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How To Connect Wireless Backup Camera To IPhone | Top 10 Backup Cameras For IPhone

Want a backup camera but don’t want to have the camera monitor installed by a manufacturer? No worries. Your iPhone can serve this purpose.

Backup camera systems for iPhone are used by many today to assist in backing up the vehicle. Apart from installing camera monitors to the head unit in front of the driver, the owner’s iPhone can also be converted to a wireless backup camera.

How to Use an iPhone for a Wireless and Bluetooth Backup Camera

iPhone users can always use their old smartphones to set up their wireless and Bluetooth backup cameras. These can be used directly as a camera or as a camera monitor; however, iPhones are not well-suited to be used as the camera itself because of the possibility of theft or damage by the rough handling. They can be better used in place of camera monitors for the driver to use.

How to Connect Your iPhone to the Camera

Once you have the compatible camera installed at the rear side of your vehicle, you just need to go through a small procedure to connect your iPhone to the camera. Your backup camera will be all set in place. Here is what you need to do:

  • Install the appropriate application/software on the iPhone.
  • Open the application and click on the WiFi icon.
  • Search for the WiFi signals of your camera.

Apps to Connect iPhone to the Wireless Backup Camera

To connect your compatible wireless backup to your iPhone and use your phone as a monitor, you need to install an appropriate app on your phone. These are the recommended apps;

  • Govue (App download link on App Store)
  • 4UCAM WiFi Backup Camera App – Available on AppStore and works with this camera only. Recommended by many users because it easily connects with iPhone/iPad.

Steps to Connect the iPhone or iPad with an External Camera Through WiFi

Step 1: Turn on your wireless backup camera to make it open for the connection. Step 2: Open the settings on your iPhone and go to the WiFi setting. Step 3: Turn on the WiFi, if it’s not already. Step 4: Here, you will see the name of your wireless backup camera. Tap on it to connect it to your iPhone.

How Does the iPhone Backup Camera Work?

Generally, the backup camera units are supposed to be mounted on a car’s back. These cameras have functional WiFi connections that form a local network with your device that you need to connect. Having these cameras, you wouldn’t need to have a separate traditional WiFi signal. There is even no need for cellular service for you to make a connection with the backup camera.

Your iPhone connectable backup camera would create its network. An application downloaded on your phone would be enough for the functioning of the camera. That application lets you live to steam the footage on your device.

Most of the iPhone connectable backup cameras have a separate mount for your device which lets you attach your phone with the car’s dashboard so in that case, you wouldn’t need to buy one separately. These backup cameras are now one of the most used cameras by the people who have separate mounts in their car’s dashboards. Read how a wireless backup camera works.c

Why Use a Backup Camera Connected to an iPhone?

1. Help in Reversing Vehicle

A novice or an expert driver, this piece of modern equipment will help you in reversing a great deal. It allows you to see what your rear-view mirrors cannot show you and this makes backing up a lot easier.

2. Reduces the Likelihood of Backing-up Accidents

Backing-up accidents, in particular with children and by large vehicles, are quite common in this time and age. Approximately 50 children fall victim to such accidents every week, in the United States, and individual action on behalf of all drivers is needed.

These wireless backup cameras will allow the driver a clear view of the vehicle’s blind spot, thereby reducing the likelihood of backup collisions.

3. Feasible

This facility means that installing backup cameras in vehicles can become all the more feasible, with the possibility of converting any of your previous iPhone model to a wireless backup camera. You would not need to purchase and install the camera monitor for your vehicle when you have an old iPhone at hand, saving a lot of installation costs and avoiding lengthy installation procedures. Get an idea of how much does it cost to put a backup camera in your vehicle.

4. iPhones Can Connect to WiFi and Bluetooth

Camera monitors that are installed in the vehicle’s front can display maps and other content while the car is not in reverse but an additional advantage of using an iPhone in place of the camera monitor is that it can connect to WiFi and Bluetooth and this feature makes its use more flexible. Its also known as a Bluetooth backup camera.

Wireless backup cameras are a modern-day piece of equipment used by many around the globe. Experts or learners, all drivers find this quite helpful in making their driving experience better and safer. The possibility of connecting these cameras to iPhones makes them much more feasible for use.

Here is a list of the best wifi reverse cameras that connect easily with your iPhone and/or iPad.

