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7 Best Boston Terrier Breeders in Florida! (2021) – We Love Doodles

Boston Terrier Breeders in Florida

If you’re searching for Boston Terriers breeders in Florida, then let’s find out why they’re one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Nicknamed the “American gentleman,” this breed is a member of the terrier group of dogs. Registered as a non-sporting breed, this dog originated in the United States, hence the nickname. Boston terriers have a short, straight coat of white hair mixed with either black, brindle, or seal, and sometimes a mixture of the three. They are short, compact, and well-proportioned dogs.

The Boston Terrier has a square-looking face, erect ears, and a short tail. It is a brilliant and easy-to-train dog. It can be stubborn and aggressive, but it’s generally friendly most of the time. The Boston terrier breed is said to have originated around the 1870s. It is a descendant of the extinct bull and terrier breeds of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The first time the breed was shown in Boston was in 1870, and by 1889, the breed had become quite popular in that city.

These terriers were initially bred as pit-fighting dogs, but that has changed over the years. They are no longer as aggressive as they used to be and are more friendly and happy, so they are nowadays seen more as companion dogs. The Boston terrier makes an excellent companion and family dog. It is also great at canine sports. The breed does very well in dog agility competitions, obedience training, rally obedience, tracking, weight pulling, barn hunting, and other sports.

They are a very versatile breed and have a very outgoing personalities. They are always eager to meet new people, making the Boston terrier a popular therapy dog. This breed suffers from relatively few health problems. However, they cannot tolerate excessively hot or cold weather. It could be dangerous to their health to make them exercise under such weather.

They have large eyes that make them prone to corneal ulcers. Also, take care that they don’t contact dust and debris or any sharp objects. In addition, they have a short nose, which may cause breathing problems later in life. The average height of a Boston terrier is about 9 to 15 inches, while its weight is about 6 to 25 pounds. Their average lifespan is around 13 to 15 years, although they can live up to 18 years. Their litter size is about six puppies.

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What Makes Boston Terriers Special?

What Makes Boston Terriers Special?

  • Intelligence: Boston terriers are brilliant dogs. They are bright and know how to think for themselves. They know how to behave and don’t need a lot of training.
  • Temperament: Boston terriers are generally lovely, playful, and well-tempered dogs. They are mostly quiet and only bark when necessary. They are fun to be around and very friendly. They are also good with children. This is why they are one of the most popular pet dogs in the United States and why they make such great therapy pets.
  • Trainable: Boston terriers are very easy to train. They listen to instructions and can be taught to perform both basic and advanced tasks. They are always eager to learn and can even be taught tricks.
  • Grooming: Unlike many other breeds, Boston terriers do not shed a lot of hair. Weekly brushing of the coat is needed to remove loose hair.
  • Portable: Boston terriers are tiny, so they are easy to carry around. If you are looking for a dog that is not too tiny and not too large, you should get a Boston terrier.
  • Exercise: Boston terriers don’t need a lot of exercise. Two brisk walks per day should be enough to keep them healthy. However, it is essential to note that not all Boston terriers are the same, so some may require a little more exercise than others.
  • Loyalty: Boston Terriers are very loyal and brave dogs. They will always protect and defend their owners when in danger, despite their size. This might make them come off as a little aggressive, but their hearts are in the right place.

Now that you’ve seen some of the many reasons why Boston Terriers are trendy dogs, you’ll probably be thinking of getting one for yourself.

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Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale in Florida

Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale in Florida

If you live around Florida, there are some great Boston Terrier breeders in the state. It is important to buy these dogs from only the best breeders because how they were bred before being purchased can make all the difference between a perfect pet and a nightmare. Let’s take a look at some of the best Boston Terrier breeders in Florida and its environs.

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1. PuppySpot’s Boston Terriers for Florida


If you’re searching for Boston Terriers breeders in Florida, then PuppySpot should be your first step. We recommend PuppySpot as your first suggestion on this list for your Boston Terrier puppy because of how efficient it is. PuppySpot is an enormous marketplace filled with reputable Boston Terrier breeders that’ll safely ship your puppy straight to your home in Florida. If you’re worried about the safety of your Boston Terrier puppy, then don’t. The team at PuppySpot ensures that your puppy will arrive safely into your home in Florida. Before continuing on your search for a Boston Terrier breeder in Florida, we highly recommend checking out this platform.

