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The Top Five Stylish And Functional Ceramic Electric Kettles | Food For Net

As a material used for electric kettles, ceramic is a durable, non-reactive material that’s mostly valued these days for its stylish quality rather than functional benefit.

That’s because it has a natural glaze that lends itself well to bright and decorative designs. It’s the ideal kind of cookware that you should be using when entertaining guests.

But, the advantages aren’t just aesthetic. Ceramic has functional benefits too. It retains heat better than glass. It also has a natural non-stick surface that doesn’t require the addition of synthetic coating like Teflon.

Ceramic also makes a good insulation material. Some electric kettles that have metal interiors use ceramic as an exterior covering in order to retain the temperature of the contents longer while keeping the kettle body cool to touch.

The downside to it is that ceramic electric kettles are relatively heavy than other types of electric kettles. And while it is durable, a ceramic kettle is still more likely to break when compared to a stainless steel electric kettle.

There are also some potential health issues associated with the use of ceramic. Toxic lead and cadmium are usually used to produce the natural ceramic glaze. But when done improperly, these can leak into contents of the kettle and can cause metal poisoning.

Luckily all ceramic cookware sold in the US is required to be lead-free. Even the China-made ones. But for those who can’t let go of their concerns, there is another option.

Some manufacturers are producing ceramic-coated stainless steel electric kettles. It’s an ideal alternative for those who love ceramic products but are not comfortable with drinking from them. A stainless steel interior is safe for heating water.

Or you can get an electric samovar. This is basically a specialized boiler for making tea. Water is boiled in its stainless bottom part while the tea is steeped in a ceramic teapot perched on top of its upper its primary use is for making exotic teas, this is also a neat way to boil water for whatever need you may have and still serve it in a ceramic pot.

In making this list, I found out that most of the ceramic electric kettles on Amazon have gone out of stock. Nevertheless, I was still able to find out the best ones out of the remaining inventory. Here are my top five picks for the best ceramic electric kettles.

Porcelain electric teapot -with ceramic bowl on a dark brown table and white background

The Best Ceramic Electric Kettles

  1. BELLA 1.5 Liter Electric Tea Kettle Silver Tile
  2. BELLA 1.2 Liter Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle with Detachable Base & Boil Dry Protection, Red Diamond
  3. FixtureDisplays Ceramic Electric Kettle with Peony Flower Pattern Two-Tone
  4. SAKI Electric Samovar – 110 V, 3.2 L Stainless Steel Tea Maker with Porcelain Teapot
  5. Electric Samovar With Ceramic Teapot or Pot, Electric Kettle Hot Tea Machine, (3 Liter, Black)

1. BELLA1.5 Liter Electric Tea Kettle Silver Tile

This is a full ceramic electric kettle that has a 1350W heating element located on the backside by the heater. It boils water quickly. According to users, it takes about 2 minutes for the water to reach boiling on a full pot. That’s about 6 cups of water.

It’s easy to use with a one switch operation. It comes with a fully detachable 360 degree power base for cordless pouring. The base is also equipped with cord storage.

It also has a soft blue LED light to indicate when the kettle is on or off. As a safety feature, it has long gooseneck-style spout to avoid dangerous over pours. More importantly, it has an automatic shut off and boil dry protection. The heating element is also concealed for optimal safety.


  • Ceramic interior, stainless steel heating plate
  • Handle does not get hot


  • No temperature setting
  • Heavy for elderly use

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2. BELLA 1.2 Liter Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle with Detachable Base & Boil Dry Protection, Red Diamond

This is a smaller version of the previous model but with a different modern ceramic design. According to users, this boils 3 cups of water in less than 2 minutes.

It carries all the same features except for a smaller 1200W heating element due to its reduced capacity. It comes with a fully detachable 360 degree power base with storage for its electric cord.

There’s an LED light to indicate when the kettle is on or off. It also has a gooseneck-style spout, along with an automatic shut off and boil dry protection. Once again, the heating element is concealed.


  • Colorful design
  • Auto shut off boil dry protection


  • Weighs 4 pounds when full, 2 pounds when empty
  • Short electric cord

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3. Fixture Displays Ceramic Electric Kettle with Peony Flower Pattern Two-Tone 15000

This is a Victorian-inspired electric ceramic kettle that’s a popular gift item for mothers. Its elegant peony two-tone flower design will bring to mind afternoon tea parties in Downtown Abbey settings. A unique feature of this model is that the exterior flower pattern changes color with temperature change.