Top Trending Best 10 Wireless Backup Camera For iPhone

1. 4UCAM WiFi Backup Camera for iPhone/iPad and Android

4UCAM WiFi Backup Camera for iPhone/iPad and Android

4UCAM WiFi Backup CameraRequired Power12VViewing Angle110 Degree WideWaterproofIP 66Night VisionYesCompatible withiPhone/Ipad and Android

Key Features

  • The camera gives you complete footage of all that’s happening behind your back.
  • It can be installed on your mobile phone, tablet, or any other similar device.
  • It is compatible with an apple as well as android.
  • It consists of two sets of IR LED lights to allow the camera to work during nighttime or in the dark.
  • The camera can be adjusted upwards or downwards at 45 degrees according to the consumer’s preferences.
  • The horizontal view in this camera is 110 degrees.


  • Helps in decreasing the rate of accidents and any harm or injuries that can be caused while driving. All you have to do is install this camera at the back of your car.
  • The overall battery timing of this camera is 3 to 5 hours if it has been charged fully.
  • The installation process is quite easy. It comes with a sort of magnet that simply attaches this product to your device.
  • Consists of various modes for the night as well as daytime.

This camera is compatible with all android and ios devices. It has a proper application to connect it to your device. In order to get access to it, you just need to download it from the AppStore or Play Store.

After installation, you will find its icon on your device. It is compatible with all smartphone devices.

The installation process is quite easy; you would not need a router or anything like that. In case of any issue or query, you can simply contact the 4UCAM support team.

They will provide you all the relatable support and guidance about the product. However, when your device is connected to the Wi-Fi camera, you will not be allowed to have access to the internet. Unlike any other camera, you won’t answer any calls or messages.

2. Swift Hitch SH04

Swift Hitch SH04 Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Camera

Swift Hitch SH04ModelSH04Item Weight1 PoundVoltage12 VoltsWirelessYes

Key Features

  • The camera could be linked to your cellphone straight without needing an internet connection.
  • The camera is competent enough to be linked with 2 or more cellphones at a time.
  • The battery timing of this amazing product lasts up to 5 hours if charged fully.
  • It has been designed with a waterproof surface, which is why it can be used outdoors as well as indoor.
  • It consists of a magnetic base that helps in attaching the camera to your device.
  • It shows a clear image if viewed from a medium distance.
  • Its viewing angle is 65°.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Its key benefit is that it can be linked to multiple devices.
  • It can work up to 6 feet in its night mode in the dark.
  • It can function even when it is put for charging.
  • It allows your device to attend phone calls.
  • It allows applicability in 2 modes, i.e., STA or AP mode.
  • Its STA mode allows access to the camera from all across the world if connected to the internet.
  • Allows a free download for both android and apple users.

It is a wireless car backup camera iPhone. The surface of the camera is of metal, and it consists of infrared lenses for working in the dark. What makes it attractive to users is that they do not have to own another device, i.e., the receiver to view anything.

They can simply connect the camera to their mobile phones or tablets. It does not affect the functioning of your mobile phone. You can still attend calls or reply to text messages.

These cameras can be used for safety purposes, or taking care of the home, or keeping an eye on children, etc. It comes with a USB charging cable. If the camera has been fully charged, its working hours could be 5 hours.

3. EsiCam EH05 Wireless Backup Camera For Smart Phone

Esicam EH05 Battery Backup CameraWirelessWifiPower SourceBattery PoweredBatteryEH-05-BVideo Resolution720pBattery Timing7.5 HrsWaterproofYesWeight1.25 PoundsNight ModeYes

Key Features

  • Made up of a metal surface, and is a waterproof camera. Its weight is 1.25 pounds.
  • Consists of a magnetic base which makes the installation process easy.
  • It can cover up to ten feet in dark or night mode.
  • Allows the camera to work under STF and AP mode.
  • It is compatible with android as well as apple.
  • The device connected to the camera can receive incoming calls or messages even when the device is linked to the camera.
  • It can work best in the rain too.


  • The most important benefit that can be obtained from this camera is the safety and security benefit. It can be installed in cars for viewing backward while reversing, or it can be installed in homes for security, or for being at home while you are away.
  • Another key benefit is that it comes with a rechargeable battery that can last for more than seven hours if it has been fully charged.
  • You don’t have to buy a second or third device to connect it to your camera. You can simply link it to your mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  • The cameras have been designed in a way that they could be used outdoors as well as indoors.

