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7 Best Boxer Breeders in New York! (2021) – We Love Doodles

Boxer Breeders in New York

If you’re in search of the best Boxer breeders in New York, you’re going to want to learn a little bit about this dog breed. If you enjoy the outdoors, then raising a Boxer could likely be the right choice. This dog breed is playful and active, which is perfect when you’re going for a hike or run along the shores of the beach. According to the American Kennel Club, the Boxer dog breed is ranked #11 out of #197. With a lifespan between 10 to 12 years, you’ll have over a decade of creating memories that’ll last an entire lifetime.

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Boxer Puppies For Sale in New York

Boxer Puppies For Sale in New York

If you’re planning to purchase from unknown Boxer breeders in New York, we recommend that you do your research on the breeders before making any financial decisions. There are numerous puppy pills out there that should be avoided since these dogs are bred unethically. Here’s a list of the top Boxer breeders in New York to save you time from finding reputable breeders.

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1. PuppySpot’s Boxer Dogs for New York


Finding the best Boxer breeders in New York isn’t an easy task, which is why we recommend PuppySpot at the top of this list. PuppySpot is a vast marketplace dedicated to trustworthy breeders and people in search of dogs. You can take a look at the platform yourself. We place PuppySpot on this list of Boxer breeders because of how efficient and effective it is. PuppySpot strictly screens all breeders before any listings on their marketplace and less than 20% pass. With how the process and everything works, we highly recommend you checking out PuppySpot before scrolling further down this list.

PuppySpot Details

  • Website: PupypSpot’s Boxers

2. Rumors of Luv Boxers

Rumors of Luv Boxers

Rumors of Luv Boxers is a breeder located in Hyde Park, New York. With over 15 years of experience, they have had 6 to 7 generations with their American champion bloodline with good longevity. Rumors of Luv Boxers have introduced some amazing European lines over the last 11 years to give more bone structure and squarer heads to their dogs. One important character is the disposition, so they only breed leveled-headed easy to train, and highly intelligent Boxers.

Rumors of Luv strive only for the best offspring in their litters. Rumors of Luv typically have one to two litters every few months. When the puppies are born at Rumors of Luv Boxers, each litter is closely monitored and cared for from the moment they take their first breath. They are cared for by the breeder and their family, helping to ensure their puppies are well socialized with people of different ages, including children.

All puppies come with a 1-year health guarantee, their first set of shots and deworming, vet health certificates, tails docked, dew claws removed, as well as 24/7 assistance from Rumors of Luv throughout and beyond the life of the Boxer. To select a puppy from any of Rumors of Luv’s future litters, an adopter will need to be placed on a waitlist. To be placed on this waitlist, a $300 deposit must be submitted. That money will go toward a purchase price of $2,500, including tax. For any other information, contact Rumors of Luv Boxers via their email.

Rumors of Luv Boxers Details

  • Address: Hyde Park, New York
  • Phone: (845) 475-2484
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: Rumors of Luv Boxers

3. Kickin Rooster AKC Boxers

Kickin Rooster AKC Boxers

Kickin Rooster is an AKC registered breeder of Boxers from Alpine, New York, with over 30 years of experience. They breed for temperament, health, and conformation. They are a family breeder who naturally rears American and European AKC Boxers. Kickin Rooster is active in coursing performance events with puppies who do well in the active show, performance, & pet homes. They seek to better the breed per American and Euro standards.

If interested in a puppy from Kickin Rooster AKC Boxers, an application must be filled out. This application asks potential adopters to provide information about themselves and what they are looking for so the breeder can help find the right match. Once applied, Kickin Rooster will get back about availability, pricing, and next steps. If approved, Kickin Rooster will add the name to a waitlist for a litter that best meets the specific needs. Their litters feature part-European, and full-European Boxer litters to meet different needs.

Puppies need time to nurse, grow, and develop with their mother and littermates before they can join their new families. A newborn puppy should stay with its breeder, mom, and siblings as they develop physically and gain new social skills alongside their brothers and sisters. The age a puppy can go home depends on the breed and even the individual, but generally is around two months Prices for Kickin Rooster Boxers range from $1,500 to $3,000. The price includes a $250 deposit. For more information, visit Kickin Rooster’s Facebook page.

Kickin Rooster AKC Boxers Details

  • Address: Alpine, New York
  • Facebook: Kickin Rooster AKC Boxers
  • Website: Kickin Rooster AKC Boxers

4. Shamrock’s Boxers New York


Shamrock’s Boxers is a small hobby breeder located in Watervliet, New York, focusing on the Boxer breed’s health, temperament, and structure. The health test all of their Boxers for heart, DM, and ARVC before being bred. Shamrock’s females are health tested before breeding, and their results are on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals database.