This is a fully ceramic model, with a metal rod inside in contact with the water as heating element. Its capacity is 1000 ml or 5 cups. It’s powered by a 1000W motor which is capable of boiling a full pot in 5 minutes.

It is equipped with a 360 degree rotary base and is designed with an overfill protection. If the water is filled over the maximum water level indicator, the excess water will slowly drain through a bottom channel and through the drain holes located at the bottom plate. This is also a useful way to redirect the steam away from the top lid.

Other safety features include boil dry protection and automatic shut-off when the boiling temperature is reached.


  • Colors change when temperature changes
  • Reliable after-sales service


  • No cord storage at the base
  • Metal conductor is thin which may wear out and need to be replaced frequently

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4. SAKI Electric Samovar – 110 V, 3.2 L Stainless Steel Tea Maker with Porcelain Teapot

If you’re looking for a heavy duty kettle for your exotic teas, this electric samovar may be more of your kind of appliance.

While it’s primarily marketed as a professional tea maker, this is actually a multi-use hot water kettle. It can boil 3.2 liters of hot water each day and keep it warm for hours.

Made in the US, the kettle part uses stainless steel while the teapot on top is made from porcelain. It also has a built-in large loose leaf tea infuser with an easy to clean strainer. It is also equipped with ergonomic touch knob and handles for safe and easy pouring.

Safety features include an automatic shut-off feature to prevent it from boiling dry. The keep warm switch can then be turned on to maintain the hot temperature.

This product comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Porcelain
  • Reliable customer aftersales service


  • Not for brewing coffee
  • Temperatures are not adjustable

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5. Mulex Electric Samovar With Ceramic Teapot or Pot, Electric Kettle Hot Tea Machine (3 Liter, Black)

Made in Germany, this electric samovar is made from stainless steel and ceramic. It has a two-in-one function, which makes it suitable for as a kettle for boiling water. When it reaches boiling point, it automatically switches to an energy saving mode which keeps the water hot.

It is equipped with two thermostats for greater range and control of temperature. There is a water level indicaotr and a stainless steel water filter. The heating element, meanwhile, is concealed for maximum safety.

This product comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Energy saving mode
  • German made; 2-year warranty


  • Not for 24 hour use
  • Not for brewing coffee

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Buyers Guide to Picking Your Ceramic Electric Kettle

Victorian-Inspired or Contemporary

If you like watching Downtown Abbey, pick the Victorian-themed ceramic designs. They’re popular as gifts for mothers. But if you want something more modern, there are ceramic electric kettles that have a contemporary design.

Ceramic or Porcelain

These types of material are basically siblings since they’re both clay-based and are baked in a kiln to make them stronger and durable. The only difference is that they require different temperatures in order to produce their specific qualities.

Porcelain is baked at higher temperatures in order to create its glass-like quality. Ceramic is fired at lower temperatures to produce its glaze. Both retain heat well but of the two, porcelain tends to be more expensive.

Pure Ceramic or Ceramic Coating

If you can get a ceramic electric kettle that’s produced in the US but also comes with a lead-free guarantee, then you can go ceramic all the way.

However, an electric kettle with a stainless steel interior and a ceramic exterior is the best option for those who won’t be reassured by manufacturer claims of lead-free ceramic glazing.

Heating Plate or Heating Rod

Some kettles use a heating plate at the base to heat its content. For some pure ceramic electric kettles, they use a heating rod that’s in contact with the water. In some lower end models, this type of heating design often leads to a metallic taste in the water.

Cordless Serving or Not?

Some kettles are removable from its base so you can serve them without the electric cord. The downside to this is that they won’t be able to maintain the temperature for long.

Safety Features

Since this is a heating appliance, check for auto-shut off features and boil-dry protection. It’s rare for you to find an electric ceramic kettle that has programmable temperatures but if you find one, then you’re getting a good deal.

Check also the design of the handle. Since ceramic electric kettles are really heavy, the handle should be ergonomically shaped to minimize accidents when pouring, especially among older people.

Special Features

Some kettles will have LED lights while others will be coated with heat sensitive colors. Both have aesthetic value but they also help you to monitor the temperature.

Some will have cord storage at the base. This is a useful feature, especially if you don’t use the kettle regularly, as it becomes easy to store the kettle in a cabinet.


Check the warranty and its after-sales service. The usual standard is one year but the higher end models generally have a longer time frame.

Don’t forget to read the customer comments and see if the manufacturer is quick to respond to requests for replacement. This should give you an idea of how reliable the brand is.

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