This camera is backed up with Wi-Fi and is battery-operated. The camera could be used for viewing at the back while parking a car.

Not only that, but it can also be used for home safety purposes, or to simply have an eye on your kids. The product is waterproof i.e. it can perform well during rainy weather.

Your mobile phone can be used as a device to administer images and videos. You don’t have to purchase any device for viewing stuff. If its battery has been fully charged, it will perform its function for 7 and a half hours.

4. Look-It Smart Wireless Backup Camera for iPhoneLook-It smart wireless backup camera for iphone

Look-IT Safety Backup CameraMagnetic HolderYesWeatherproofYesCompatible withapple/androidPhone MountMagneticWeight2.55 Pounds

Key Features

  • It is completely wireless. No wires are required for installing it on your devices.
  • It supports both apple and android.
  • One-touch quick view is a unique feature that allows users to have a view of what is happening at their behind on their screens.
  • The installation process is simple but you need to possess a screwdriver.
  • It is waterproof. The camera does not stop its working even in rain.
  • The camera has been designed in a way that it does not require any maintenance for four years.


  • Improves safety and security of vehicles as well as consumers.
  • Both apple users, as well as android users, can benefit from this amazing product.
  • This camera assures quality and does not compromise on it.
  • The installation procedure is wireless. You don’t need to have drill machines or anything like that to install it.
  • Could be installed in cars as well as homes.
  • The waterproof surface of the camera has another benefit to the consumer. Because of it, they do not need to spend more on maintenance.

This is the most modern wireless backup camera, which installs in like ten minutes. It is completely a wireless camera, and its installation procedure is very easy. It does not require any technical procedures to be installed.

It can be installed in cars to take a view of what is behind their car. It seeks to improve the levels of safety in your cars. The camera is also weatherproof.

It consists of a magnetic holder which connects your device to it. It is compatible with apple and android. Moreover, this camera comes with another technology i.e. one-touch quick view.

It consists of some anti-theft buttons, which makes it difficult to be stolen. Only the linked phone has access to these buttons. Therefore, theft becomes difficult.

5. GreenYi-31 WiFi Backup Camera for iPhone/iPad

GreenYi-31 Wifi Backup CameraModelGreenYi-31Compatible withIOS/AndroidWirelessYesWaterproofIP67Night VisionYesWeight5.6 ounces

Key Features

  • It can be easily linked to your smartphone after you download its app.
  • It also comes with a mini size, which is a universal product and allows ease of installation.
  • It is a waterproof and weatherproof product, which does not stop performing its function during rain.
  • Focuses on quality management, and relies on high-quality material to design the product so that it works best and users have no complaints.
  • The app is available on the Play Store as well as Appstore.
  • Focuses on an innovative design to satisfy consumers.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty for normal use.


  • It is a convenient device that is easy to operate.
  • While reversing the car, you need to look around. If you do so, you won’t be able to focus on the car. Therefore, this device serves the function. It allows you to have a view of what is behind you.
  • You don’t have to buy another device to view images. It can be displayed on your phone.
  • The installation procedure does not require any technical procedures. You just have to download the app and take benefit from it.

This camera is best known for its convenience. It is basically a reverse camera which can be easily installed in cars to get a view of behind.

It is compatible with both apple and android. It can be activated on any smartphone. It has also developed its application.

Therefore, if you want to have access to this camera, you can simply download the app on your device through a secure and fast internet connection. There is no other complex installation procedure. It is also waterproof and consists of an amazing night mode. Moreover, it is relatively small in size.

6. RVS-83112-WiFi Magnetic Hitch Camera

WiFi License Plate Backup Camera, 720P HD Car Rear View Reverse Camera Work with Most Smart Devices, IP68 Waterproof, IOS13 OR Above NOT Compatible

RVS-83112-WiFi Magnetic Hitch CameraNight Vision Distance30ftLightsSix Infra-Red LightsWaterProofIP68 RatingBatteryRechargeableInstallation2-step process

Key Features

  • The camera can be connected to your device via a Wi-Fi connection.
  • It has a magnetic mount! It can be mounted anywhere without needing any hardware connection.
  • It has a rechargeable battery that can be recharged by an included USB port.
  • The six infrared lights allow a 30ft night vision.
  • It is entirely waterproof and has an IP68 rating.


