Achieve the Perfect Chaco Fit With Our Sizing Guide


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that over at Chaco HQ we wear a lot of Z/Sandals. As self-proclaimed experts and members of the Chaco Nation, we’ve pooled our collective knowledge to answer a few questions about just how Chacos should fit your feet. Here’s a Chaco fit guide with some of our most frequently asked questions about Chaco sizing:

Fit Tip: If you’re a half size, we generally suggest that you go up to the next nearest whole size.

Do you have advice for breaking in a fresh pair of Chacos?

First, watch our fit tutorial to assure your straps are adjusted properly. Everything starts from having the proper fit and these videos are the best reference to fit your Chacos. Next, wear your new sandals a few hours a day over a week or two. This is especially important if you’re purchasing your Chacos for a trip. Be sure you have them in time for a two to three week break-in period.

Achieve the Perfect Chaco Fit With Our Sizing Guide

Are Chacos offered in half sizes?

Chaco’s iconic Z/Sandals are only offered in full sizes. We recommend that everyone try on their first pair in person, at a retailer. It’s the best way to ensure a proper fit and to make sure you purchase the correct size and make sure your Chacos aren’t too big or too small. If for some reason this isn’t possible, we generally suggest that folks who wear a half size go up to the next nearest whole size.

When would you recommend a Z/2 (toe strap) or a Z/1 (no toe strap)?For the most part it’s really a personal preference. Z/2 provide a bit more stability in moving water and on the trail, but Z/1 offer faster on and off and a faster transition from Chaco season to Socko season. ZX/1 strapping offers the ultimate in micro adjustment for those looking to dial in an exactly customized fit.

Our one specific recommendation is for those with high arches or insteps. For all of you, we strongly recommend Z/1 styles. We find that many folks with high arches or insteps suffer “toe tightening” in Z/2 styles, making the Z/1 styles a better choice. Toe tightening is when the toe straps tighten involuntarily while walking. The good news is this can be easily fixed for free with our ReChaco repair service.

Achieve the Perfect Chaco Fit With Our Sizing Guide
Chaco Z/1
Achieve the Perfect Chaco Fit With Our Sizing Guide
Chaco Z/2

Everyone’s feet are unique. What’s the best way to fit a new pair of Chacos or refit an old pair of Chacos after you’ve washed them?The video tutorials out there are a really valuable resource. Watch our fit tutorial or hop on YouTube and search “How to fit Chacos.” If you’re still having problems (or prefer an in-person experience) stop by a local Chaco retailer and have a sales associate walk you through the proper fitting technique.

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