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Nowadays, there are many Canon cameras for video available on the market. You can choose among mirrorless or DSLRs. Don’t get confused with a variety of bodies, as there is a standard set of parameters that influence image quality. They are usability, image stabilizer, manual settings, sensor dimensions, recording quality, speed, format, and compatibility with lenses. Taking all these factors into account, you still need to consider your personal needs and budget.

Best Canon Cameras for Video

1. Canon EOS 6D

Buy for $859.00 on Amazon

This model is one of the best cameras for video. The Canon EOS 6D has a sensor with a full-frame CMOS that will show amazing picture and colors. In addition, it is perfectly adapted for shooting in low light. You can transfer video to a computer or other devices, using the integrated Wi-Fi. Video resolution is 1920×1080 at 30 frames per second. You can also use the compression feature which gives you excellent results.

2. Canon 1DX Mark II

Buy for $4,299.00 on Amazon

Video enthusiasts will surely like fast autofocus, which is designed according to innovative Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology. In fact, it may be the best Canon DSLR for video if you enjoy working in Live View mode. This model can compete with professional camcorders thanks to its technical characteristics. If you need to shoot in Full HD, you can increase the frame rate up to 120 fps and get 60 fps in 4K resolution. All these indicators make Canon EOS-1D X Mark II an appealing option for videographers.

3. Canon 70D

Buy for $1,277.00 on Amazon

This Canon camera for video has lots of useful features which ensure convenient shooting. Professional photographers and videographers will surely appreciate Full HD video recording and sharp autofocus. Two-pixel CMOS technology deserves special attention. A pleasant bonus is the time code, so you can sync your videos while shooting with several cameras. Manufacturers worked hard to create a universal device that is compatible with all EF-S and EF lenses. Thus, the chances that you can’t find suitable lenses are minimal.

4. Сanon Powershot G9 x Mark II

Buy for $449.00 on Amazon

If you are looking for a compact Canon for video that you can put in your pocket, choose this tiny point and shoot camera. Video quality is great. Once I recorded part of a concert in a packed arena. Both the images & sound were amazing.

The main drawback is its Bluetooth because I can’t get the camera to connect through it. Only through Wi-Fi. Canon-brand batteries last at least 2.5 days.

5. Canon 5D Mark IV

Buy for $2,699.00 on Amazon

If your key demands for the best Canon cameras for video are versatility and durability, have a look at this first-rate device. You can use it to record video in 4K, though there are some limitations to remember. The first one relates to the sensor, as it doesn’t work in the full width. Thus, you need to use 1.74x cropping. The second important issue is connected with Canon Log Gamma mode, which is claimed to be supported by Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. In fact, you can enjoy this function only if you get a paid update. The most disappointing thing is that you can only save 4K internally. The external HDMI recorder will only work for Full HD videos.

6. Canon EOS C300 Mark II

Buy for $9000 on Amazon

This is one of the best cameras for video, which has lots of interesting features for fast and professional work. It offers all the options necessary to record video with low noise and great details. It has a universal codec XF-AVC H.264 and you can shoot awesome 4K videos at 400Mbps/10 bit. Depending on the shooting conditions, you may select the suitable resolution value and codec type. This is really important for people who are professionally engaged in videography. The camera supports 24-bit/48 kHz LPCD audio, which is much more quality compared to standard CD.

7. Canon T6i

Buy for $479.99 on Amazon

It is the best Canon camera for beginners, who only beginning to master their trade. The Canon T6i is a very budget-friendly option, which has many useful features, for example, a 24 MP sensor, a folding screen and the ability to record 1080p video at 30f/s. Though competitors use 1080/60p resolution or even higher, Canon remains loyal to 1080/30p. This factor is rather disappointing, as other technical characteristics are rather cool. The most important ones are manual exposure settings and a microphone connector.

  • Find the best camera for amateur photographer that takes high quality photos and can film good videos.

8. Canon EOS M50

Buy for $649.00 on Amazon

This best Canon for video is an updated version from the famous mirrorless camera manufacturer. Among the advantages is the image stabilization while shooting and a good APS-C sensor. The camera has fast and accurate autofocus and excellent video capabilities. Moreover, for the first time, Canon provided the opportunity to work in 4K format for mirrorless cameras. You can easily share videos using one of the wireless options: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or NFC.