PuppySpot Details

  • Website: PuppySpot’s Boston Terriers

2. Normandy Boston Terriers

Normandy Boston Terriers

Located in South Florida, Normandy Boston Terriers is a small and professional home breeder of Boston terriers. They breed to produce the very best Boston terrier puppies that will become great pets and companions. Normandy Boston Terriers want to continue the integrity of the breed and provide healthy puppies to loving homes.

Normandy treats their Boston puppies with lots of care and love. The puppies get regular exercise and socialize with people from an early age. All puppies are microchipped and are current with all vaccinations. They are also registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Normandy Boston Terriers Details

  • Location: North Palm Avenue and Taft St, Hollywood, FL 33024, United States
  • Contact: (954) 393-0506
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: Normandy Boston Terriers

3. Hard Run Acres

Hard Run Acres

Hard Run Acres is a family-owned and -operated dog breeding business located in Lakeland, Florida. They have four breeds of dogs, including the Boston terrier. They do their best to raise happy and healthy puppies for families who love and are dedicated to the breeds. They offer a range of colors and sizes in Bolton breeds. Whatever color combination you prefer, they likely have it. They also have some champion bloodlines in their Boston Terriers, if that’s what you are looking for. All their puppies are well catered for and registered with the AKC.

Hard Run Acres Details

  • Location: 12239 Country Side Dr, Lakeland, FL 33809, United States
  • Contact: (863) 606-8637
  • Website: Hard Run Acres

4. Grissel’s Boston Terrier


Grissel’s Boston Terrier is another family-owned and -operated, small-home breeder located in Miami, Florida. They are experts in breeding very healthy, happy Boston terriers. They raise their Boston Terriers to be very socialized with adults and children. The pups also socialize with other animals so they can do well in a multi-pet household. All the puppies come with AKC registration papers. They will also have received vaccinations before leaving to join their new family.

Grissel’s Boston Terrier Details

  • Location: Garden Villas, Hialeah Gardens, FL 33018, United States
  • Contact: (305) 763-4929
  • Website: Grissel’s Boston Terrier

5. Sawnee Mountain Bostons

Sawnee Mountain Bostons

Located in Cumming, Georgia, Sawnee Mountain Bostons is a small, family-operated Boston terrier breeder. They treat their dogs with love and care because they see them as family. The puppies are raised in their home and so learn to socialize from an early age. They are very well-adapted to a busy home. Their goal is to raise happy and healthy babies to bring into their lives as not just their pets but also as part of their family. All the puppies are registered with the AKC. They are given their first shots, dewormed, and checked by a licensed veterinarian before going to their new homes. The puppies also come with a one-year health guarantee.

Sawnee Mountain Bostons Details

  • Location: Cumming, GA 30040, United States
  • Contact: (678) 761-5898
  • Website: Sawnee Mountain Bostons

6. KC’s Boston Terriers


KC’s Boston Terriers has been breeding and showing Boston terriers for more than 30 years. They treat their Boston Terriers with love and care. Their passion for excellence and enthusiasm for Boston terriers have built them a reputation as excellent breeders of show Bostons for many years. So many of their Bostons have gone on to be champions and grand champions in show competitions. If you are looking for a show Boston Terrier, this is the place to go.

KC’s Boston Terriers Details

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
  • Contact: (770) 654-2147
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: KC’s Boston Terriers

7. Noble Bostons

Noble Bostons

Noble Bostons is another family-operated Boston breeder in Georgia, and they’ve been doing this since 2003. Noble Bostons takes pride in raising some of the best and healthiest Boston terriers you will find anywhere in Georgia. Their Bostons have participated and won in many show competitions. The Boston puppies are well taken care of. They have been bred to have good temperaments, so they can be a source of joy to any home they end up going to. The puppies are registered with the AKC. Noble Bostons also offers handling services.

Noble Bostons Details

  • Location: Georgia, United States
  • Website: Noble Bostons

Conclusion For The Best Boston Terrier Breeders in Florida

Boston Terrier Breeders in Florida

If you want to brighten your home up, you can’t do wrong by bringing home the “American gentleman.” Boston Terriers are super friendly and fun to be around. They are straightforward to train and eager to please their owners. Despite their size, they will defend and protect you when they sense danger and are the perfect companions to have with you in your house.

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Learn more about the Boston Terrier dog breed by watching this video down below:

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