  • It can be connected to multiple devices at a time using the RoadVue app.
  • As it is waterproof, it can be used in all weather conditions safely.
  • Magnetic mounting means that it can easily be attached to any metallic surface.
  • You do not need any pre-existing Wi-Fi connection; the device created its own Wi-Fi connection that can work everywhere.
  • With an excellent night vision, it will give a sharp vision even at night.

Increased demand for this Magnetic hitch Camera has led to a decreased availability, but the selection available is being looked into and is hoped to increase. The camera can be connected to the device using a Wi-Fi connection. It is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. The application “RoadVue” can be used to connect the device with the camera.

7. GreenYi-46 WiFi License Plate Backup Camera

AUTO-VOX T1400 Upgrade Wireless Backup Camera Kit, Easy Installation with No Wiring, No Interference, OEM Look with IP 68 Waterproof Super Night Vision Rear View Camera

GreenYi-46 WiFi License Plate Backup CameraResolution720P 1280*720 pixelsWaterproofIP68Item Dimensions1.18 x 0.91 x 0.91 inchesInstallation TypeOn the License PlateVideo Capture Resolution720 pWork WithiPhone/iPad/Android phone/tabletsNight Vision Effect0.1LuxView Angle160 degrees

Key Features

  • Its resolution is 1280* 720 pixels high.
  • The camera creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot with a signal range of 100ft.
  • It has 720 TV lines and a wide camera angle.
  • It has a 720 HD picture.


  • It can easily be connected to most devices via Wi-Fi.
  • The wide camera angles and TV lines make it ideal to use when backing up the vehicle. The wide camera angle ensures that no blind spots are left out.
  • The camera can be installed very easily. To connect to the device, you only need to scan the given code or select “F-CAR” in Google Play or App Store.

The product currently has reduced selection availability because of the high product demand. This Wi-Fi License plate backup camera can be easily connected to your smart device via Wi-Fi. Most devices are compatible except IOS devices which have an IOS13 or above operating system. Before you install the camera, it is thus preferable to have a test to see if it is compatible with your device. With this camera, you can also record videos that will be saved in the device storage of the phone.

8. AUTO-VOX T1400 Upgrade Wireless Backup Camera Kit

Illustration of Rearview Camera ACC Connection Wiring

AUTO-VOX T1400 Upgrade Wireless Backup Camera Features & SpecsSignalAnalogItem Dimensions LxWxH10.55 x 0.91 x 3.23 inchesDisplay Size4.3 InchesWide angle(Diagonal)170 degreeVoltage12 VoltsWireless Signal Transmissionup to 100 meters in an open areaAuto-adjust brightness✓Work like a normal mirror✓Wireless✓Working Temperature Range-13℉to 149℉WaterProof StandardIP68High Compatibility With OEM LookAnti-vibrated under a various bumpy roadSuper Night Vision6 LED lights of the rearview camera can automatically switch on/off

Key Features

  • It is IP68 waterproof.
  • It has excellent night vision with a 6 LED light.
  • It can work perfectly at temperatures of -13 degrees F to 149 degrees F.
  • It provides a stable Wi-Fie signal at 2.4G


  • The camera is compatible with a range of different vehicles.
  • Depending on the light levels outside, the camera will automatically switch the LED lights on or off. It provides light in dark places so you can drive safely even in the dark.
  • It is waterproof so can be used in all weathers and also at a range of temperatures.

This wireless backup camera can easily be installed in vehicles to help out when reversing. The camera needs no delicate wiring attaching the camera to the monitor. A transmitter connects the two and there is no cable linking them. This rids you of the complex issue of wiring a backup camera. Installing the camera involves 3 simple steps. All you need to do is install the camera in the license plate, link the red wire to the reverse light and the black wire with a metal screw.

9. Uzone Wireless Phone Backup Camera

How To Connect Wireless Backup Camera To IPhone | Top 10 Backup Cameras For IPhone

Uzone Wireless Phone Backup CameraImage756(H)*504(V) pixelViewing angle120°IR Night Vision18pcs IR LightsViewing Distance32.8ft/10mWorking VoltageDC 9V-16VWorking Temperature-20℃~+70℃WaterproofIP68Compatible WithAndroid and IOS systemForTrucks Trailers RVs

Key Features

  • The camera has distance grid lines that are optional to use. They can be turned off.
  • It has 18 infrared lights for a night vision lens that give a clear vision during the night.
  • It is IP68 waterproof as well as shockproof.
  • The 120-degree camera angle is wide enough to cover all blind spots.
  • Its optimal working temperature is -20 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius.