9. Canon EOS 5DS

Buy for $2,154.95 on Amazon

Using this camera, you will be able to shoot video in Full HD with a frequency of 25(30) frames per second. The compression setting is available. You can choose either standard IBP or ALL-I. The latter one provides you with more possibilities. Both automatic and manual modes can be used for most parameters such as exposure, focusing, etc. Your creativity is not limited. To record sound, you can use a built-in or external microphone for this best Canon DSLR for video.

10. Canon EOS Rebel T5

Buy for $479.00 on Amazon

This model is suitable for those who want to save money and are looking for a cheap Canon camera for videos. It costs less than the previously mentioned models. When buying this camera, you get an opportunity to record 1080p HD videos with the DIGIC 4 image processor. Thanks to an integrated 3.0-inch LCD screen, you can view content in real time to understand how to shoot better. The camera has a nice 63-zone dual-layer measurement system that allows you to get videos of impressive quality even in low light conditions thanks to the extended ISO range.

11. Canon EOS M5

Buy for $799.99 on Amazon

It is a mirrorless Canon camera that has an internal electronic viewfinder. The EOS M5 somehow resembles SLR cameras. This best camera for video became an equal competitor to Panasonic and Sony mirrorless cameras for video recording. The manufacturers created special EF-M lenses for the M system. I’d like to point out that you can also use a standard Canon EF lens, but you need an adapter. Unfortunately, you cannot record videos in 4K, but Full HD slow motion and time-lapse are available. You will appreciate the quick dual-pixel autofocus of this best Canon for video. It gives you an opportunity to apply ‘touch-and-drag’ mode. Thanks to it, you can choose focus points using the display while you are looking through an electronic viewfinder.

11 Best Canon Cameras for Video

Image Camera Characteristics

  • 4K video
  • Full HD


  • Full HD
  • No 4k


  • Full HD
  • 4k


  • Full HD
  • No 4k


  • Full HD
  • No 4k


  • Full HD
  • 4k


  • Full HD
  • no 4k

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  • Full HD
  • 4k

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  • Full HD
  • no 4k

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  • Full HD
  • no 4k

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  • Full HD
  • no 4k

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How to Choose the Best Camera for Video?

Image Stabilization

Thanks to this option, your image will be less fragile. It is not so crucial if you have nice camera support or shoot with a tripod. But in case you prefer hand-held shooting, image stabilization is an essential thing for the best camera for videography.

Sensor Size

It is possible to use a smaller aperture without having any trouble with image softening or diffraction. If you are event or news videographer, a small sensor will allow you to get great depth of field.


You should pay attention to the quality of the built-in microphone. Besides, you will need a headphone jack if you want to listen to the sound while shooting. Look for the ability to use another microphone. To work with professional microphones, you should choose a model with three-pin XLR inputs.

Recording Format

If you work with a specific image editing program, you should find out if the chosen Canon DSLR camera can record videos in suitable formats.


Find out how the camera can zoom in and zoom out. It is important to have a wide angle setting because it lets you get closer and it is more convenient if you intend to hand hold a camera. The simplest way is to compare equivalents with the 35mm lens. Less than 30-25mm is good. Another important thing to check is optical zoom range.

Manual Control

It may not seem very important at the beginning, but when you start serious filmmaking, it will be necessary to have the ability to control some settings of the best Canon for video manually.

Is it Easy to Use?

Are the controls user-friendly? Is it comfortable to hold the camera? Can you customize the most often used settings with switches or buttons or you must only use the menu? How well does the touchscreen work if there is any? Is there an additional shoe for installing a light or microphone?

Nikon vs Canon in Video

Canon and Nikon are the most dominant brands in the DSLR camera market. So, the question, which manufacturer produces the best camera for shooting video, is among the most frequently asked among videographers. While choosing a camera for video, you should keep in mind your aims and needs. Don’t be guided by the brand.

Are DSLRs Good for Filmmaking?

The answer is very clear. First of all, pay attention to resolution. The most suitable are the models with Ultra HD resolution. This parameter in pixels will be equal to 3840×2160, which corresponds to four-fold superiority over Full-HD. Keep in mind that most Canon DSLR cameras have a lower number of pixels. But if you are only a beginner and don’t want to buy anything too complicated, this type of camera will suit you.

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