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brown frame with black and white photo


Black and white photos have always had a certain classic appeal. They are sophisticated and bold, yet simple enough to complement various color palettes and look great in a variety of home designs and styles.

You truly don’t lose that straightforward aspect when you take it up a notch and display your black and white photos in a custom picture frame. In fact, with a custom picture frame, you can make your black and white photo stand out against your interior design, as well as complement the space and give the room a feeling of completeness.

Are you considering displaying a black and white photo in your home? We’re sharing our favorite frame styles to make black and white photos a staple anywhere you choose to hang them.

Wheat Wood

large wheat wood frames

Our Derby style frame in Wheat is one of our favorite frame styles to display black and white photos in. It’s a natural and subtle tone that provides a contrast to your black and white photo, while also meshing seamlessly into your home decor and color scheme.

Black and white photos displayed in Wheat colored wood fit a variety of design styles. From modern design to rustic and farmhouse, you truly can’t go wrong with our Derby frame in Wheat. (P.S. Check out our post in our Learning Center if you need some more information on interior design styles!)

In addition, we particularly suggest you consider our Wheat colored wood frame for your black and white photos if you already have wooden accessories and furniture within the space. Your frame will make a beautiful display regardless, but the continuity of wooden pieces will make the room feel even more complete.

gallery wall of wood frames
Gallery wall of black and white photos
black and white photos in wheat frames

Gold Metal

large gold frame

Here at Frame It Easy, we offer two frames styles for gold metal (Hanover and Ashford). Additionally, you can choose from shiny gold metal or satin gold metal! Any combination of these options to create your gold metal frame display is perfect to show off your black and white photo.

Gold metal allows you to add a pop of color and/or shine to your black and white photo. We love these frames for your photos because they are simple and subtle, but don’t let your display fade away from being too subtle. Gold metal frames will give your black and white photos the bold and grand display that they deserve.

In addition, the color gold works extremely well in rooms of neutral color palettes. Gold metal frames make the perfect accessory, adding a taste of color to your simple and calming color palette.

gallery wall of gold frames
shelf decor
kitchen counter gold frame
large gold frames


framed line art

Of course, black picture frames are probably the most popular to display your black and white photos. And there’s nothing wrong with going with a classic black frame style! Here at Frame It Easy, we have seven frame styles available in black. It’s up to you to choose from a wood or metal, and either a round or flat black frame.

You probably wouldn’t think that black frames provide a direct contrast to the B&W photo like wheat or gold frames do. However, black and white photos are typically not completely black — they often include a shade of gray. That said, the black frame style will provide the simple but bold contrast to your photo that you’re looking for!

Additionally, your B&W photo in a black frame style will match nearly any space. They’re perfect for rustic and worn in interiors, sleek and modern designs, you name it! If you’re unsure of where exactly you’ll be putting your display, definitely consider a versatile black frame style as one of your top choices.

small simple black frame
3 frames for wall
large gallery wall for small black and white photos
old photos
black frames for gallery wall


simple frames

On the flip side, of course, white picture frames are another great choice for your black and white photographs. Unsurprisingly, they seamlessly mesh with the photograph and are perfect for simple interior designs that don’t need a dramatic wall piece.

Frame It Easy offers four frame styles in a classic white. You can choose from two white wooden style and two white metal styles. For more information and tips for choosing your white picture frame, check out our post!

If you’re looking for a light and airy feel with your B&W photo and display, consider a white picture frame style. Like your black and white photo, white picture frames are simple and straightforward and will nicely highlight the features of your photo without too much drama.

office gallery wall for small black and white photos
gallery wall
small white frame for black and white photo
white frames

We Love B&W!

Whether you’re looking to add contrast, a bit of color, or just nicely complement your black and white photograph, we’re sure you’ll be able to find your perfect frame style here at Frame It Easy.

We’ve simply outlined a few of the most common frame styles to use for your black and white photos, but feel free to choose from the various other frame styles that are available. After all, it’s your space and your photograph. Create your display how you’d like it!

Lastly, we hope you feel confident about creating your black and white photo display. Next, want to make a multi-frame B&W display? Check out our post on top gallery wall arrangements and themes for your next project!

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