Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® | Multiplayer Reveal Trailer


Witness Call of Duty’s most immersive Multiplayer to date.

In the ultimate online playground, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare delivers the most revolutionary Multiplayer of the series yet. With best-in-class down-the-barrel gameplay, and the most weapon choices in Call of Duty history, Modern Warfare brings unmatched intensity and authenticity to its familiar but fresh experience. Call of Duty:® Modern Warfare is available October 25, 2019.


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  1. Callsign Cockring says

    Let's just appreciate how badass this trailer was.

  2. Luca vlogs and gaming says

    Even after owning this game since launch and playing it to death every day for all this time, this trailer really still gets me so hyped

  3. Baphometh Aquelare says

    Metallica lml

  4. fresher turtle says

    rip halo

  5. Sherlock Holmes says

    And here we still haven`t gotten a clue of how Call of Duty 2020 looks like

  6. Mr.curtis says

    Remember no russan

  7. Operator Kev says

    This trailer grossly underestimated the amount of campers there will be in multiplayer matches

  8. westside4lifebk says

    WORST GAME EVER. Literally has to download new content every day and plus my whole 1TB is full just because of this one game. I’m selling this game I’m over it

  9. GameplayRunner says

    Movement is now faster

  10. BigBapak says

    Here it is the one year anniversary and all I want to say that this Modern Warfare brings me back with the chills of 2008 days but also new features like war zone. Sniping in this game is beautiful and this game might just be one of my favourites

  11. Levi Ackerman says

    Anyone august 2020 this game was so hyped this is fire the song made it better

  12. rosie says

    1 year later and its not that the game is bad its just that the community is probably the worst its ever been

  13. Mark Rizzo says

    Any new Call of Duty game that is released before the next-gen console, is a big mistake and I will tell you why. It will revolve around the architecture of the PS4 only. Even though it might be playable on the PS5, it will not harness any of the PS5 architecture capabilities. It might upscale it a little bit but that's about it. In fact you may not even see a noticeable difference in my opinion. The smarter decision for Activision, would have been for them to release a major DLC add-on update for previous Call of Duty fans, starting from Black Ops 3 on up and just release a new version of Call of Duty for the PS5 in 2021. That's just my opinion. This could also hurt Sony sales of the PS5 if it is in fact scheduled for release this holiday. Due to the many millions of COD players, why would they want to spend $499-$699 USD just to play their existing title's? I think the gaming industry as well as the console industry, just maybe a year too soon. Every gamer should do themselves a favor and just wait one more year for the console price drop. Otherwise you will be dealing with game glitches and console bugs. I will purchase my PS5 holiday 2021 and the next Call of Duty game I will buy, will be the next one released in 2021. Better to play it safe, then to be disappointed by both.

  14. Russ Novak says

    IW I didn’t have the game during season 2 is there anyway to get the Ghost skins

  15. R i C K Y _ G A N G S T E R says


  16. WedgyKray94 says

    Mad to think this trailer came out a year ago today, how time flies

  17. MrEndgame says

    Crazy how its already been 1 year since the trailer dropped

  18. Dexter Leyxa says


  19. Mr. Eizy says

    i feel that For Whom The Bell Tolls would’ve been a better pick. badass trailer tho

  20. g3rg0 Lol says

    2:29 best part

  21. Orion Hurbina says

    Bo4 failed to do this

  22. Penguin XD says

    Surprisingly there are ppm who play this game without camping (i had some matches with run and gunners no campers)

  23. Samuel Casiano says

    Watching this now is still relevant.

  24. Miguel Izquierdo says

    Who else thinks tencent is gonna get sued for stealing ideas?

  25. Extranosense says

    I remember playing Beta and camping in Granza Raid looking at B with an AX-50.

  26. francisco says

    little did we know this was going to be the worst call of duty of all time..

  27. Mr. Bricks says

    Battlefield 1 is running for it's life

  28. Josh says

    I’ll be honest… I don’t think any CoD trailer will top this one.

  29. Beastadin says

    I wish Metallica would play whole match….atleast u could hear that….since u cant hear enemies

  30. Celso Loterina says

    25% Modern warfare 75% Metallica

  31. josh terpstra says

    Going dark

  32. Mickey Maüs says

    I’m still waiting for a realistic cod game

  33. Sith Jayce says

    Boys for the love of everything pure and beautiful, stop with the camping.

  34. The Catlover says

    Exit light, enter night.

  35. L3gen6ary says

    I really wish this was how the game was played

  36. Dev Aegis says


  37. Project Inferno says

    0:56 vloggers going to show their fans what it’s like to be in the air

  38. Unaverage_King _ says

    Probably the best trailer of any cod by far! I keep rewatching it, till this day

  39. Andero says

    I like it on how they muffled the music in the juggernaut scene 1:51

  40. Orgasskye PSN says

    I wish the Jokr did that to tanks

  41. Luke Jones says

    girls playing paintball: Ewww, I got paint on my dress. Oww that hurts!boys playing paintball:

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