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The Best Camera Inserts for Everyday Backpacks – Carryology – Exploring better ways to carry

Camera gear is often expensive, so adequate protection is key on the go. But unless you have a purpose-made camera bag, most carry isn’t up to the task. However, camera inserts provide a modular and adaptable solution. They come in diverse sizes to accommodate different camera gear setups, and can fit inside a variety of bags. Ideal if you already have a bag you love but wish it would keep your camera gear safe too.

Below we’ve rounded up some of the best camera inserts for everyday backpacks, ready for a range of loads and budgets…

Koolertron Shockproof DSLR Camera Insert (US$ 18.52)

Koolertron Shockproof DSLR Camera Insert

Camera protection doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. This Koolertron DSLR Camera Insert is a budget-friendly option that can fit inside a variety of bags. The padded insert and dividers help provide shock absorption and customized organization, while the drawstring closure is quick and easy to secure or open.

Mountainsmith Kit Cube Micro Camera Bag (US$ 35)

Mountainsmith Kit Cube Micro Camera Bag

Mountainsmith’s Kit Cube Micro is a great option for protecting minimalist camera setups on the move. It features a roll-top opening and a removable padded compartment with interior dividers that can be adjusted to suit different loads. Additionally, the compact size makes it a great option for converting a wide range of bags into camera carry.

f-stop ICU Series (US$ 39-269)

f-stop ICU Series

The f-stop ICU Series features a range of Internal Camera Units that accommodate diverse camera gear setups. Designed to work with f-stop’s Mountain Series packs or as standalone storage, the units feature water-resistant exteriors and customizable padded dividers to easily adjust to changing gear needs.

Thule Perspektiv Action Camera Case (US$ 39.95)

Thule Perspektiv Action Camera Case

Thule’s Perspektiv Action Camera Case provides compact protection for action sports cameras and storage for additional accessories on the go. The crushproof, padded compartment fits GoPro, Contour, and Sony action sports cameras. To organize the rest of your camera gear the case also offers a roll-top stash compartment and flip-down storage for SD cards and batteries.

Incase DSLR Camera Organizer (US$ 39.95)

Incase DSLR Camera Organizer

Designed to accommodate a variety of DSLR setups, this organizer features multiple removable padded dividers. The organizer secures with a drawstring closure and includes top carry handles. It’s compatible with Incase’s Action Camera Pro Pack, REFORM Action Pack, EO Travel Rollers, and can also be used with diverse other carry options to suit your needs.

Pacsafe Camsafe PCI Inserts (from US$ 44.52)

Pacsafe Camsafe PCI Inserts

Available in small, medium and large sizes, the Pacsafe Camsafe PCI inserts offer handy camera storage for a range of setups. The padded interiors and adjustable dividers protect and adapt to changing loads, with a zippered lid pocket for storing additional accessories. The zippers are also lockable for added security and peace of mind.

Tenba BYOB 10 Camera Insert (US$ 49.95)

Tenba BYOB 10 Camera Insert

A versatile option for converting a range of bags into camera carry, the Tenba BYOB 10 offers a padded interior and adjustable dividers to protect your gear on the go. Suitable for a DSLR or mirrorless camera body and two to four lenses, the camera insert provides a choice of interior and exterior pockets to organize accessories. The zippered lid can be stowed out of the way for convenient access, and the top carry handle makes it easy to carry or remove the insert from a bag.

Incase Camera Insert Lite (US$ 59.95)

Incase Camera Insert Lite

Incase’s Camera Insert Lite can double as a standalone case or a protective insert for a larger bag. Top and side handles provide easy portability and maneuverability, while the padded and customizable dividers protect a range of camera gear setups. Additionally, a zippered lid pocket provides handy storage for further accessories.

EVOC CB 6L Camera Block (US$ 59.95)

EVOC CB 6L Camera Block

The EVOC CB 6L Camera Block can be used inside a larger bag or as a compact standalone option for protecting minimalist gear setups. The camera block can be carried with the top handle or an optional shoulder strap, and features an ergonomic T-pull zipper closure. An interior padded divider and lid pocket organize your gear, while the gray lining helps enhance visibility of the contents in low-light conditions.

Vanguard Supreme Divider Insert 40 (US$ 59.99)

Vanguard Supreme Divider Insert 40

This insert is designed to fit the Vanguard Supreme 40F Hard Case, but is compatible with a variety of other bags or as a standalone camera case. The adjustable padded dividers help provide protection against bumps and scrapes, and the lid pocket is useful for storing accessories. The insert fits two DSLRs and six additional lenses and includes a carry handle.

Crumpler Haven Medium Camera Pouch (US$ 69)

Crumpler Haven Medium Camera Pouch

Crumpler’s Haven Medium Camera Pouch is a compact choice for smaller camera loads. The water-resistant pouch offers 360-degree padding and dividers in the main compartment for further protection and organization. Speaking of organization, five exterior mesh pockets keep smaller accessories at the ready.

TrekPak RolliPak (from US$ 75)

TrekPak RolliPak

The TrekPak RolliPak system is a modular alternative to Velcro dividers, letting you customize organization with TrekPak dividers. The Rolli system attaches to the interior fabric of your bag, allowing you to add dividers as required and convert soft-sided bags into camera bags with customized layouts to suit changing needs.

Boundary MK-1 Case (US$ 99)

Boundary MK-1 Case

The Boundary MK-1 Case lets you easily reach gear thanks to three zipped access points. Multiple pockets and padded dividers allow you to tailor organization to diverse carry setups. The shock-absorbing base helps protect gear on the go, while top and side handles provide easy portability. The weatherproof case also integrates with Boundary’s Prima System and can be converted to shoulder carry using the Prima’s waist belt.

Mission Workshop Capsule Camera Insert (US$ 130)

Mission Workshop Capsule Camera Insert

The Capsule Camera Insert introduces rugged camera protection into Mission Workshop bags and is compatible across their range except for the Fraction and Hauser. The insert also suits a variety of other bags with volumes of around 20L or larger in size. Handmade in the USA, The Capsule offers top and front access, configurable dividers, and a choice of top and side carry handles.

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