  • It is straightforward to set up and install. All you have to do is connect the power cable with the car, install the camera, position it correctly, and connect the DC connector.
  • It has a wireless connection extending to 328ft.
  • It gives a very clear picture with a high-definition color sensor. The night vision allows it to operate well, even in the dark.

The camera can be connected to a phone using Wi-Fi and the applications designed specifically for these cameras. It is compatible with both Android and IOS devices. For Android, you would need to install the Safetycam application from the Google play store. For IOS systems, you need to download the Safetyeye application from the Apple store.

10. Sixsun License Plate Wireless Backup Camera

How To Connect Wireless Backup Camera To IPhone | Top 10 Backup Cameras For IPhone

Sixsun Wireless Digital License Plate Backup CameraResolutionHD 720PView Angle160 degreeNight VisionYesWaterProofYesCompatible withiPhone, iPad, or Andriod DevicesPower supplyUSB 5VSuitable ForCars, topdeblogs.comice24-Hour Online Customer Service

Key Features

  • The camera has its own Wi-Fi with signals panning out to a 100ft range.
  • It is waterproof up to IP68 and very durable.
  • It has a 160-degree angle which gives a wide view behind the vehicle.
  • With a resolution of 720P 1280*720 pixels, it gives a clear and sharp image.
  • The grid lines can be controlled; turned off.


  • The camera is waterproof and thus very durable. It can easily withstand harsh weather conditions ranging from rain to storm.
  • The wide angle of 160 degrees gives a complete view behind the vehicle and leaves no blind spot.
  • It is very easy to install and use. It involves no complex wiring and all you need to do is download the required app, install and start the camera, connect to the Wi-Fi signals it is emitting and view the screen on your phone.

This wireless backup camera is compatible with most DC 9-18V vehicles including SUVs. It is installed in the license plate from where it can provide a view behind the vehicle to the driver. The camera can record videos that get saved on the device storage of the phone.

What are the Wiring Methods for Wired Backup Cameras Installation?

When it’s about wiring the backup cameras for installation, there are two methods to be taken into consideration:

1. Direct Wiring

This is the first type of wiring installation in which the backup camera is directly connected with the A ‘switch’ and is then plugged in the cigarette power supply lighter. This connection is better to be used as it doesn’t break off the car line and the wiring here is kept simple. You can control the functioning of the camera.

2. ACC Connection

This is the second type of wiring in which the camera cable extension of the red line is connected with the positive ACC like there is a fuse box. The black extension is connected with the grounded or negative pole.

How To Connect Wireless Backup Camera To IPhone | Top 10 Backup Cameras For IPhoneVerdict

There are several reasons for which you should be considered to have a wireless backup camera installed in your car’s dashboard. One basic reason is that these cameras have built-in infrared LEDs in them which provide a better and clear night vision and let the drivers drive safely even at night. The second and equally important thing which makes the wireless backup cameras worth having is that they are made of high-quality premium materials which make them water-resistant and let them withstand tough weather conditions.

These wireless backup cameras are so easy to install and function especially better than the wired cameras. Another pro benefit of a wireless backup camera is that it has an affordable price range that you can have by remaining stuck to your budget. There are some cheap options too that you can buy to have a safe and better driving experience. Using a backup wireless camera provides you with an ultimate level of safety. You can get any of the above-mentioned safety wireless backup cameras for your car depending upon the price range and key characteristics that you may want in your backup camera.

Backup cameras for iPhone are one of the most used backup cameras for having assistance in vehicles. These cameras are easy to install and have live streaming. The iPhone itself can be used as a backup camera.

Using backup cameras can help drivers so much while driving. The camera monitors also display some important contents like area maps if needed when the car is not in its reverse function. This is one additional benefit of using a car backup camera. However, using an iPhone instead of a monitor with your backup camera can let you take advantage of connecting the camera via Bluetooth and WiFi and this makes the camera more flexible. These wireless cameras are an amazing addition to car technology and a tool loved by drivers around the globe.

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