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So you want to up your photography game while out on the bike? If you are like me then you know how great a cycling camera strap can be. They offer a unique way to carry you camera on your bike without having to sore it away and potentially miss out on those magic moments.

I just got a new camera which cost me over $3,000 and it didn’t make sense for me to just store it in my frame bag while on bikepacking trips. Due to all the rough terrain I ride it wouldn’t be much of a camera after. However these cycling camera straps listed below offer a solution. They often mount around your body and the best ones sit comfortably and don’t more about no matter how fast you ride.

As they often sit on your shoulder area you have quick access to grab the camera to take some rad bikes while out on the bike. Also as a vlogger who loves documenting my adventures, the strap I got works perfectly for filming to get the best shots. The idea with cycling camera straps is to store your camera against your back while you ride.

I must also give warning that it can be dangerous while using these straps while cycling, if you don’t know what you are doing. Practise makes perfect. Please practise using the strap and the quick release clip at the front in a safe environment with no traffic and when safe to do so. Bike and photograph at your own risk.

So what is the best camera strap for cycling? Below you will find a list and then some more information on product details.

When looking for the ideal cycling camera strap it should fit comfortably, keep your camera stable on your body and be easy to use and access the camera. All these cameras offer just that!

  • Outer Shell Camera Strap
  • SkinGrowsBack 3Point Cycling Camera Strap
  • Mettle Speed Strap
  • Mettle Slow Strap
  • PS Bag Works 1″ Rider Strap

Outer Shell Camera Strap

This camera strap is one that has a good balance between quick camera access and stability while riding. It features a magnetic Fidlock buckle that allows quick release and access to your camera to capture those moments. It also features the sternum stabilizer strap which keeps the camera stable when riding, which is removable. While also having a tripod-mount anchor acting as a additional third anchor point for extra stability. Made in California. Priced at $58.00

SkinGrowsBack 3Point Cycling Camera Strap

My personal camera strap that I use is the 3Point Strap by Skin Grows Back. Made in Australia, it is a very comfortable strap to wear while riding. It is ideal for that rider who wants to ride all day with their camera and shoot without having to deal with a standard issue strap. Featuring the padded shoulder mount point which doesn’t dig in too much as it spreads the weight. It is also configured to be worn on the left shoulder. The Padded 6mm EVA shoulder strap is designed with Air Mesh, for more airflow while pedalling it out.

The Magnetic Slide Release adaptor takes a little getting used too while riding but like most of these straps, once you figure it out. You are able to easily take photos on the fly. Also the stabiliser can be adjusted with an easy to grab D-ring to make it fit tighter to your body. When you get that adjustment right, the camera doesn’t move around while on your back, and works perfectly. This strap is priced at $79.00 AUD or $56.70 USD

This strap offers the best bang for buck, as it is cheaper than most and still works really well at keeping your camera stable and comfortability when using the strap.

Mettle Speed Strap

The name gives away the selling point of this strap. It seems to be one of the faster straps for using when you need your camera. As you can see in the image above you just grab the camera and slide it around your body to use. It is a one size fits all strap with a new adjustable closure. The strap allows for an even more improved ability to customize the fit even more, securing your camera to a higher degree. Price for this strap is $82.00

Mettle Slow Strap

You also might want to consider the Slow Strap if you are using a mirrorless camera. Compared to some other straps, this one offers a higher level of stability when carrying your camera on the bike. This camera is recommended when you are not worried about shooting quick and from the hip as it keeps the camera totally locked down. When looking for the best camera cycling strap, the 3 points of contact is ideal. As this strap does, it ensures no shifting or rotating of the camera while riding. Price is $82.00

PS Bag Works 1″ Rider Strap

If you are after some other good cycling camera strap options. Head over to Etsy. And you find PS Bag Works has a few options to choose from. But their classic 1” Webbing Strap with a removable stabilizer strap that holds the camera securely on ones back when not in use, is a favorite. If you don’t want to use the stabilizer strap it can be removed for a more casual use. The cord attaches to your cameras split rings.

The strap is made from 1″ Military grade 17337 webbing and plastic slides. When you want to take those quick pics it features a magnetic quick release buckle that allows the camera to slide around to the front and is easily unbuckled/reattached with one hand. Priced at $55.00 USD

Overall I am a big fan of these cycling camera straps, they offer so much more ability when it comes to filming and capturing photos of your adventure on the go. I found myself often having to stop my bike and get my camera out to take pics and this would be a lengthy process. A camera strap allows you to access your camera much quick then otherwise possible and it eliminates worries that I had about storing my camera on my bike, in a bike bag, and it getting wrecked from all the bumps.

I hope this article was helpful, and has given you some ideas for which camera strap would suit you.

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