Shamrock’s puppies come with AKC Registration, Tails Docked, Dew Claws Removed, First Shots, Micro Chipped, Vet Checked, Socialized with Children and Pets, Started on House and Crate Training, and a 1 Year Health Guarantee. In addition, a $400.00 Non-Refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy. Deposits can also be transferred to other litters. Shamrock’s Boxers New York Puppies are priced at $1,800. For more information, contact Shamrock via their Facebook page with a direct message.

Shamrock’s Boxers New York Details

  • Address: Watervliet, New York
  • Phone: (518) 469-1807
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Facebook: Shamrock’s Boxers New York
  • Website: Shamrock’s Boxers New York

5. Mohawk Valley Boxers

Mohawk Valley Boxers

Mohawk Valley Boxers is a New York breeder of American and European Boxer puppies located in Schenectady. They primarily advertise their dogs as well as their upcoming litters via their Facebook page. It is there where interested adopters can stay updated on the development of their breeding program and watch as their puppies are raised and cared for until the time of adoption. Though little information can be found online about Mohawk Valley Boxers, they encourage interested parties in contacted them with a direct message on Facebook or via a phone conversation.

Mohawk Valley Boxers Details

  • Address: 20 Van Buren Ln, Schenectady, New York 12302
  • Phone: (518) 497-5749
  • Facebook: Mohawk Valley Boxers

6. Avalon Kennels, Reg.

Avalon Kennels, Reg.

Avalon Kennels, Reg. is a breeder located in New Jersey and servicing the New York area established in 1995 as a small hobby kennel with a specific interest in breeding and showing Boxers and Smooth Fox Terriers. To date, over 60 Champions have been bred and owned between these two beautiful breeds – several of which have gone on to become multiple All-Breed Best In Show winners in both the United States and abroad. Avalon’s goal is to continually strive for excellence in health, conformation, and temperament and work extremely hard to keep up with the advances being made in health research/testing and nutrition sciences.

Along with careful puppy placement, it is designed to give each dog bred under the Avalon prefix the best opportunity for a long, happy, and healthy life. Avalon Kennels is part of many different organizations and clubs, including the New York Boxer Club, American Boxer Club, AKC Breeder of Merit Program, and the American Boxer Charitable Foundation. The success of Avalon Kennels, Reg. relies on more than their knowledge and dedication to their breeds. Avalon feels strongly that it should be the goal of all dedicated breeders to strive to preserve breed type and acknowledge that our successes are primarily due to the hard work of those who have come before.

Avalon also offers stud services for breeding. Their Stud Dogs stand at public stud to select health-tested and approved females. All Avalon Stud Dogs are thoroughly health tested, and results are available upon request. Avalon Kennels, Reg. is transparent and welcomes open discussions about how our dogs will complement your future breeding. For complete pricing, information about upcoming litters, or any other questions that may need asking, contact Avalon Kennels via their website or email.

Avalon Kennels, Reg. Details

  • Address: Lafayette, New Jersey
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: Avalon Kennels, Reg.

7. Glenmere Boxers

Glenmere Boxers

Last on the list of the best Boxer breeders in New York is “Glenmere Boxers.” Glenmere Boxers is a small, home-based breeder located in the Shark River Hills section of Neptune, New Jersey, at “The Jersey Shore” with over 20 years of experience and serviced in the New York area. Each of their dogs is shown in conformation until their AKC Championship is attained. Glenmere Boxers attend numerous classes and are always working toward something new with their canine companions. Many Glenmere dogs have earned other titles, including Canine Good Citizen and Rally Obedience.

At Glenmere Boxers, they strive to breed the healthiest puppies that they can. This means that they will not plan to breed until all necessary health testing has been performed and the dog is of age. All puppies are raised in their home and receive the highest level of care. The owners of Glenmere Boxers are a member and past president of The New Jersey Boxer Club and a member in good standing of The American Boxer Club. For more information regarding pricing, deposits, application, upcoming litters, or anything else, contact Glenmere Boxer directly via phone or email.

Glenmere Boxers Details

  • Address: Neptune, New Jersey
  • Phone: (732) 804-9945
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: Glenmere Boxers

Conclusion For The Best Boxer Breeders in New York

Boxer Breeders in New York

Remember to always do your research if you’re buying from unknown Boxer breeders in New York. Do your due diligence before making any financial decisions. Supporting puppy mills without realizing it will only help them continue their unethical behaviors. Hopefully, this list of reputable breeders will help you bring home your Boxer companion to begin a new chapter of your life!

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To learn more about the Boxer dog breed, watch this video below:

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