

Blenders that come with various jar sizes are surely easier to use. With a blender priced $50, you have to adjust with jar sizes. These blenders may have a single jar with a capacity of 500-600ml. Luckily there are some brands and manufacturers who give more than one jar size with these affordable blenders.

A few jars have a capacity of almost 48oz which is sufficient to serve more than two people. If you are looking to serve only a single person, a capacity of up to 20oz will be sufficient. Pick a blender that has jar size that can match your requirements. Often, the best blenders under $50 will be personal-sized blenders, but others may have different sized cups.

Blender Size

Your lifestyle and your kitchen size will both help determine the size of the blender you should buy. So, if you’re a foodie, feed a family, or entertain often, then look at a countertop blender with a standard blending jar. But, if you’re a party of one, then a personal blender will serve you better.

Space considerations should also look at the height of the blender to see if it will fit under your kitchen cabinets.


You can’t expect to get an all-metal drive here, but at least look for high-quality plastic components. Blades should only be stainless steel so that what the model may lack in power, its blade construction can make up in performance.

There is also the option to choose from glass or plastic containers. Among these, glass will be heavier, more stable, and odor resistant. Yet, these are more prone to shattering if mishandled. Also, keep in mind that bullet-style blenders don’t usually come with glass containers.

Plastic containers, on the other hand, are lighter weight and less expensive of the two. These are popular and readily available with budget-friendly models but scratch more easily.

Once again, take into account how you’ll be using your blender to decide which type of container will work better for you.

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Other Things To Consider While Buying A Blender Under $50

Now that you know the advantages and features of a blender, there are a few things to look out for.


Warranties are useful when it comes to home appliances. Blenders are used every day in a kitchen and therefore, are prone to easy damages. In such cases, it is best to have a blender that comes with a warranty. Blenders that come with warranty will assure you over the performance and build of the product. Refrain from buying blenders that do not come with a warranty as they are not enduring.


Good brands offer a range of products that start at affordable prices and can go up to high and premium prices. The brand of the blender plays a huge role in buying the best blender under $50. Buyers should not go for an unknown brand that is not backed by reviews or bad reviews.

Choose brands who have a record of producing high-quality and good performing appliances. Besides offering quality, a good brand will provide a warranty period and excellent post-sales service. A blender from a good brand will prove itself to be more unyielding than a substandard brand.

Type Of Blender

There are typically four types of blender available in the market. Since we are considering a budget, the high-performance blenders are out of the league. You can still choose from personal blenders, immersion blenders, and the countertop blenders. Personal blenders are designed for single servings.

If you are looking for a larger capacity you can select the immersion or countertop ones. The drawback of immersion blenders is that they are unable to cut through harder items and can be untidy to work with. This can limit the usability of the product. Countertops make a great budgeted choice and they have satisfactory performance

How Easy Is It To Clean

Blenders are not one of those appliances that are complicated to clean. Those thick batters, remains from fruits and veggies may seem disconcerting initially. Although, once you understand the cleaning mechanism properly, you will be able to keep them spotless.

While you are choosing the blender makes sure that all the jars, lids, and accessories are dishwasher safe. Alternatively, you can even wash them with high-grade liquids that clean effectively without harming the material of your jar.

The jars and the lids can be cleaned thoroughly through a soft brush and lukewarm water to clean them thoroughly. Remember the longevity of your blender depends upon how well it is maintained. You should look for blenders that have simple structures and hence are easy to clean. Although they may not come with a self-cleaning feature, even blenders under $50 should be relatively easy to clean.

What Kinds Of Food Will You Be Making

As mentioned earlier blenders can be used to prepare an array of recipes and delectable beverages. You should underline the purpose of buying the blender. It is better to know what will be prepared in it so that you can buy a suitable blender.

If you want to prepare smoothies and milkshakes almost all blenders will work fine. Blenders that can whip up smoothies can also be used to make sauces, batters, dips, and juices. If you need the blender to ground fresh spices and make nut butter, probably you will be needing a more high-grade blender.

Final Words

Blenders are highly functional pieces of any kitchen and are a great investment. Being on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck with a below-par appliance. After reading this guide you will find it easier to understand the essential features of a budgeted blender.

A good blender will also increase the beauty of your kitchen and at the same time, it will produce appetizing meals. Trust yourself and do some exploring, and you will be able to make an outstanding choice. We hope that this guide will lead you to the best blenders under $50.

Best Blender Under $50: Final Thoughts

ninja bl456 is my top pickThe BL456 made by Ninja takes the top spot in the best blender under $50 selection with its strong 900-watt motor. This power is hard to beat in this price range category. This blender is great for making smoothies and shakes on the go, compact enough for easy storage, and its low price point makes it hard to resist.

The PopBabies Personal Blender is an extremely unique system that recharges using a USB to make small servings of smoothies, which is great for travelers. The Oster MyBlend is another great budget option, very stylish with lots of great features.

Magic Bullet is how all blenders should be- affordable and easy to use. Not only is it great for smoothies and basic blending, it’s but its simple design holds a lot of appeal. This means the Bullet has a lot going for itself given its excellent price point.

The Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher crushes pricy competitors with its 14 speeds and a two-speed Pulse feature. Its 700-watt motor certainly places it on par with other superior blenders in this category and the price is absolutely delicious.

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